New beginnings…

OK you self-righteous pricks at Google, I’ve removed every single link that could possibly be considered “monetization of Adult content”. Thanks for the whole four days notice too, that was mature.

For the rest of you folks that don’t suck like Google, I now own It’s gonna take me a few days to get it set up enough to roll out the new blog, but it’s coming! Until everything is set up we’ll be right here until/unless they pull the plug on us since we’re so disgusting and perverted. We apologize for Google‘s nonsense since that’s not something they’re capable of. Please bear with us in this time of frustration, anger and uncertainty. – learn it, live it, love it!   :)


This Sucks

Well Master has been working on getting us a new home and we’re pretty sure we have it all figured out! He’s just about cross-eyed but with the short amount of time we were given, i believe He’s made His decision.  As soon as everything is set up and running, we’ll let you all know where we’ll be.

In the mean time, who knows what blogger will do to us here or what we’ll have to take down to remain on here for a while until we’re ready to make the move!!  Basically all i can say is… This sucks.

i just know that they want to get rid of the riff raff and they are certainly clearing house doing it this way!  i don’t want to move, i like it here and i like how my little blog looks.  i’ve been here for going on nine years and we had no intention of going anywhere.  Sure it might be boring to some people, but the blog has always looked just about the same with only a few changes every once in a while.  Like i said, it’s boring to some people but for me, it has a sense of familiarity and comfort.  When you clicked to come here for all these years, you knew what you were going to get and you knew we’d be here.

It just stinks that we have to move by no choice of our own.  Never fear though, once we’re in our new home, we’ll be there and just as consistent as we’ve always been!

Well i am going to sign off for now, i have a hard time writing when all i can think about is the fact that we have to leave!

Peace to all of you out there going through the same thing we are!! Hugs!!!

MD’s treasure

Thanks for all the ambiguity, Google!

I don’t know what’s going to happen to this blog in light of the asinine mass email Google sent out to anyone who says anything harsher than darn or shows anything sexier than a nun with her habit blown up to her ankle, but searching for “Master Dream‘s precious treasure” will always lead you to us, no matter where we end up. I’m exploring our options, and as long as this blog is still here, this is where we’ll keep you updated. If this blog is yanked by the self-appointed morality police at Google, we’ll post info about our new whereabouts on FetLife, Flickr and Tumblr, all of which are linked to over there. —————>

Maybe Google will answer the thousands of emails they’ve gotten about what their completely ambiguous email meant, or how far they plan on taking their new found fascism, but we’re not going to be holding our breath in this house, and I’m not going to completely gut this blog of all links just to appease a few pencil pushing dictators.


What Scares you Most?

The other night Master sent me an email.  It was titled “assignment”.  Sometimes when i get those emails i immediately get a lump in my throat because i think it’s going to be horrible.  This time i sort of got that feeling but the assignment wasn’t that bad.  It sure stuck with me though, the whole idea of it has been with me ever since.

This was the assignment:

I want you to take 30 minutes and come up with a list of things that have never been done to you, things you fear I’m likely to do or make you do sooner or later, or even things I might never do, but you think are possible…things that terrify you.


That was the entire thing.  Only thirty minutes, hey not too bad…. that was my first thought.  Then it started to sink in, i had to dedicate 30 minutes to thinking about things that i knew He may do to me in the future that seriously terrify me. Umm ready, set, scream!

So once i read the email again i thought i could categorize them into things that completely terrify me and things that just mildly freak me out.

So this was my response:

Terrified of:
Hood with a breather gag.
Any other type of breathing restrictions really, like through a tube or whatever.

Things that frighten me;
Labia piercings.
Big piercings that require holes or tunnels.
Fire play.
Shave my head.
Not let me use the furniture or sleep in the bed anymore.
Take away coffee and tea.
Take away soda.
Take away specific foods that i like not just like cake and cookies but specific foods that i like such as beets because You don’t like them, things like that.

i guess that’s about all i can think off right off the top of my head, i‘m sure i’m missing some big ones.


