No Concentration

There will be more about Master, Trinket and i but for today i am just doing a daily update.  my mind is mush and i’m  having a terrible time concentrating.

As i’ve said before there is a lot to say and i’m having a difficult time sorting out my thoughts.  i’m sure that you all must have some questions and certain differing opinions.  Whatever they are, i’m open to hearing them, so long as you’re not rude.  i know what i did was wrong, i’ll never deny that.

Today we’re going through clothing, cleaning out closets and hopefully getting rid of lots of older clothes that i haven’t worn in a long time.  i have more clothes than anyone has a right to have.  We spend very little on my clothes so we get things that we think might work with outfits, here and there.  Over the years, we’ve just collected way too much!

We’ve had some nasty weather here so we won’t be spending much time outside, today at least. We had two Tornado Warnings yesterday! Two! ugh.

Tomorrow if it’s nice tomorrow we’re going to go to the park.

i hope you’re all staying safe and cool.  Have a wonderful Saturday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Silver Tongue Devil

The last post wasn’t all that informative and i didn’t mean to leave it so open ended.  As i said, there have been many changes.  Most of them, surprisingly positive.  As one might imagine, Master comes out the Hero here, which is interesting, He’s always played the Villain in my stories.  He’s always the One who gives out the punishments, the One who makes the rules, enforces them,  i believe one time i even called Him a Green Eyed Monster, or something to that effect.  Now, He’s most certainly nothing of the sort.  Not that He’s taken this lying down or like a victim, nothing of the kind.  He’s just working with me…and her.

In the comments from my last post there were some very pertinent questions, some that i need to answer to be fair to you all.  Had this been with a man, i would have been out the door in a matter of minutes, i believe.  He would have allowed me to collect a few essentials and sent me the rest.  He told me as much.  The difference being, i didn’t go looking for another man.  i didn’t “go looking” for her either.  But that’s neither here nor there. There are no excuses for this behavior.  i remember Master saying over and over again, “I can’t decide if I’m more hurt or more turned on by the situation.”  In the end, i hurt Him and to me that was what mattered, to me.  i didn’t want to lose Him. i love our life together.  i love our home and the life we’ve built together.  i was desperate to stay with Him and  i never knew how completely one could love two people, until now.  In two entirely different ways.

This is where He becomes the Saint.  He wants His slave/wife to be happy.  Trinket is unhappy where she is but of course is very recently married.  She’s stuck.  i love Master.  Trinket has had several relationships in the past, most of them poly.  That’s where she’s the most comfortable, she would identify as a true bisexual, i believe.  She loves her husband when he’s not being a complete and utter duche bag.  The prospect of another poly relationship is something she absolutely can’t resist.  She and Master begin talking.  While they are getting to know one another, i’m writing lines.  1,000 of them to be exact.  Then i didn’t meet my one week goal so 1100, then 1,200. Finally, the last week i wrote until my hands were falling off and finished 1,300 lines.  i was supposed to write handcuffed and gagged.  A good part of the time, i was neither as it slowed me down so much.  The gag wasn’t too bad, but the handcuffs.  So while i was spending my time writing, Trinket and Master were talking.  She and i had a rough time because there was almost no contact for more than 4 weeks.  But she was falling for Master.  He’s what we’ve always liked to call Him a “Silver tongued Devil”.  He’s an amazing writer and that’s how He really is able to communicate His thoughts the best.

This is where i’ll leave it today.

Lots more to come of course.  Thank you for sticking with me.  You’re welcome to ask questions, i’ll answer whatever i can.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



No More Hiding

Master’s cell phone broke, into pieces, it broke.  It was way past time for us to get new phones and that meant a huge upgrade.  That also meant that i would be able to talk to Trinket any time, home or not.  That had never been the case previously.

i guess it was all the changing back and forth from phone to tablet to computer, constantly trying to hide my conversation from Master that made Him wonder more and more what was happening when He finally cornered me one and asked me what was going on.  He started reading as much as He could and i lied as much as i could.  When i couldn’t lie anymore i finally told Him what He already thought He knew.  i loved her and she loved me.  i however, didn’t want to leave Him and never meant for this to happen.

