It’s A Wonder

The wonders of modern technology!! Haha, boy does that ever make me sound old!  i’m sitting here at our craft show writing my blog post! i’ve never had a “smart phone” until now so writing a blog post from the middle of a bazillion people trying to peddle their wares is a bit of a novelty.  i’m sure i’ll read this in a year and think how silly this was.  =)

So far it’s been a fairly predictable day.  We haven’t sold too much today but it’s only Friday and most everyone is working.  It will be very busy tomorrow, provided it doesn’t storm!!

The best part of the day was spent chatting to a lovely lady who reminded me so much of my Mom it actually makes my heart ache.  She was just such a joy to talk to. She and i talked for the longest time about absolutely nothing and i had the best time! It was wonderful to just be able to let go like that and chat with someone, it’s funny the things you’ll chat with an absolute stranger about sometimes!
The bad thing about being in the middle of no where is that i have no signal and my phone battery is dying.
i hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday.
Peace to you and yours,
MCD’s treasure

No Cheese!

Just about anyone who has read here for more than a couple of months knows that my relationship with my sister has always been somewhat of a tumultuous one.  She was the one who raised me from a toddler to my adolescence or until my Mom decided her world couldn’t actually be found in the bottom of a bottle.  Due to that i have always revered her as someone to look up to, even when she clearly doesn’t deserve it, just like with parents, we keep coming back.

There have been times when she could have really shown up for me and hasn’t and i have always moved on from those times.  Sometimes it’s convenient having a bad memory.  Master has a very long memory when it comes to things like that, however.  i am truly the kind of person to forgive and move on, i always have been.  We can’t forget, people can’t just erase their minds, so saying “forgive and forget” always bothered me.  Anyway, i do remember a couple times when i thought she should have been there and wasn’t.  It was hurtful but i needed to forgive her.  People just think of themselves, i do it, everyone does it, it’s human nature, unfortunately.

She’s been ill, she was diagnosed with a disease called Dystonia.  It’s painful and has affected her in a significant way.  Her life will never be the same and yes, she’s all about herself right now.  i say “right now” because she most certainly has times of selflessness, but she’s mostly all about her.  She always has been.  Since her disease has started to progress, she got botox, not the kind that i get, hers was extremely painful and invasive.  Her botox treatment has made her life almost unbearable.  Her pain is uncontrollable and i offered to go there, to help take care of her.  (Something she’s never done for me and it never crossed my mind until today, when i saw her facebook post, by the way.)  i continue to have spells frequently but i felt as though i should see her and offer any help i could.

Sort of a long story short, she’s having a hard time talking on the phone so i spoke with her daughter to try to get her a headset for her phone to make it easier for her to do so.  She loves to talk on the phone, always has.  i have tried to keep in contact with her a lot, calling, texting, facebook message.  Then offering to go there, if she thought it would help.

Today her facebook post was a scripture and then she specifically said thank you to every single immediate family member for their love and support through this difficult time, except me. Oh sorry, except my half sister, but she doesn’t talk to her all that often.  She of course included “dear friends” as well.  i was absolutely heart broken.  It’s just hard to defend that and it’s not the first time she’s done that.  She’s specifically named people to thank for things and not named me.  i can’t remember what it was but it wasn’t that long ago, it was something about all the women in her life….She named everyone except me.  i have not recently purchased an invisibility cloak although that would be amazing!

i have to go, i have cooking for tonight to get finished.  If you’re still around, thanks for allowing me to whine.  Next time i’ll bring the cheese.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

CutedressA while ago, i like this dress! =)

Ready For The Weekend

We have a busy weekend coming up so today we are going to get some stuff done today. One of which is working on our crafts.  We need to build up some inventory before our show next weekend and make the two custom orders we received.  They are pretty straight forward so they’ll go pretty quickly, i’m just never a fan of custom orders because we always want to be sure to get them exactly right.  When we’re doing our own work we can do whatever we want because there’s no blueprint to follow.  When there’s custom work, there’s always a little bit of tension due to the expectation.  However, we’ve never had a customer say they didn’t love them or a customer say they weren’t completely thrilled with the final product so that’s something.

