Thinking Of Everything

Master and i went to watch His brother in law bowl in the city tournament last night.  i usually like doing that but last night it was a little too loud for me and i wasn’t able to stand it for all that long.  The weather was getting a little nasty as well so Master and i stayed for a couple of games and said our good byes.  i had asked Master before we left the house if we could stop by the closest burger joint to get grab dinner on our way home from the bowling alley and have dinner in bed and just curl up and watch TV.  The last few nights i’ve been having a pretty rough time and the night we came home from chair shopping, i went right to bed with my helmet ice pack on and i realized shortly after i laid down that i should have gotten back up and asked Master to take me to the Emergency Room for some sort of injection or whatever they might have done to alleviate the pain.

It’s not something i rely on, going to the hospital but i need to remember it’s an option when i truly need it and the other night was one of those nights.  i know it’s a huge inconvenience though, Master already has to sit in the ER often enough with His Dad, i hate to ask Him to do it for me too.

Master is working feverishly in the basement/dungeon.  The paneling is finished and now He’s working on the main piece of furniture/frame off of which everything else will tie into or tie off of in the future.  He’s trying to think of everything and that’s pretty difficult.  He’s taken my measurements in every way imaginable, three or four times.  He’s working off of the assumption that someday He might have to move the frame or some day there might be a ceiling down there (there obviously isn’t right now) He’s trying to allow for room to take it apart when there is a ceiling…. What if we ever have vanilla company down there, can it be disassembled without calling in a team of Olympic weight lifters?

i’ll be happy to see it all when it’s finished! Oh! And He’s had lots of help from our cat, Pixie! i discovered once the paneling was up that she would be able to crawl on top of the walls.  i saw her eyeballing that ceiling and i think Master caught her up there.  Then i realized now that there’s a complete wall, drywall on one side, paneling on another with no ceiling, she can slip down between and get caught.  So Master took the scrap pieces of paneling and screwed them all the way to the top of the floor joists, basically.  She saw she couldn’t get up there, so she climbed well into the wall where the insulation was.  She couldn’t fall or go very far, i just wasn’t all that thrilled having her 9 feet in the air!

Pictures very soon! i hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday evening!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

The Perfect Chair

Master and i took His dad to get a new chair yesterday and we finally found one that was really pretty perfect for him.  Today i talked to Master’s sister and all she had to say was that she thought Master’s Dad should have waited to see that the chairs here in town weren’t cheaper.  i was speechless because we’ve been taking him all over to look at the best possible chairs and we got what i thought was a really nice discount on this great chair and all she can say is we should have waited to make sure these chairs weren’t cheaper.  i got off the phone with her and told Master the story and He said to me, did she shop all around before she bought the adjustable bed for His dad, like we did for the chair or did she just look at one store?  We know the answer to that.  She looked at one store.  She just likes to be nasty, why? i don’t know.

About an hour later the furniture store called to tell me when the chair would be in for pick up and i said “hey can i ask a question?”  Can i ask how much this chair will be when you guys get it in? The lady said that the chair would have been the same price but because we got a 20% off coupon that they don’t have at their store, it would have been regular list price.  YAAAHOOO!!!  i mean, thank you very much for the information, ma’am, that’s all i needed to know. =)  We saved Master’s dad $259, so THERE.

Why do people just find it necessary to be nasty? i just don’t get it, honestly.  We just wanted him to have the best possible chair for his comfort and leg support.  For crying out loud, she acts like we were trying to get him to spend money just willy nilly.  Anywho, i’m glad it worked out and he’s going to have a super fancy chair and this thing is really comfortable and will be awesome for him, so yay.

Master and i are going to watch His brother in law bowl. i’m not at all thrilled about this because bowling is loud. Bleh.  i wanted to go the other day when i wasn’t hurting as much, today, not so much.  It’s ok, i’ll live.

Have a wonderful night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Party Time!

Today is a fun party day!  We’re celebrating Kerpy’s birthday today.  Judge if you will but we’ve had our little bear now since the day we left on our honeymoon over 13 years now.  Valentines Day 2004.  Master gave him to me as we were walking out the door and i asked if i could take him on the trip.  Right then and there began an incredible journey for this little bear.  He’s incredibly well traveled especially for a bear!

