Will i Ever Learn?

One of Master’s rules for me is that once i’m dressed for the day, i don’t get undressed without His permission. Once i’m dressed for the day, it’s more like Him putting locks on me, i’m not to take anything off, until He takes it off me or i’m told to get undressed.

Yesterday was of course no exception. i was wearing the lacing open bottom girdle with a long line bra, both of which are, as you might imagine, quite restricting. Depending on just how tightly the laces are drawn, the obg, can be quite something to get used to for a while, until i’ve had it on for a while. Add the long line bra to that and it’s really quite a combination. Of course, i was wearing stockings and a full slip. This was a great opportunity to wear a new pair of shoes that Master had just gotten for me. The ones that i had just gotten, i just mentioned them. With the platform, they are still nearly 5 inch heels.

Master told me i could wear whatever i wanted to wear for clothing, i have a lot to choose from. i’m not all that daft, i knew He was up to something. =) So i went about my daily chores and a long while later He called me into the bedroom. He removed my clothing and my long line bra and blindfolded me. The smell of leather was overwhelming and the sound of buckles could really only mean one thing. We have a lot of leather items but only one thing that is that large that smells that much of leather. i didn’t have to wonder long because very soon He said, “put your arms straight out in front of you”. Then He took off the collar. There’s only one piece of bondage gear He removes the collar for. He allowed me to kiss the collar and set it aside and i heard Him start to zip and buckle. The straight jacket.

Then He told me to wrap my arms tight around me, keep going, tighter, tighter. This jacket is a perfect fit. He’s had it on me several times before, and i’m always amazed how perfectly it fits.

It’s snug around my neck, around my back and bust. The best part about it is, the removable breast windows.

He’s got me all suited up and guess where He puts me? *sigh* yup. Thank GAWD His desk is right by that horrid box. Otherwise i know i would freak out. He doesn’t always stay right there but i know He hears every move i make anyway.

After He has me in there for whoknowshowlongthistime!!!!!! He takes me out and bends me over the bed and has His way with me. Bending over the bed with a straight jacket on, face first into the bed, with 5 inch heels on hahaha. =) Pretty soon i forgot that i wasn’t able to keep my balance and just thought about Master pounding His pussy. Nothing else mattered at that moment.

So i mentioned i’m not allowed to get undressed without His permission. How about getting redressed? He took off the long line bra and i was getting redressed. i was just throwing any old thing on. i still had the lacing obg on and of course stockings, there were two regular bras laying on the bed, to be put away with the laundry. i picked one up and tossed it on. The long line bra was sitting under something (i saw later) on the cedar chest. Master was angry because i broke a rule and i didn’t have a good answer as to why. i just “did it”. So i my desire to get undressed early and get into bed was clearly declined and not only was it declined, i was going to stay in those clothes for several more hours. oops.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

The Reminder i Needed

i should have known it was coming. We went out on Friday night, Master had been looking forward to this seafood buffet while it was still going on during lent. So we really only had two more Friday nights left. When we got home, i should have known something would have been in store for me. Honestly i don’t really think all that far into the future for our plans. In that way, i’m glad because i would fret about up coming punishments.

We got home and put a few groceries away and it wasn’t really late, not for us anyway. Master told me to come in the den and sit at my desk while He was doing something in the bedroom. Lately i’ve been hurting pretty badly, when we get home from anywhere depending on how much i’m hurting, He’ll let me lie down. Tonight He didn’t, tonight i was to sit at my computer and wait.

Master was all about putting me back in my place really, reminding me of where my head needs to be. He cuffed my ankles and put the other big metal ankle cuffs on me and cuffed me to my desk. He also cuffed my wrists with the leather cuffs and used the hand cuffs as well. Then He put one of the leather hoods on me. Of course i couldn’t wear my glasses under the hood even with the hood loose, there are large eye holes in this hood and the blindfold is removable. So when Master pulled up our email exchange on my computer He told me i was to read through the whole thing. He knew i was going to have to be creative. No glasses meant hold my glasses in front of me or make the font huge. i chose the latter. It worked and i was able to read the email, it just took a long time. The email was very lengthy to begin with and would have taken me a long time to read no matter what. The large font was just yet another reminder than i need to do whatever it takes to remind myself of how to please Master. Now it’s funny, my head was really hurting before i started and of course, reading without glasses made it hurt more. But i just kept thinking, this is all a reminder of what needs to be done to please Him. None of this is easy for me, it hasn’t been for years and it’s all something i have to learn. Pleasing Him is what i WANT to do, it’s what i came here to do and i am able to please Him in every other facet of life. This is a very important part and it’s a part that i am failing. Not completely, but there are improvements to be made, big ones.