Once we’re done working, we’ll run into town and buy groceries for the weekend.  We’re going to our friend’s house for dinner and i have to make a couple of casserole dishes.  Then we’re going to Master’s sisters house on Monday where i’m apparently bringing one of each.  So i have to make sure i have all the ingredients for, well… everything.

Sunday, Master wants to take His Dad to a baseball game but i’m a little concerned about this particular handicapped seating.  i’ll have to mention it to Master, as i’m only just now thinking about it, in my little head.  The handicapped seating was this little platform and it didn’t have much seating.  i’m not sure what He’ll want to do.  Anyway, these games are very inexpensive and the last time we went it was beautiful and very fun! =)

i better run so we can get a good start on our work!  i hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



The weekend went well.  The house is nice, it’s very clean, very comfortable and the best part, in my opinion is that it’s full of cats.  They make the stay out there bearable.  Their TV programming sucks, because they have prerecorded programs so i ended up having to watch professional… Poker….? Really? Poker?  Master’s brother in law is an avid Poker player, i know this but seriously? Who DVR’s Poker??? *sigh*.  When i was able to watch normal TV the choices were limited.  It’s not like i was in misery or anything, it’s nice out there, it’s just nearly impossible to get a cell signal and there was absolutely no WiFi.

i can’t say it was horrible, i was being paid to do a job and i’m always paid well, it’s just incredibly boring when i’m not tending to her.  Each time i take care of her, it’s clear that her disease is progressing.  It’s slow but it’s progressing.  Just a few months ago she was able to choose all her own clothing and dress independently, she just isn’t able to do that anymore.  She can dress herself but she needs everything to be set up for her and even then she has to have cues to do it correctly.  i know when she doesn’t have someone like me there, it must be much more confusing for her which explains her uncooperative behavior and her increasing “difficult days”.  If she starts her days with compassion and fluidity the rest of her day goes much better.  Rarely perfectly, but better.  Better for her, better for everyone else.  It’s too bad Master’s sister isn’t interested in hearing what i am able to offer in this area.

When i got there Saturday morning she was still in bed and Master’s brother in law went in to get her up and to say goodbye to her.  He was sitting on the bed next to her saying his goodbyes and i walked in the room.  i had forgotten about this but was reminded by Master’s brother in law when he brought me home.  She turned away from him as he was saying good bye and held her arms out to me and said something like “oh she’s here, I just love her”.  Master’s brother in law was beaming and very happy to see her welcome me in that way. When he brought me home, he reminded me and said he was just thrilled that she recognizes me and is always so happy to see me. Something like that, i am also very glad she has enough trust in me that she remembers me. For someone at her stage, that’s huge.

i’m always happy to be home.  i didn’t get home until after 2am on Sunday night/Monday morning so after sort of just settling in and chatting with Master a bit, i just passed out in our comfy bed, so happy to be home!! Just a couple days away alone can seem like forever.  i don’t even know how i did nine days before!

Today i think we’re putting up the very last of the paneling in the basement/dungeon! YaY! i better scoot off here and get ready to work.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Pretty Pink Pumps

When Master and i go to the Quad cities, time permitting, Master loves to stop at this one particular store in a strip mall.  Most often, we’re not pressed for time but when we head up to the Quad Cities we typically have a short list of things we’re after.  You may have already guessed why Master loves this store!  They have fabulous shoes!  Their selection is really very random.  Sometimes they have lots of crazy tennis shoes but more often they have a ton of super high heels!! The prices aren’t out of this world either!

This is a photo of me trying on an adorable pair of pink patent leather pumps.  The problem with a lot of the shoes they have there is that the sizes are way too big or way too small.  These were only a little too small but just small enough to be comfortable enough to wear.

pinkshoesThey even sort of matched my dress that day! Pumps are Master’s favorite kind of shoes!