We have more fun talking to each other through this guy and as i said, judge if you will, but he’s a part of us now and he’s a part we both love and no one could ever understand.  Unless…. you also love plushies, just like kitty at the submission!! She was the first person i ever met who also had plushies that were as much a part of her life as Kerpy is a part of ours.

i wanted the party to start at 3pm but as usual i’m running a bit late.  That’s okay though, we’ll still fit everything in, games, snacks and of course, movie night with popcorn!

Master snapped a quick photo of the festivities in progress!  Master even decided to finish an adult beverage He started last night and didn’t finish, it’s a party for everyone!!

Kerpypartyi hope you’re all having a wonderful day! i gotta run, lots more party to go here!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


The Gambler

Master and i had a nice day yesterday.  We ran our errands, stopped in to look for a few outlet plates at the hobby store and got a little distracted!  Every time we go there we get distracted by all the cool things they have there!  i was looking for some pretties! Panties and maybe a new purse.  i found neither.  The panties just aren’t the kind that work well for me.  i don’t wear them, by rule so they are typically reserved for working on line or when i’m wearing a short skirt or dress, then i’ll wear them with pantyhose.  i don’t wear them a ton but when i do, i don’t want them to be granny panties. =)

We were fairly productive yesterday but the one thing we really needed to do was look at another electric chair for His dad.  We stopped into one store that we really wanted to hit and they had something that might work but it’s a difficult decision to make.  We need something pretty specific and these chairs are expensive so it’s not something we can decide overnight.

We finally got to the restaurant it was pretty late for not having eaten all day.  In the interest of full disclosure: i had a few crackers! We had a very nice meal but as soon as we left the restaurant i wasn’t feel all that well.  i toughed it out and we went to the casino for a bit, a very short bit because i blew through all our gambling money in about 3o minutes!  It didn’t take long at all for me to toss what very little money we take to gamble with, right down the tubes.  i wasn’t feeling all that well, so it was time to go home anyway.

When we got home Master asked me if it was time for TV or sexy time first.  i knew He hadn’t heard me say that i wasn’t feeling well, so i told Him sexy time first. i thought if i waited i might be feeling worse later.  It was still good even though my stomach wasn’t 100% and i was glad that i didn’t have to spoil the night with an upset stomach or worse!

i ended up staying up most of the night with just nasty pains and nausea who knows what i might have gotten into.  i don’t eat fish or shellfish just because it’s always upset my stomach.  i never considered myself to be allergic to it at all.  Last night i ate some broccoli that had been fried in the same oil, i think though if i was really allergic, i would have a much worse reaction than just some pain and nausea.  i probably just ate too much!! That’s what i’m going with! =)

This morning Master had to run out early and buy siding.  He left me home to sleep because i had very little rest.  By the time He got home i was feeling somewhat human again.

We’re home for the night, work is finished and i’m getting ready to make dinner.  Something bland for tonight!

i hope you’re all enjoying this lovely Saturday night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Warming Up!

This winter has been pretty incredible.  While my brother and other friends on the east coast get a real “noreaster”, here in Iowa this weekend, the temperatures are supposed to reach close to 70 degrees.  i believe i saw 67 on one day, no you saw that right, 67 degrees.  These are supposed to be the coldest months of the year in North America and this winter has been the warmest i can remember in all my life.  Case in point, the weather man said that the last time there were temps this warm for this duration was in 1930, thankfully, i was not around in 1930, i missed one heck of a world war. At least by being born a few decades later, i avoided at least one Fuhrer, but that’s for another day.

Master and i are going to do a little shopping today.  We have to go back and see what we can find for electric recliners for His dad.  He got a new adjustable bed and he’s already showing massive improvements, we went out for dinner on Wednesday night and he was walking straight up.  That hasn’t happened in months!  Now if we can get him out of that terrible chair that won’t lift his legs more than 8 inches off the floor, we’ll be in business.  Master and i are running out of time before we can buy siding for our house.  That hail storm was nearly a year ago and we need to get the siding purchased and get it fixed.  The guy at the home store said he’d give us a deal on some returned siding the exact color we need.  Master and i were there asking about our siding which is a special order, special color.  Less than 30 minutes later, Master went back up to the counter and the manager of the department said that in the time we asked him about it and the time Master just came back to the counter, someone had returned a large order of our exact siding.  They don’t want to store that much siding so he said he would give us a nice discount on it to move it out of the store. What. the. heck? haha!! Awesome!!  Now we just gotta haul it!  Soooo we have to talk to Master’s brother in law again and while he’s a very helpful guy, he’s not terribly easy to pin down.  i think we’re meeting him tomorrow to get the siding and a couple more pieces of paneling.  As long as we’re hauling things we have to take advantage of stuff while we’ve got him.