So shortly after i was done reading Master put me into the box, but not before He attached the blindfold to the hood. With it getting warmer outside, almost the very second He closed the box, having the hood on, i started to feel sick from the heat. i had a feeling i was going to be in the box for a long time and i knocked on the door and told Master and i was hot and not feeling well. Usually He gets angry and impatient because i am a pain, but i must have had an urgency in my voice or something, He opened the door and got me a tiny fan. The minute He shut the door with the fan on, i was perfectly fine.

So there i sat, He cuffed my ankles together with a very small carabiner hands still cuffed together. With the hood on it’s so dark in there and everything is so muffled, i could hardly hear a thing. i’m not sure how long He left me in there this time. Long enough that my thoughts were everywhere i wanted to try to remember things to ask Him things to tell Him but i was in there for so long, by the time He opened the door the first time, i thought i was getting out, He had me suck His cock and then shut the door again. i was so disillusioned that i went from the jello feeling to the impatient “when am i getting out” feeling. That was over soon enough though. Sitting in the dark where there is nothing to look at and nothing to fall back on but your own thoughts you can’t concentrate on getting out or you’ll go crazy right away.

It’s like being a toy in a toy box, for Him to take out when He wants to play with me. i was trying to think of how to say it when i was in there, locking the toy box, Him the only one with the key and none of His friends can play with that toy. i also was thinking about being the secret in the box, Him being the only one that knew about the secret, letting the secret out a little bit at a time and locking it away again. When He finally let me out of the box, it took me a few seconds to get my legs back under me. He told me to bend over and grab the seat of the box and pull up my skirt. He told me to spread my legs wide and i felt Him grab at His pussy and move the labia ring over. The next thing i knew He was inside me, i was partly inside the box and He was using me for what i’m good for. It was hard and fast and felt amazing because it was the release we needed after the couple of days we’d had.

i was still pretty much nothing but jello afterward and He promised me more time in the box, longer and more often. i’m not even sure how i feel about that. =)

i hope you’re all having a good weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

my slave name

It was nice enough outside today that Master and i walked the garbage bill over to the town hall. The walk isn’t more than a few blocks but every little bit of exercise is good stuff and it felt good just to get out and walk. It’s amazing how easy it is to get out of shape in just a short time. Two or three months ago we walked that bill over there without a second thought, this time i was like, geez, this is further than i remember, haha.

i just came across a posting on Fet Life about slave names. What does your slave name mean to you? Something like that. So i got to thinking how powerful my slave name really is, precious treasure. my name really packs a punch, doesn’t it? Beyond all reasoning and above all other items, He thinks i am a precious treasure. i know this because when He named me, He meant it. It wasn’t something He just tossed out there like “oh lets name the new pet goldfish Alfie”. He meant it and i use that name everywhere i am able to use a nickname. As much as a slave should be, i am proud to be called His precious treasure. Being proud really isn’t a slave-like quality but it is something i can say i am proud of.

The day i was officially collared…and named.

There were some really pretty names that people had on Fet Life, others, not so pretty but more derogatory or humiliating. To each their own of course, i know there are many slaves who answer to particular names that make them feel more owned than others. A name like mine might make them feel much less of a slave than something more humiliating might. Where my name makes me feel honored or treasured =) if you will, someone else’s name makes them feel used and that’s what they need. It’s all in how we’re wired.

i would love to hear how other people view their slave name or how it makes them feel, there were some interesting stories on Fet Life too. i would just like to hear how they came to be or what our slave names mean to us.

i hope everyone is having a good Saturday night. i’m off to figure out something for dinner. i’m thinking left over home made spaghetti, which, by the way was pretty good! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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Bloggin like a Sailor

i love how all these people have these poetic soft names, almost untouchable. Like “Lilac Cloud of The Morning Dew” or “Rain Drop Lights on Flower Petals” and i fall for it every time and think “OH! this will be a terrific blog, i’ll give it a try”. So i click only to find that “Perfect Purple Pansy” is talking about how futchin mad she is at someone she got in a fight with and this f’ing thing and that $%*(‘ing thing….. And so it goes… the filth prevails and on and on it goes. Seriously? The EXACT same message can be conveyed without the filth, it can, i promise!!! Not only can the message be given, it can be given in a more respectful and well thought out manner that people will hear. i am not a prude, i’m not but i sure would love to hear or read a message that isn’t full of vulgarity but rather creativity.

People might challenge me and ask how are they to express themselves when they are angry, it’s easy! Just be creative! Those words are just that “words” but they are ugly.

/rant off.

i posted a few new pics on FetLife, be my friend if you wanna see ’em. Master and i are going to spend the rest of the day working on pics of our own for a family DVD and hopefully get a good start on it this year for His parents. i need to get off the computer so we can get going soon though.