Master and i have lots to do today! Not the least of which is a doctor appointment we just made for Master to have His ear checked out.  It’s been wonky for a couple days and just getting worse.  We don’t want Him to have to go the whole weekend without treatment.

Then it’s off to do a little shopping and take a little dinner to Master’s Dad to check and see how he’s doing.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! i better scoot off here and get a few things done!



Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Back In Time

We made it through another set of storms.  We were under two different tornado warnings yesterday for about four hours in total.  That’s a very long time to be under tornado warnings, not just a watch but actual “there’s a tornado in your area” type of thing.  Our phones were going nuts, i don’t know how many emergency text messages we got between us yesterday but it was a lot! i know there was some damage in a town not too far from us, a pretty little town where we go to do a Farmers Market occasionally.  i didn’t hear if there was extensive damage, but it didn’t seem as though there was.

When we went into town later last night we stopped at Master’s Dad’s house to check on him and see how he was doing.  He was just fine, sitting in his chair watching TV just like always.  We popped in, i did the dishes, a little laundry while Master got him some ice cream.  Just like a normal evening.  Everything there looked pretty good and other than a few extra leaves on the front deck, it looked OK up there.  Of course it was night and we couldn’t see too much, i don’t think there was anything out of place.

This weekend i’m going to be at Master’s sister’s house watching the mother in law.  They are going to a wedding in Chicago and i’ll stay there Saturday night and at least Sunday until noon or so.  Depending on their plans it could be until Monday afternoon.  Master was planning on possibly doing a show on Saturday but from the looks of things, we’re supposed to have a thunderstorm at 9am so that’s out of the question, especially if He’s doing it alone.  Set up alone is a lot of work, it’s absolutely miserable in the rain.  Our crafts can get wet, that’s no problem it’s the boxes we transport them in that are the most vulnerable.  Not to mention just the all around ridiculousness of setting up for an outdoor show that no one will attend in the rain.

The last time i went for an overnight stay at Master’s sister’s house i was gone for nine days and it was a strain.  The worst part being that i had to leave Master to tend to a very old doggie who had to go outside 20 times per day and a kitty who was nearing the end of her beautiful existence.  We knew the kitty was sick, we had no idea the dog was sick too.  We just knew he was old.  It was a really hard time for me to be gone but Master handled it pretty well.  He was feeding the kitty and trying to get her to eat when she didn’t want to, it was such a hard time.  For her, i’m glad her suffering is over.  She lived a beautifully full life full of love.  As far as Bobbie, he lived a fun-loving life and i can see his little smiling face playing a”bone” as i type this.  It’s taken a while and i still cry when i think about them.  i miss them horribly, i always will but i am glad they aren’t suffering.  Each passing day helps me remember the good memories and happy times, that’s what i need.

Going to Master’s sister’s house is like going to the zoo!  She has 5 indoor cats, 6 horses, 22 sheep at last count but they’ve had babies so many more now i’m sure.  i’m not sure how many cows, i think 20 and one pain in the butt (literally, he headbutted me) goat.

i love it out there in a way.  It’s beautiful and peaceful but it’s almost like stepping back in time 10 years and we’re already in Iowa, so there’s a notion huh?  i have a lot to do to get ready for the weekend, so i’m off here for now!

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Thursday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Ahhh Spring…

Ahhh Spring in Iowa….The smell of lilacs in bloom, farmers planting the fields, the beautiful sunsets and tornado warnings are abundant!  Since the tornado in 2007, we’ve gotten this whole gathering animals and urgently heading to the basement thing, down to a science. Right now it’s just a tornado watch but it’s only one county over and not looking great for us.  In the past we’ve been truly blessed.  We have to pray that we’ll be alright and the weather will continue to go around us.  The year the tornado hit, i wouldn’t say we were lucky because the town got so much damage so we were all affected.  As far as Master and i though, we have truly been alright.  It’s been amazing and i will never take anything like that for granted.