It’s getting late and we have a ton of things to do today.  Hopefully we’ll get it all done.  We’re having a special dinner tonight and going to Red Lobster, Master’s favorite place.  Maybe going to listen to some music at that casino too!  Have a wonderful day everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Unavoidable Tasks

Today we’re going to do a job we’ve been avoiding for a while.  We’ve had animals forever and when you have animals you tend to gather many animals toys and paraphernalia.  Today Master and i are going to finally go through the tubs containing everything we’ve gotten over the years.  It’s going to be very sad.  Doodie really didn’t play with toys and Pixie loves toys so most of her toys are going to good use.  It’s Bobbie’s toys that are the hardest.  He loved them and there are probably more than 100 toys that we’ll have to go through today to decide if we need to throw them away, donate them or keep a few.

He was such an adorable little guy and even cuter when he was playing “bone” as we called it.  When he was younger he was able to go find a bone.  We’d tell him to get his bone and he’d come back with his current favorite “bone”.  It could be Froggybunny, or Santabutt or an actual bone! =) Today for me, i have to keep in mind that our little Gizmo, “Bob”, had a wonderful life with us and was spoiled absolutely rotten.  i was never sure what sort of family had him before he came to us but i’m sure the dad wasn’t very nice to him because for quite some time he was afraid of Master.  Once he warmed to Master however, he loved His Dad! They were snoozy buddies and TV buddies!!

Bobbie wasn’t an easy dog to handle when we first got him and the shelter said that the family said they were allergic to him.  After they had him for 3 years, they all of a sudden became allergic to him? A few months after we had him, his family came to shelter, wanting him back.  Of course, the shelter told them that was impossible, he’d found a new home with a good family.  Once you give your dog up, that’s forever.  i could only help but think the male figure in that home made them give up Bobbie because he was … challenging.  i mention this because it makes me feel so happy knowing that we took him from a place there i am sure the father wasn’t great with him and even though we got upset with him at times, Master has always been a loving Dad to His fur babies.

For those of you interested in the dungeon project, here’s the progression.  Master put up the last full piece yesterday and it looks really good.  He’s got a bit more wiring to run but so far it’s looking great.  It’s crazy how small it makes the room look!  We really need to get some good lighting in that room now, that’s for sure!  He also talked about rebuilding the box and making it a bit smaller.

The back wall paneling is up and looks really nice.  The pipe is a terrible eye sore and will be boxed in, eventually.

DungeonprogressHave a terrific day everyone, happy Sunday to you!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Jury Duty

There isn’t a lot going on today really.  Last week i got a Jury Duty notice!  i have no idea why i keep getting these stupid notices, i think since i’ve lived here i’ve gotten at least three if not Jury Duty summons.  That seems to be a bit much when Master hasn’t even gotten one!  i was always told that you got Jury Duty if you were a registered voter and when i first came here that’s one of the first things i did, was register to vote.  Master wasn’t registered so we assumed that’s why He he hadn’t gotten one.  Well shortly after, He registered and He still hasn’t gotten one!  i call a mulligan because i think some of my Jury Duty summons should go to Him…. hmmm wait, maybe i should think that over! haha!  He might not be that great on a jury! =)

He would never get chosen anyway, He’s way too opinionated and they’d throw Him off a jury in a heartbeat.  i’ve actually never been called to go Jury Duty anyway, it’s just the whole point that for me, it’s a little stressful.  Every time i get that notice, it means going to the courthouse and trying to get a notice saying that i can’t serve on the jury.  Now i have to do the exact same thing, they should keep that kind of thing on record because i have to go to my doctor and get a note that says i’m unable to complete the task.