There are a couple on there that i should explain.  The branding is one that has always freaked me out to the core.  It’s also been one that i‘ve always thought He might actually do someday.

The piercings i only put on there because i know there will be more piercings some day and some of them will be fairly intense.  i want them, i‘m just frightened of them.

Shaving my head.  Master really loves long hair, it’s almost a passion of His, if you will.  However if it ever gets to a point where He doesn’t care for my hair for some reason, i could see Him shaving my head completely.  That would freak me out, a lot.

i have just been thinking about this list a lot since i wrote it, i wonder what i missed….. i certainly missed a few things i’m sure…… hmmmm….

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

57′ T-Bird

i have mentioned Master’s friend who comes down to our house on Tuesday nights on many occasions.  He’s the only person in our lives who knows our relationship, through and through.  He is privy to pretty much everything that we do and Master has even opened up my camming sessions to him when i am working on Tuesday nights.  The only thing Master really hasn’t done is “share” me with him.  Watching me from a distance is just about all he is comfortable with and i certainly don’t judge him, one way or another.  That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like to watch whatever Master is willing to show!! =)

Last night Master and i went into town, as i mentioned in my last post.  We had some errands to run and Master’s buddy always works late, every night of the week.  If he’s not working on a project for a customer, he’s working on one of his own vehicles.  So if we know he’s at work and we have time (or if there are donuts!!) we stop by.  We walked into the shop and we weren’t in there for much more than a few seconds when over in the last bay i spotted a  beautiful 57′ Thunderbird!  It had been restored and it was really pretty.  Now, Master is NOT a car guy, to say the least. Because He’s a smart Man He knows how things work but He just couldn’t be less interested in “cars”.  i however, do have an interest in cars.  Master knows more than i do about how they run and work but i have much more of an interest in them, in general.

There is no explanation for why i like them, i just do.  Needless to say, Master isn’t fond of my fascination with vehicles and i don’t go on and on about them,  i simply enjoy a pretty car.  However, when i spied this once in a life-time vehicle within my grasp, i wanted to check it out! Master’s buddy was more than happy to let me because i guess if you’re a guy who likes cars, you probably like to see naked girls in hot cars!  So, it was up on the hoist a bit so i hopped up there and bent over the car and leaned in to get a better view.

Because the car is a convertible i had no trouble leaning far over to check things out!  Master said STOP! i know that voice, that means it’s photo op time!  His buddy came over to me and lifted my short little dress a bit more to show lots of stocking top and maybe a bit more!

It’s always funny to me when i am naturally doing something and all of a sudden Master sees a picture.

Then Master had me go around the car and take a few more.  Master’s buddy wanted me to get in the car and that was a struggle!  The car has a huge steering wheel and almost no clearance to get in, once i was in though, it was awesome! =)

Master took a couple more shots and it was time to get out!  i was getting nervous!!!  i was sitting in what could have easily been a $40,000 car!!

We decided that when those kinds of cars show up at the shop, we do some more photo shoots! Better ones though! =)

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday!

MD’s treasure


Today has been sort of a lazy Saturday.  Master and i were planning on cleaning today after a scheduled event at our work but the event was cancelled.  No one bothered to tell us of course until yesterday.  It was sort of a nice surprise not having to clean twice this week but a little notice would have been great.

Master told me to give the dog a haircut and even though i’m terrible at doing it, it needed to be done.  It wouldn’t be quite so bad if the dog were a little better behaved, he’s fine as long as i don’t do anything he doesn’t want done to him.  Then all bets are off.

Master even let me play my very favorite video game! Don’t laugh!! He has an ancient Nintendo!  That’s it, there are no letters or numbers or anything after it, just a Nintendo!  my very favorite game in the whole world was/is Mario, the original Mario with Duck Hunt on it.  We were talking about that game one day and He said that He “thought” He might have it.  Not only did He have it, it was in perfect condition, still in the box, opened and maybe played once or twice. He brought the machine upstairs, hooked it up and it all works like i last remember it. Even though i haven’t played that game for more than 20 years, it’s amazing how fast i picked up on it again.  Pretty good times.