Last spring we had some hail damage and that was the first time we’ve ever actually had real damage.  That wasn’t even really a storm.  All day today we’ve had tornado watches and two actual warnings.  That’s when my skin starts to crawl and i get that horrible pit in my stomach.  i’m thankful, so very thankful that we have an actual place to go.  There’s a cement area underneath the front porch that we use for Christmas decorations and Master built a nice shelving unit in there.  It’s also nothing but cement, all four walls and the roof is the front steps which are also cement.

It’s terrible to think of but in this area, we have to think of it all too often.  Today two of my least favorite things have occurred.  The ants came marching in, it happens at least once per summer and the tornadoes have started.  i’ll take ants any day over the tornadoes but i still freak out over the ants as well. =p  Lets make it through today and the tornadoes and tomorrow i’ll continue my freak out over the ants! haha!

We just talked to Master’s Dad to make sure he had a good plan and knew exactly what to do, just in case.  i made sure he had his cell phone and pillows and Master told me to tell him to grab the comforter off his bed.  When we go into town tonight i want to stop by his house and put it all back together for him lol!

Hopefully, the worst has past for the day! To all of you, please stay safe!  To those of you in Wisconsin, good thoughts to you!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Mother’s Day

By my own admission, this day seems to get harder and harder every year.  i don’t have a Mom anymore to celebrate for and that was always something i really enjoyed doing.  One year we all went to a very fancy restaurant on the river in Oregon, IL called Maxson Manor.  The name of it just came to me last night, it’s still open and even looks like they’ve done some expanding.  It’s nice to know that some small places are able to stay open through the tougher times.  my Mom loved it so much that the next year i decided that even though everyone wasn’t available, i would take my Mom and Grandma and i would treat them.  It felt good to be able to do that and i know my Mom loved it too.  It was a beautiful place right on the river and back then it was all done in pinks and lilac colors of the early 90’s so my Mom and Grandma just loved the decor! =)

Another year for Mother’s Day i bought some little bacon wrapped fillets and grilled out for just myself and my Mom.  She didn’t care what i spent or what i got her, it was the effort.  i didn’t realize the steaks were a small size, i didn’t know anything about that at the time, i just saw what they were and they were a good price and looked beautiful so i bought them.  Apparently my sister knew because when she saw them sitting out on the counter she said something like “oh you got little 6oz steaks”? or whatever they were 8oz, maybe? i don’t remember.  my Mom was furious.  Until she said something, i really didn’t know they were small and i’m sure my Mom had no intention of saying anything.  Because of course what followed was me saying to my Mom that i was sorry, i didn’t know and that we could get something else to go along with them…. yadda yadda.  i’m pretty sure my Mom could have killed my sister.  We had a wonderful dinner despite that and the steaks turned out amazing, even though before she left my sister also had to interject how difficult it was to grill such a thick cut of meat.  That’s when i DID say in a very matter of fact, shut the F up sort of way… “i know how to grill” i made the mistake on the meat but i know how to grill.  The grilling part is just common sense and that i have in spades.  It’s not very often i will pat myself on the back but one thing i have is common sense, it’s how i’ve navigated my entire life.

Mother’s Day to me will always be all about my Mom and Grandma, flowers, brunch, dinner, cards and of course, eventually it became all about Master’s Mom.  She was fun to celebrate for too and i was very happy to have her. It was a little different to celebrate with Master’s Mom because we were always getting together for one thing or another so celebrations so of lost their luster.  i am thankful for that now.  So thankful to say that we got together too much to know what we were celebrating for.  That was a true blessing.

