Quiet Time for treasure

i never know when i might be falling out of favor with Master. It’s not even so much that i’m forgetting my place or that i might be in need of “correction” as He calls it, it’s just that He’ll make a comment “you sure are cocky, aren’t you?”. i should see the writing on the wall, when those comments start coming. i never do though, i suppose i’m sort of thick and i don’t just mean my thighs! =p

The other day i was in the kitchen giving the dog a snack for the umptheenth time that day and i knew that Master was planning something as He wouldn’t allow me to get dressed in my girdle and stockings as normal, i was just in a mini skirt and blouse. Very uncharacteristic of Him. So He called me into the bedroom and it appeared i was indeed in for some sort of something, but He never lets on as to what it’s going to be. i know it’s because He doesn’t want me to freak out or get nervous. He put a ball gag in and earlier He’d put the leather wrist cuffs on as well as the big belled leather ankle cuffs. i seriously sound like Santa when i wear those things. They are very loud when i wear just one, let alone both of them.

i also had the stainless steel & silicone locking collar on that He doesn’t have me wear very often, so i had a pretty good idea from earlier in the day when He was putting all that on me that something was coming, later in the day. Again, i just didn’t know what and that’s always better for me. So He attached the ankle cuffs together with some sort of lock and then to a chain that’s always on the bed. Then locked the leather wrist cuffs together (i think?) behind my back and also put some handcuffs on me. He also attached my hands to a chain hanging from the bed post.

If you’ve never seen pictures of the bed that Master built about a year ago, it’s worth the gander. i don’t care how badly i wanted out of those chains, they were attached to eye bolts that go into 4×4 posts. The bed itself is pretty intense.

Once He had me all secure He gave me some quiet time which for me isn’t a bad thing. i don’t get bored easily and i can just sit for a long time. What is always hard for me is being worried about what’s coming and the pain of the handcuffs. There was a time when i could hardly hold my arms behind my back, i don’t have that trouble as much, now it’s the handcuffs as they cut into my hands. i don’t have a high threshold for that i guess. So i sit there and i wonder what will happen and i have the hardest time concentrating, what will He do to me and what have i done to get here?

i always try to think about my smart mouth and why i say the things i say, why can’t i just shut my mouth? i know that more often than not it’s not what i say but sometimes what i don’t say. He wants me to talk to Him, He wants me to say the right things, He wants me to be more passionate. So here i sit, trying to think of ways to be more passionate, and in He walks and He grabs a little flogger i think that’s what He picks up first. The first thing He does is swing down hard and hits the very tip of the nipple/nipple ring and it stings, badly. i just looked down because i didn’t want to whimper right off. He goes through a little flogger, another flogger and some little leather smacker thing. i’m red by now and every time He hits me i can’t help but think He doesn’t hit me often enough, i know i deserve it, but i just wish He’d stop. Over and over in my head, please please please please stop…. it hurts it hurts owie owie… Finally He stops. It hasn’t been long but to me, long enough.

He kisses me and asks me if i’ve learned my lesson, with sort of a sadistic laugh. A laugh i really haven’t heard from Him before. i just said uh huh and He left me. He left me to think some more.

i know i need this more often and it might be the first time in a long time i’ve written about something like this. i just don’t think that when He gives me a lesson like this i am as thankful as i should be. i want it to be over the entire time and then when it’s over, i feel bad that i didn’t try harder. Am i more of a masochist than i’ve ever made myself out to be? =)

Peace to you and yours

Still so much to learn

Today i learned that i will never be done learning. i have remarked before that Master and i do just about everything together and that’s really not an exaggeration. We really do just about all our chores and go everywhere together. Except for the rare occasion where He’ll go fishing or to a friend’s house He almost never goes out socially without me and even then He’s hesitant to say the least. There are also times when He’ll go work for someone doing a job without me but again, it’s not often that i don’t go along, for more than one reason or another, He wants me along.

