Big Helper

We made the best of it last night and we all went out to my sitting job.  We took sub sandwiches and played a few games.  Its fun introducing the little one to these old games.  We played Can’t Stop from years and years ago. i really have no idea how old the game is but it came out long ago and she played it like a champ.  i think she won the first game she’d ever played and Master won one.

cantstopWe are lucky that princess likes to take so many pictures, i have lots of new photos choose from.











Today i have lots of help writing my post.  princess even took a picture of that!!

kittyPixie is a big help today, she’s even trying to type!

i hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

A Good Start

We got up early today to get our hair cut.  We had an appointment at 9 and i had to get up at 7am!  i was actually up before the alarm went off.  Last night i got a call for a last minute sitting job tonight.  i should have told him no immediately that i had plans tonight but because i wasn’t quick enough, i sort of backed myself into a corner.  i asked him if i could call him back so i could check and see if i was free.  That really wasn’t the best idea because i just set myself up to with no way out.  We already had plans to watch a movie and play a game.  It’s not like we had tickets to the Met or anything, but we did have plans and weekend plans aren’t terribly easy to come by.

As soon as i got on the phone with him Master and princess both groaned because they knew what was coming, they just didn’t know what type of job it was going to be.  Don’t get me wrong here, i appreciate those jobs very much.  The money has helped us in so many ways, i have just been gone just a little bit too much lately.  The job he was asking about was only for tonight for a few hours.  i think they are all going to go with me and we’ll have supper out there and play a game until it’s time to come home.  That way it’s not like it’s a night away and i will still get paid for the job.

princess and i brought home donuts so everyone was pretty stoked.  Master had a bj before we left and donuts when we got home! Pretty night start to a day, all before noon! =)

i hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


We went shopping last weekend so i could try to get a few accessories for my outfit  to wear next weekend to my nieces wedding and to get Master a tie.  i was only mildly successful.  i found some shoes and got a little bit of an idea for a belt.  The biggest thing was going to be trying on a few different foundation garments and combinations for Master to give me His opinion.

i also had no idea if i really liked the shoes we bought with my dress. i just wasn’t sure if they were exactly right.  So i rummaged through my way too many shoes and pulled out a bunch of choices and asked Him for a few minutes of His time.  i thought it would take ten minutes, it took probably an hour but at least night now i know what i’m wearing and i don’t have to buy anything else! That’s a big bonus!

Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of the day that Master and i first spoke online.  i sent Him a yahoo message and He accidentally closed the message.  i think i said “Hello Sir, is this a good time to talk?”.  i’m not sure what my second message was but i’m glad i’m persistent!! <3

Everyone is out in the living room watching the original “Grease” and singing all the songs at the top of their lungs! i guess i better get out there and join them! lol

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday night.

Peace to you and yours and many blessings to those of you going through such difficulties right now due to such terrible turbulent weather.

MD’s treasure


Lumber Shopping

The other day Master, princess and i were at Menards getting some lumber.  He needs a new end table for our new couch and instead of shopping for months for the exact size He needs, He’s just going to build what He needs.

princess snapped a couple of photos of us carrying the lumber while she followed behind.  She’s a pretty amazing photographer and loves to take picturelumbers all the time. =)  This one makes me look like a Samari Warrior!

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Bits and Pieces

Today was a super long day but a good day.  We got up early and went to a soccer game the shopping for Master’s Dad’s birthday.  We got him a couple of very badly needed shirts and some snacks.  Master’s Dad thinks it’s ok to wear shirts that barely fit and call it “good”.

We went to work and came home to get ready for a cook out tonight.  Shortly before the cook out Master’s sister called to say that her husband wouldn’t be able to come and that meant she and Master’s Dad would need a ride down here.  It wasn’t that big of a deal except that Master would have to go get them and take them home.  That’s where He is now, taking them both home.  Master’s Dad had a nice night i think and a good birthday overall.

princess made Master’s Dad a birthday cake at my request.  It was a strawberry cake and it was awesome.  i loved it the last time she made it and it was just as good this time and i knew he would love it too.  i was right, he really did.

We had a busy day yesterday and an even busier day today. i don’t do well with super busy days in a row and tomorrow we’re supposed to go shopping.  i need to go shopping very very soon to finish putting my outfit together for my neices wedding.  i am just worn to bits and consecutive busy days blow me away, it’s that whole being in pain thing and wearing out too fast.  i’m not sure how well i’ll handle tomorrow.  i don’t think Master’s going to let me blow off shopping tomorrow though, i don’t know when i’ll go if not tomorrow.

i am worn out.  i hope you all had a wonderful Saturday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Games and Parties

Master and i have been trying to get a few things done on the computer the last couple of days.  That means that i get to sit at my ‘real’ computer in the den and use a real keyboard.  Until i sit down and start typing i forget just how much i miss my computer, especially my keyboard!  i absolutely love my little desk area.  It’s a disaster right now and has been for sometime now, but when it’s cleaned up and tidy, i really used to love coming in here and writing and spending time.