Now that they are all three gone, it’s hard looking back, i am thankful for the good times and i see the cards and flowers and beautiful smiling faces.  i just can’t help but feel the loss and the hole that will always be there.  i was 40 and it was just this time of year eight years ago that i lost my one chance.  It wasn’t meant to be, i know that. Still,  i can’t help but think that i’ll never see painted pictures hanging from the frig saying “Happy Mothers Day”. i won’t have pancakes made for me with egg shells in them or syrup running down the dishwasher.  Most days i can deal with it but there will always be a hole and the older i get the harder it is to see everyone i know with their families growing.

i’m sorry, i am happy for them, i truly am.  It’s not right for me to focus on myself when i should be spending time being joyful for them and being happy for what i do have.

One year ago this little one showed up at our yard sale and decided she’d stay.  Little did we know how much we would need her…..

This is Pixie one year later and much more at home.

pixieHappy Mothers Day.  i’m sorry this was such a sucky post.  i never know what i’m going to write when i sit down to write, or not usually anyway. i shouldn’t have bummed you out.  i guess i felt worse about it than i really knew and now i feel bad because i wrote such a bummed out sucky post.  Anyway, i hope everyone has that kind of Mother’s Day i wrote about that i used to have with my Mom.  The kind where your kids do extra special things for you and spend a ton of time with you.  Better yet, the kind where you just hang out with them and it’s a normal day because you’re always hanging out with them anyway! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Letting Things Go

In the past Master has been the One who has had a difficult time letting go of things.  This time a few things in the yard sale are mine or more accurately, were the animals.  Specifically, Zeeky’s cage.  i need to let it go, i really do.  This past week i got it all cleaned up and it looks really nice.  You can tell its been used of course but it would make a very nice home for a small parrot.  i had every hope that it would sell quickly.  i actually never thought it wouldn’t sell.  Especially after one gal looked at it Friday and was so excited about how nice it was and what good shape it was in for the price!

The yard sale is over and we barely even had a nibble, let alone a sale.  This cage isn’t small and the last thing we’re going to do is store it for another year.  i wasn’t really ready to get rid of it but now that it’s all cleaned up it’s even harder to look at it just empty, void of an occupant.  i really want someone to make it their home.  We sold some of the cutest dog toys today, all brand new and while it’s super sad, i love knowing that some little doggie somewhere is going to have fun playing with them, sort of a little tribute to Bobbie! =)

The sale started out very slowly today which was a big surprise seeing how beautiful it was today but we did OK with our crafts and that’s really all that matters.  i think as far as our actual yard sale goes, it blew buckets. LOL.

i have to hurry to get ready to go to our friends for dinner.  We have to go to very late tonight.  We pulled up at work last night, we had the best plan to work yesterday and be all finished with work.  We pulled up and the whole place was hopping like a night club on Rush Street!  i checked the calendar thoroughly and there was no event posted!  i even just checked my email and there was no mention of anything at all. Soooo screw the help! =p

i hope you all have a wonderful night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Getting Set Up

Today is the first day of our two day yard sale.  We’re just doing the afternoon today and it will mostly be lookie-loos this afternoon.  We’re only running from noon to 4pm today and we’ll be lucky if we’re out there by noon by the way we’re moving now.  Master is still in the shower and i’m just finishing getting dressed and ready to go outside.

The whole family has to go to a visitation for a family friend tonight so we’re getting together to go out to eat after the visitation as well. i think we’re going to work tonight to get that out of the way so we can concentrate on the yard sale tomorrow.  We’ve also been invited down  to Master’s buddy’s house again tomorrow night for steak.  We always bring some sort of dish to pass but even still, i feel as though we should do more.  This time we said we’d bring our own steak but they asked us to bring a side dish so that’s what we’ll do.  i just don’t want them to think we’re mooches even though they are the ones who constantly ask us to come over.  It’s nice to be asked but i certainly don’t want them to think of as people who just come over and eat their food.

Today was pretty much all about getting the yard sale setup so we’re ready to go tomorrow for the early birds.  People will start showing up the second you open your door so you really need to be ready to go the minute you open up!!

i hope you all have a wonderful Friday night.  Enjoy some time with your family!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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