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I have to wonder IF this BDSM lifestyle is something that most of the population can maintain for any length of time.
Well, we’re 10 years and counting and we’re far from leading the pack. Keep watching this space for our 20th anniversary of collar wearing, kneeling, piercing, bondage and sucking on command.
Because I have a feeling that at one point or another someone is going to land up feeling lost invisible and hurt.
Unlike all those vanilla relationships that are 50% headbutting and end up in divorce 50% of the time. I’ll stick with what works.
~MD, rocking the boat

An Anniversary Spanking

We had a nice quiet dinner in the Quad Cities for our One Year Anniversary. Then we went shopping and i got few things for my birthday. It was a really nice evening and it ended with a bang. When we got home Master blindfolded me, and cuffed me in “The Box”. He left me in there for what seemed like a long time and with the lights off, it’s completely pitch black in there. i actually like spending time in there. As soon as He puts me in there i enter some type of “head space”. It’s a good place to be and it helps me get more into my submission than just about anything else.

When He finally took me out, He lead me into the bedroom and had me lie on the bed. i was pretty sure that i was in for a fairly intense spanking and i was right. He had me screaming into my gag in no time. He started with the flogger then He switched to the crop (i hate that thing!). He used the leather paddle some and that really put me over the edge. i was completely wasted by the time He started spanking me with His hand and my butt was on fire! i found myself going through a number of different emotions and the one that i always remember is anger. i always wonder why He puts me through more pain when i’m already in so much pain to begin with. Then i come to the conclusion that the “normal” pain that i’m in isn’t a submission type of pain. He subjects me to this type of pain to give me an opportunity to prove to Him that i’m willing to endure this pain for Him. Although i fight the temptation to be angry with Him i end up feeling good about myself and happy that i was able to please Him.

When the spanking was over, He uncuffed me, took the gag off and used me for His pleasure. By the time He was finished with me i could barely even talk, forget walking and functioning like a human being. i was completely fried and it felt good. We talked for a long time and it ended up to be an awesome night.

Today has been a bad day for me as i have felt just awful. i had to skip my bowling night because my head was just hurting too bad. It’s a good thing that i didn’t go to bowling because i was sick when we got home from having supper and running errands. i’m going to head to bed and pretend this day never happened and hope that tomorrow is a much better day.

Peace to you and yours!

MD’s treasure

i think it’s paper….

Today is our one year anniversary. Master and i were married in a little church in the near by town at 4pm November 1, 2003. All our friends and family were there and it was the second best day of my life. The best day of my life was the day we had my collaring ceremony. We really had a wonderful time and i was so pleased that i didn’t faint at the wedding. i have been known to faint or “black out” when i’m in a wedding. i think that everything was just so perfect and i felt so good about it, that there was no way i was going to faint. my brother gave me away and my sister and best friend stood up for me. Master had His two best friends stand up for Him and everyone looked amazing. The girls wore black Ann Klein dresses and they were stunning. Both of them are incredibly beautiful women so you could put a gunny sack on them and they would still look great.

The one thing that made the day so perfect was that before the wedding, after i was gone to the church, Master got a phone call from our lawyer. We had been in an appeals case for over 2 years trying to get my disability approved. The lawyer called to say that i had won my case and i would be getting my disability that i had worked so hard for. Master didn’t say a word about it to anyone before the wedding and when the Minister pronounced us Man and wife, Master leaned over and told me that i won my case!!!!!! i had a flurry of emotion, i was happy, i was relieved, i was in shock…… not to mention that i had just gotten married to the Man of my dreams. It was surreal to say the least.

Master and i spent the night at a local hotel in a whirlpool suite and we didn’t take our honeymoon until several months later. The next day my family had to leave to return to their respective lives, my brother and his family had to fly back to Boston and my sister and her family back to Illinois. my mom and grandma were going to stay to help open gifts but they opted to head back to Illinois as well. We spent the entire day with Master’s mom opening gifts and that was a blast!! i never thought that we would be getting gifts, i just didn’t put any thought in to it and i was just dumbfounded by everyone’s generosity. i’ll never forget Master’s gift to me. Master was a little surprised when His mom told Him that i got Him a wedding gift. So, knowing me as well as He does, He got me two boxes of Crunch n Munch. It’s been a running joke with us since we have been together as i’m a Crunch n Munch fanatic!!! So the gift was perfect!!! i couldn’t have been happier.

We will be going out tonight to celebrate our anniversary although Master hasn’t said where we will be going. i’m sure that there will be some play time when we get home to commemorate the occasion at least i’m *hoping*.

As to my title…. i think the symbol for the first anniversary is paper!

Peace to you and yours!

MD’s treasure

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