Having said that, when we have things to do, Master’s “to do” list is always knocked out first so i help Him with that and my stuff is put on the back burner. The only tough thing about that is, sometimes my stuff still has to get done or things go bad. Today was a good or very bad example of how things go bad for me. i was helping Master with His to do list all the while trying to get my chores done as well. The sheets had to be washed and changed so in between the times that He needed me, i was switching from washer/dryer/bed. The dog HAD to have a bath today it was three days after i was meant to give him a bath and he was scratching so badly, it must have been done today. Other things had to be done, the animals fed, His laundry and of course i still had to be available to Him. So at the end of the day when i was tired and Master’s chores were done, guess what? Mine weren’t. So when He was in the shower i was trying to sneak away to put clean sheets on the bed instead of waiting for His toothbrush because all i was thinking was… i still had SO much to do and i just wanted to be done so badly.

So when He got out of the shower, He reminded me just WHY i’m here. i admit i got upset because even though i didn’t wait for His toothbrush i felt like i wasn’t “not” serving Him, i was still doing things for Him. Making His bed, getting His clothes finished for Him to wear after His shower, getting ready to make supper… the list is long… But He didn’t see it that way, He saw me as putting what i wanted to do before what He wanted to do and i know He’s right. i was prioritizing for myself i wasn’t putting His priorities first. So will i do better next time? i hope so, otherwise i’ll spend even more time on the bathroom floor on my knees waiting for Him to tell me it’s okay to finish my chores. As it was, had i just waited for the toothbrush i would have had more time to just go about my business but because i got all in a rush and tried to get the sheets on the bed and didn’t wait for Him, He decided i needed a little time out to think about it. Linoleum does NOT = soft and cozy for those of you scoring at home. Just sayin~

i also learned that old stockings make a great filter for old chlorine in the pool. We had an old bucket of those chlorine tablets that had turned to dust, i took three stockings and put all the dust (muck) into the stockings and tied them to the pool ladder and viola~ perfect chlorine filter dealio!

The word for the day is dealio… tell your friends.

Okay have a good night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

A bit of an "off" weekend

Master took me to the “city” for my birthday for supper and shopping. It started off ok but by the time we were done with dinner i was certain that Master was all about making my birthday a miserable one. We were not clicking at all, to put it mildly. We had a disagreement at dinner and i wasn’t about to say i was wrong or shut up about it. i have no idea why i get like that only to say that i get upset and stop thinking. Looking back at it, Master tries hard to get me to stop while trying not to be a jerk about it.

On the way home, Master asked me how i thought Lisa would act in that situation. The more i got to thinking about it, the more i thought that it was really unfair to compare me to Lisa. i mean she’s been a slave for many more years than i have and she’s had so much more time to be “molded” by her Master. i can only hope that she and other slaves make some of the same mistakes i do. But yet we all learn from experience and from our Master’s and move on. Only i think i’m a slow learner because i keep making the same mistakes! Sometimes i wish that Master would just tell me in a firm tone to knock it off or to shut up. There has to be a way to over come my belligerence in times like these.

Yesterday we went to my sister-in-law’s house for my birthday to celebrate with Master’s family. When we got there His sister and brother-in-law weren’t there! They can be so inconsiderate it’s not even funny. When they finally showed up an hour late, they offered no apology, only to say that they were helping a neighbor out with her horse. So Master and i were both upset about this, although i’m not sure why seeing that they do this all the time. It just didn’t make to a good start to our evening. When Master and i aren’t meshing well it seems like everything i do makes Him mad and there’s nothing i can do to make Him happy. It was just a bad weekend and i’m very glad it’s over.

When we got home Master decided that i needed some time to think, so He stuck me in the “box” and left me there for what seemed like 3 hours. As it turned out it was only an hour but when i’m in there i have no sense of time. i was supposed to think about what i had done wrong over the weekend and how i could have acted differently. More than anything i think that He knows that the box offers me some quiet time to think and puts in a fairly submissive state. So it was a good thing, when i came out He put me on the sybian and told me to take my time while He busied Himself elsewhere.

Well i’m off to see Bette Midler in concert, i hope it’s a good time.

Peace to you and yours!

MD’s treasure

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