We’re going into town this evening to run a few errands and i think maybe even get a snack!

i hope you’re all having a nice Saturday night. 

MD’s treasure

Wearing Master’s Cum

Master has a rule that i’m sure is fairly standard among Master’s and slaves.  If there is cum to drink, you don’t spill a drop, i know i’m not special in this regard at all. =)

So the other morning i was giving Master a blow job and morning blow jobs never last as long as night time blow jobs! We were both into it and i knew it was feeling very good!  Before i knew it, Master surprised me and told me to sit back on my knees on the floor.  He had been lying on the bed and He quickly stood up and came all over me.  All over my neck, chest, my tummy and legs! 

Once i was covered in Master’s cum He told me to rub it in, rub it all over me.  At that point, i knew it wasn’t going to be washed off before we went outside to work for the day!  Master told me to wash off whatever was dripping and that was all.  i was to remain sticky and smelling like His cum until He allowed me to shower, whenever that would  be.

He told me to put on a little dress and get ready to work outside for the day.  i just knew i was going to be surrounded by gnats because they’ve been so bad this year.  It really wasn’t as bad as i thought it might be, although i did end up getting a couple in my mouth.  Turns out i’ve gotten a couple in my mouth since that day too, it’s just that the gnats are terrible right now and it didn’t have anything at all to do with wearing Master’s cum!  =)

After a while i could feel it drying but i forgot about it until the wind would pick up and i would smell it all over again.  i wasn’t allowed to shower until late into the evening and while i really hate being “dirty” in any way, i wasn’t in a hurry to wash Him off of me.

It was a good day.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Happy Father’s Day

Just a quick Happy Father’s Day post to all of you celebrating today!

i very rarely think of what my life would have been like had i known my father.  Only just a few moments ago i checked my facebook for the first time today and was caught off guard.  my sister somehow got a very old photo of my dad and posted it on my timeline as a surprise.  i believe he was camping, which was what almost all the pictures we have of him are, that or fishing.

It was a photo i had never seen before and that’s very rare.  There are very few photos of him as it is and finding one that one of us kids haven’t seen is nearly impossible.  The picture just struck me and made me think for the briefest of moments what it might have been like to know him.  He was gone before i was two.  Like Master always says, had anything been different or changed, we wouldn’t be where we are today! =) 

To all of you who are celebrating today, i hope you have a wonderful day!

We’re off in just a bit to celebrate with Master’s Dad.  i’m hoping for a good day!!

Peace to you and yours!

MD’s treasure


Master and i joke all the time about ‘not thinking it through’.  Saying things and not thinking about what the actual consequence might actually be!

So let me say this before anyone gets any ideas that i think i made the wrong choice or i think i should have made a different choice, nothing could be further from the truth.  i will say…. i didn’t think the whole thing through….

When i came here to be with Master i knew i was leaving my entire life and everything i knew behind.  The town i left behind, while it was the only city i’ve ever known it’s got a very high crime rate and there’s nothing super special about it.  However the tiny village where i grew up, is super special and everyone knows everyone.  So i was no stranger to being around people i knew and plenty of them.  It’s grown a lot but it will never lose that feeling about it.

What i didn’t think through wasn’t the fact that i would be leaving my family, it was that i wouldn’t have anyone here.  From day one i had Master’s Mom, but i’ve never had a friend to call up and chat with.  It just never once dawned on me i wouldn’t start a new life here with friends and family.