Today there will be more work in the basement and then work later.  Master said there will be more work in the basement after the paneling goes up and the electrical work is finished.  i was going to ask Him to elaborate but i couldn’t think of the word “elaborate” and He didn’t want to wait for me to think of the word, so i’ll just wait to see what is in store.  Whatever it is, i’m sure it will be nice. =)

Today it’s supposed to get up to almost 50 degrees here.  That’s crazy for this time of year but i’ll happily take this kind of weather as long as we don’t get a huge snowstorm in April or something! =)

Have a terrific Saturday everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Today Master had another dentist appointment and i went into town with Him.  i met a friend and we went shopping at Goodwill then picked up her daughter, we then ran some errands and she brought me back home.

Once i got back home i saw that Master had been hard at work on the dungeon and it’s coming along nicely!  He has put in a few more electrical outlets and by the time i got home He was ready for my help to hang more paneling.  We got two more pieces hung before He was ready for me to make dinner.

Paneling goes up pretty quickly and because it’s so large it makes it seem like you really make a lot of progress in a short amount of time!  i think it’s going to look pretty cool once it’s finished with all the bells and whistles.

That’s really all i have for tonight.  Master and i are going to watch TV and just veg out on the couch.  i hope you all had a great Friday night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Super Bowl Fun

Master and i are having a fun time tonight making fun food and actually having a drink for the Super Bowl!  Master and i having an alcoholic beverage is nearly unheard of!  i might have one when we’re out but us just sitting home just about never happens.

We are Vikings fans.  However, i have always pulled for New England any time they are in the post season and not playing the Vikings, of course! =)  That’s not the most popular opinion around here but it’s not forbidden! =)

my day started out awesome!  Trinket stopped by and brought us some fresh donuts on her way home from work.  She didn’t get to stay long because her husband was expecting her home soon.  It was still a great way to start the day and terrific to see her for a bit and the donuts were amazing!! Master even loved the donuts because she makes them extra special for Him!

superbowloutfiti wasn’t really able to find a picture to post today so Master hopped up and snapped a quick photo of me in my Super Bowl outfit.  The photo doesn’t show my feet or the chains or the bondage belt but you get the idea.  i’m wearing my new slave shoes as well.  This is the first time i’m giving them a trial run.  So far i like them, they just need a couple of adjustments.

i hope you’re all enjoying the big game!  Get home safely!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Busy bee

We have a full afternoon and evening planned today.  We are going to work and then running several errands.  Not the least of which are gathering supplies for the Super Bowl just like millions of other Americans.  Personally, i’ve never been the biggest football fan but i watch it for Master.  It’s just not a game that’s fun for me.  That doesn’t make much sense when i love baseball and it’s a long sometimes very boring game and i even admit i fall asleep through more than 1/2 the games, that could be because there are 163 games in the regular season and Master wants to watch them all!  i still enjoy baseball way more than football.

The Super Bowl is different of course, there is more a lot more glam and hoopla with it and we love the commercials.  That’s really the only thing i care about, the commercials and the half-time show!  i love Lady Gaga so i think this year should be amazeballs! =)

We’re on a little bit of a tight schedule because we have to be finished with work by 5pm so we’re not in the other group’s way and we have things to do so we can be out at our friends house for dinner at 7pm.  They invited us out for ribs, i’m not positive what i’ll eat because i can’t really eat bbq’d stuff, it makes me have a terrible headache.  i’ll figure out something though, there’s always extra food.

Master was talking about having His family over for the Super Bowl, but our nice TV and family room is in the basement. He was preparing the basement for His brother in law to see the basement.  He said to me “you know there’s just nothing about this basement that’s family friendly anymore”.  Soon, there will be a full blown dungeon down there and we’ll have to have a door or something that we can close in front of that room or people will get the shock of their lives when they walk down those steps.  It’s not often, but people do come down those steps! =)

We couldn’t have His family for the Super Bowl anyway, there’s just no way to get His Dad down or worse, back up the stairs.  We might be able to manage getting him down, i think back up would be nearly impossible and just not worth the effort.  Thankfully, His Dad doesn’t give two bits about the game and will fall asleep 5 minutes into it and would be happier at home. =)

It should be a fun day staying home having a fried food banaza for Master! He’s loving the new fryer and the food i surprisingly good and amazingly light and not greasy, that was my main worry.

Have a happy Saturday everyone, i’m a busy bee today! i’m off to work, make lists and run errands!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



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