We’re talking about clearing this room out and moving the den downstairs to make room for princess and more of her things.  That would mean moving the massive desk that Master literally built into the wall.  It goes from one side of the room to the other.  Not that it’s the biggest room ever, but it’s still at least ten feet wide, so not a small undertaking.  That also means moving all the wiring back downstairs where it was originally.  We need a place for princess to put more of her things we simply need to come up with a good solution and i’m not sure that moving the entire den to the basement is the best idea.  Maybe we can condense into half or something, but i don’t like the idea of Him going all the way back downstairs, away from civilization.

Today Master and i are going to the Quad Cities to check out the Highland Games.  We’ve never been and have been talking about going for a few years now.  It looks like something we’ll really enjoy, minus the beer and drunkenness.  lol!  i got up early to do my cooking for Master’s Dad’s birthday party for tomorrow.  Everyone is coming down here tomorrow afternoon.  He turned 84 Wednesday! =)

i hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Home again.  It’s always so nice to be home after a weekend away.  i was supposed to be home at 3pm but as always Master’s brother in law was late getting me home.  my guess was that i’d get home about 5 and i think i was pretty close.

i don’t remember when i sent this but this was a selfie i sent to princess.  i think i’ve taken a grand total of 10 selfies and this was one that actually turned out.

kissyfacei’m starting to learn how to use my phone a little bit at a time.  i’m not that great at “phone” but i’m learning, slowly.  i’d like to be able to take full length photos but we don’t really have a full mirror.  The better i get with my phone i’ll try to post more photos!

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend. To all of you experiencing bad weather, may you be as safe as humanly possible and find solace with your family.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Minimal Reward

We just got home from dinner with Master’s Dad.  i’m having a hard time dealing with him lately.  i think because i’m just stretched to my limit other ways maybe.  The time and patience i was able to take with him i’m just not giving to him and i’m always frustrated with myself when we leave him.

i’ve been very tired and just pretty mentally worn out the last two days.  Yesterday i had a spell and i tried to get to a chair to sit down and i didn’t make it in time.  This was the first time in a long time i’ve actually fallen any distance.  i fell in the kitchen and thankfully, i don’t think i hit my head, i fell on my side and landed on my hip.  my hips have been very sore lately so that kind of a smack didn’t help but i didn’t break anything so i came out of it just fine.

i found a stash of older girdles that i had forgotten about and i put one on earlier today.  i decided to wear it the rest of the day and night.  i’ve had it on now for the remainder of the day and because i’m not used to this particular brand and style, it’s done quite a bit of rubbing.  i’ll be glad when it’s time for bed tonight and interested to see just what type of red marks it’s left on my legs and stomach from the day.  i’m not sure if it looked all that much different from the outside of my dress so i’m not sure there was any reward for the effort. =)

It’s time to join Master and princess in the living until it’s time for bed.

i hope you’ve all had a good day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Hurry Up And Sit

This coming weekend i have another sitting job.  This one was sort of sprung on me out of no where and while the money is great, it’s not easy to leave everyone again. So now i have to rush around and get everything ready so i can go out there and sit for three days. This time i don’t have to leave until Friday afternoon and thankfully i’m coming home Sunday afternoon.  The last time was just much too long, especially without internet.  It seems like each time i’m out there, the more i end up doing with the animals especially and i don’t mean to complain but it seems like they are getting more than a fair deal, however i’m very happy to have the job, that’s for sure!

The wedding for my niece is at the end of this month and that means a trip to Ohio.  The last family wedding we went to was much differently funded than this one.  my nephew gave us points and paid for a hotel room for the weekend.  That part was amazing and he did that for a couple of other people. my sister bought his wedding gift for us, i’m not even sure why she did that, we could have most certainly gotten him a gift. This time we are completely on our own in every way.  She was actually going to offer us points of their own for a hotel room this time and apparently they don’t have any extra.

We are going to stay at the same hotel as my brother, i think.  We’re going to bring princess along for the ride and just for a nice weekend away.  The hotel has a pool and she’ll be able to relax by the pool.  She can read and hopefully there will be some shopping near by for her as well.  i’m hoping the trees will have started to turn in the next couple of weeks and it might be a nice ride.  =)

This is also the weekend before Master’s birthday, for some reason my family always seems to plan something to mess up His birthday.  i’m not sure what it is about His birthday or that it’s just the fact that we absolutely adore the fall and there are only so many weekends in the fall.  Either way, we most likely wouldn’t do anything on this weekend and for sure now because He and His sister are going to be gone for weddings this same weekend.  His birthday is the 2nd hers the 3rd, they always have to celebrate together!

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day and i have lots to do to get ready for yet another weekend away.  Have a wonderful Thursday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Troll Hair

The party was a success as far as i’m concerned, everyone had a good time and the birthday girl seemed to have fun so that’s what really counted!  There was enough cake, nachos and candy to choke a horse! There was this hilarious troll pinata that the kids beat the crap out of and it was just fun watching them take swings at this sucker.

As long as they all had a good time, that’s all that matters.  Master and i aren’t used to the sticky messes but we lived and anything that can be hosed down we’ll fix tomorrow lol.  The food was good, the decorations were really sweet and we ended up with lots of left overs, which is always awesome.

i even got my picture taken in my handmade troll shirt! =)

trollhairi even had my hair up like a goof to go with my shirt!  i know i looked like a weirdo but oh well. =)  As long as the birthday girl had fun, i don’t care how i looked!

i hope you all had a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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