Have a good weekend!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

What was the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice i ever got was from my Grandpa. He said that no one ever learned anything with their mouths open all the time. You can’t listen if you’re the one doing all the talking. Be still and listen, really listen.
To this day very few people really listen, you can tell that all the while you’re trying to say something or share your story, they are thinking of what they want to say next. i wish that more people had heeded my Grandpa’s advice.

He didn’t talk to me too much but when he did, it was something profound. hehe i was just a kid! =)

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Sneakers or sandals?

i am sure that sneakers have their place in the world, but not on my feet, unless they are high heeled sneakers!! i have a couple pair of high heeled sneakers and they are perfect for parks and walks.

During the summer time we see sandals everywhere we go. You even see them in the winter, the whole socks and sandals thing is enough to send Master over the edge sometimes! i am a sandals gal and i can’t even begin to imagine how many pair i have. i have wedges, platform wedges, sling backs or a variety of high heeled sandals. Just about any shape style or color you could imagine. i’m not sure how many pairs of shoes i have, some day we should do a thorough count and post it. i know it’s well over 200 but many of those shoes don’t fit anymore even with heel grippers and inserts.

i would definitely say that i have a bad habit of getting in a rut with my sandals, i find a pair that i just love or one pair that i find go with everything and i forget to mix it up. Even though i might wear two or three pair of shoes a day, i’ll go back to the same shoes several days in a row and finally Master will ask me how many times i’m going to wear the same shoe. Then i know it’s time to find something new.

Master also gets tired of wedges, i love them, He is tired of them. So i have to remember to grab the heels more often. During the winter time i try to go with the closed toe shoes, Master loves pumps, so it’s easy to go with regular heels. In the summer time, so many sandals are wedges that it’s easy for me to get in that rut again and only go for the wedges. Master thinks heels are much sexier than wedges. i like them all!!! =)

What do you think?

MD’s treasure

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In The Good Ole’ Summer Time!

Friday night Master and i went to a local Baseball game and we had a really good time. The weather cooperated and it wasn’t even too terribly hot outside. Our seats were good as long as we paid attention! It seemed like we were in foul ball alley! But Master said that no matter were you sit at a baseball game, as soon as you buy that ticket you’re buying a commitment to pay attention to every single at bat and to pay attention to where the ball goes. He’s totally right about it too as i could easily see how someone could get seriously injured if they weren’t watching, every time someone was at bat.

You can’t go to a baseball game and not have a hot dog, so Master got us each a hot dog! The best part about the game, or so i thought was pretty much between every 1/2 inning, they did something. Some little activity or contest give-away. The best thing about the night we went, the Zoo-perstars where there! From America’s Got Talent last year. They were really fun and funny, too! They were there throughout the whole game and made it even more fun. At the end of the game there was the MOST spectacular fireworks display i’ve ever seen. Toward the end Master and i were like alright-already enough LOL. Seriously it went on for only 20 minutes or so but it was so much so fast that it was intense. Amazing though, truly.

Once we finally got home it was really late because we went grocery shopping after the game. i was pretty tired from the game and then shopping. i wore a newer pair of heels that both Master and i both loved! They are strappy leather sandals that have a wooden soul and heel. The heels have a 4 3/4 inch heel with a 3/4 inch platform. Another thing that i love about these shoes is the thicker straps, they didn’t cut into the back of my heels or into my foot anywhere at all. They were a comfortable fit no matter where i was walking, up and down stairs or just on regular terrain. They were great all night, even for a long night, they did great.

i did notice that after being in those shoes for several hours and after walking around the entire baseball diamond and then grocery shopping, the bone in my foot or bunion was particularly red that night and next day. From anything i have read, that is to be expected. The last two days i have worn a 3 inch heel (which by the way i nearly feel is cheating) and the redness nearly goes away.

Tonight Master and i grilled out supper and while we were grilling His Mom and Dad showed up to give us some cucumbers. (that reminds me to ask Him where those are!) Anyway, i asked Master what they would do someday if they just showed up and we were skinny dipping!!! They NEVER call, they just show up. Master asks them every single time they show up without notice why they didn’t call before they came and they say the same thing, that it would have been okay if we hadn’t been home, they were just out for a drive…etc. But it’s NOT okay if they just show up because they might catch us in the middle of something that Master just can’t walk away from. They don’t understand and we can’t explain it to them in detail hahaha. All we can do is BEG them to call before they come over and they refuse to call. The phone rang when i went in the house to turn the stove on and she said, “aren’t you in the back yard??? We’ve been yelling over your fence!” rofl. So now we’re back at our computer finishing up a few things before He’ll let me go veg in front of the TV! =)

i hope everyone had a great weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Quiet Time

Hog Tied treasure


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