Upside Down!?!?!

Master and i watched Curious George last night…. this song hits home right now. When things all over the world seem so upside down, nothing is really impossible.

Peace to you all!

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Handcuffed Blowjob, Take 2

The video clips that Master and i make are amateur clips. That’s the intention, they aren’t scripted and i almost never know what we’re going to do other than “we’re going to make a clip”. Sometimes i don’t even know that much. So the other day Master told me i was going to give Him a blow-job and that was as much information as i had. It’s really more than i usually get haha.

He put this harness blindfold on me and i went to “work” haha. Midway through what i thought was a pretty intense work out, M handed me a pair of handcuffs and told me to put them on. Let me remind you, i am blind folded and not just a lil strap on velcro deal either. A whole head harness buckle up, there’s no way in heck you’re even going to see a glimmer of light, blindfold. So i took the handcuffs and slap the left cuff shut with several clicks and thought, hmmmmm…. something seems amiss. See… i’m not the one that puts these things on me, like ever. So there goes the mood cause i have to interrupt what was a pretty hot and heavy blow job to tell M that i’ve blundered the hand cuffs and i’m fairly sure they are on backward.

Sooooo He’s gotta get up, fiddle with the keys and we have to start over! This is the one time where Master is totally fine with having as many takes as possible!!! hahahaha

But the handcuff thing? Yeah, i’m pretty much a full-on genius.

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Cabin Fever

March Q & A~

To anyone sending questions via my email address~ please let me know if you would like your question posted on the blog. Questions that are more personal i am less likely to post on the blog unless given the A-okay from you to post it! =)

Keep them coming but be specific if you want your question posted please! =)

Master and i had to make a quick run up to the fish store cause our fish got sick and now it’s going to be a pain in the butt to get them better again. It’s common but just a pain to get them all well again.

Master and i continue to struggle some lately, i think it’s just a thing right now. It’s not bad and we’re talking things through but we do seem to be a lot less tolerant of each other more lately than most times. It could just be that we have an old fashioned case of cabin fever, who knows.

As much as i don’t really like summer, i’m looking forward to getting outside some and being able to get more exercise. We both need it. i know that it will be fun to do more “play” stuff outside too. We’ve hardly ever done anything in the pool and i would like to try some type of bondage in the pool. i know we’re limited with privacy but it would be fun to at least play around in there. Setting up a night time camera out there would be a blast while having the pool light on. i don’t even know what is possible but Master did have some silicone/rubber cuffs at one time that He made that would be perfect for that type of setting. The silicone and stainless steel collar would also work great too. Too bad Iowa is only warm for about 4 hours out of the year! hahaha okay it’s not THAT bad! =p

i’m sure it will get better soon, i have faith.

i hope all is well out in blogville!

Peace to you and yours,

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