People most generally find friends through work and seeing that i wasn’t working, there weren’t going to be friends for me.  Master’s job never really offered friends although the one couple we met were lovely but moved away. Even though Master’s Mom was usually wonderful to talk to she was still Master’s Mom and i wasn’t able to tell her the things friends tell friends.  For a long time i held out hope that Master’s sister would befriend me but that’s hopeless, it turns out she will never be someone i can call a friend.  You can’t make someone like you, lol!  So that’s a dead-end.  i believe she’s one of those people that if i even keep trying i will continue to set myself up for disappointment that is absolutely something i do not need.

i think since Master’s Mom had her stroke and now of course since she’s gone, it’s really sunk in that there’s no one for me to just pick up the phone and chat with.  It really bugs Master when i call my sister and chat with her.  He doesn’t care for her and that leaves absolutely no one to talk to.  He allows me to speak her, He just doesn’t care for her at all.  i heard a long time ago that women need to say a certain amount of words per day, i never thought i was like that, because i am a pretty quiet person.  Maybe that is the case for me though, i don’t need to talk about anything really, just to say things and have someone hear me, that’s a good thing.

There is a point to my rambling, i think it’s time i really assert myself (Master thinks so too) and start looking for a munch group to attend.  Whether it’s going back to the group we attended one time, they were great! One never knows. i am not expecting to find my soul sister or anything like that.  Maybe it will just be something to do once in a while and that’s really all i’m looking for right now.  Master said He’ll go and i’m hoping He has a good time.  Now i just have to find a group and location that works for us! =)

Have a good Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Asking For A Rule

Just after i posted my previous post about healing up i realized that i was twisting my nose ring quite a bit and it was getting sore.  i think it was becoming more of a habit than anything and i wasn’t doing it with clean sanitized hands.  i was just doing it willy-nilly.  i knew if i kept playing with that ring i was going to get a raging infection, already being as sore as it was i wasn’t sure it wasn’t already too late.

So i went to Master with a request for help, but a serious one.  i have asked for His help before but nothing in a real serious manner.  i got His full attention (that’s always key) and then i presented my case.  i asked Master for a rule temporary or not of course was up to Him.  i knew once i presented my issue it was going to be out of my hands.  i also knew that the punishment i thought of needed to be something fairly intense, at least something that would let Master know i was serious.
Once i had Master’s attention, i told Him my problem and then i asked Him if He would help me.  i was asking Him that if at any time He saw me playing with my septum ring, He would punish me.  Right there or as soon as physically possible.  The punishment being 15 hard swats on each fanny cheek with a wooden spoon, every time He saw me OR every time i reported an indiscretion.

Master didn’t like my punishment but He was impressed with the severity of it.  For a one time punishment it wasn’t anything but if it was to be repeated many times, i thought it would be a good reminder.  His punishment is and would be three swats with HIS wooden spoon on each inner thigh!  His, i believe is MUCH worse than mine might have been.  Oh, and i had forgotten how HUGE that wooden spoon of His is!!!  i have never seen a wooden spoon that large, in my life!!!!

i was really shocked at how eager Master was to take on this new rule.  i thought that i might get scolded or the rule wouldn’t be put into place.  Reason being is that i wasn’t sure if i should be doing this at all.  i was quite torn on the whole thing.  Should a slave ask for a rule herself, how slave-like is that?  i understood that i needed guidance but i thought Master might see it me trying to take the reigns.  Instead i believe He saw it as i did and as i hoped He would;  me seeing an area that i truly needed improvement, that He couldn’t have possibly known about without me telling Him.

This isn’t something that i would make a habit of because then i would certainly think it would be totally overstepping that boundary.

i believe we were out shopping later that day and Master looked over at me and asked me if i had just been playing with the ring.  Master is very fair and willing to give me the benefit of the doubt but i admitted that i had been turning it, for no reason.  We got home and Master told me to lie down on the bed, legs spread wide and that’s when He pulled out Paul Bunyon’s wooden spoon.  He alternated whacks on each thigh and holy crap i felt it in my toes.

my fear of pain keeps me honest, i will say that.  i wouldn’t touch this ring unless it was on fire! (or i’m cleaning it!)  i haven’t had a punishment since but i’ll keep you posted.  Unfortunately my memory is WAYYY worse than my fear of pain! So i will start spinning soon! =)

Have a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours!

MD’s treasure      

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