Never in my life could i imagine the hurt that i could cause Him.

He didn’t find out until this spring and there have been many, many changes in our lives since then.  Master didn’t kick me out, i would have understood if He had.  There has been so much talking, so much compromise and so much growth.  He didn’t make me give her up, as i was sure He would.

Tonight, i literally can not keep my eyes open.  Just this past week, there has been even more change in our life and i will write more.  It’s only now that i’ve been able to write without fear of hurting her.

There’s so much more to say, tonight, i’ll leave you with this beautiful photo of a rainbow.

paradise_nPeace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Much More To Follow

There are probably a hundred different ways for me to start this but i can’t think of any good way.  Mostly because i don’t want to write it all out because i don’t want to see what a mess i’ve made of our life, or could have made.

It all began Last October, but i believe it truly started many months before that. i’ve written about her many times before.  Trinket.  Master’s friend’s girlfriend at the time.  Every time we’d go out she’d sit by me, touch me, once at a concert she showed me her new bra.  She’s always been flirty, overly so, actually.  Another time on a leftover container, she wrote “hello beautiful”.  i actually kept that container for a while.  i knew what she was doing, everyone did. Then they got married.  She cried the entire day and got entirely hammered.  More drunk than she’d ever been and clung to her former lesbian lover the entire night.  She married him, she said “to please my mom”.  The worst mistake ever.

Two weeks after the wedding, just this past October, they had a Halloween party.  i had just a bit to drink, but that’s all it takes for me to loosen up a bit, i drink very little.  She had been messaging me a bit on Facebook, just friendly messages.  At the party though, i reached over and touched her, it was dark, we were alone and i touched her breast, barely.  i heard her gasp and that was it, that’s where and how it all began.  i’d never been with a woman before, i’d only thought about it.  i believe i was completely in love with a woman on line a very long time ago, but it was all an emotional attachment and it never went anywhere.

Trinket and i began talking, talking a lot.  Mostly on Facebook but no one thought a thing.  Her husband thought it was great that i had a friend and Master was only slightly annoyed that i was spending so much time on line.  He of course knew who i was talking to but never knew what we were talking about.  He’d ask and i’d lie.  This was at the time when Master was doing all that electrical work on His best friend’s house.  He was gone a lot and i had time to myself, a rare thing in our marriage, as everyone knows.

Her husband kept a very short leash on her but she would get permission from him to stop by every once in a while.  One night while Master was away, she was supposed to have a few hours to spend here when her husband changed his mind and wanted her to meet him elsewhere. i should have taken this as some sort of sign.  i should have known how horrible this was.  Instead i kissed her…. i cheated on my Owner, with a woman.

There aren’t enough “i’m sorry’s” in the world or i love You’s to make it better or right.  Our life will never be the same.

i kept this up for a while, she would come over to visit everyone once in a while or she and i would go out to a movie or shopping.  We’d steal away moments all the while talking on Facebook or other chat programs.  That was our demise.  (or the beginning, if you will)……

To be continued….

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


More To Come

Master and i are going to work outside today.  It’s too beautiful not to take advantage of these amazing temperatures.  The pool needs to be cleaned and there’s so much yard work to be done, not to mention a boat load of scrap to be loaded into the truck.

i have a lot to share with my readers, i will write some posts in these coming days and you’ll have some questions.  i want you all to ask your questions and be as bold and honest as you’ve always been with me.

Master and i aren’t breaking up and neither one of us is ill. Don’t worry about that. i just need you to be patient with me and allow me to tell my story in my own time.

Thank you for your years of support, i’m not going anywhere, i’m just asking for that continued support as i tell you my story in the coming days and perhaps weeks to come.  i’ll be as open as i possibly can.  More, much more to come very soon.  i hate cryptic posts and this couldn’t be more cryptic if i tried.  i just want to give sort of ‘fair warning’. i don’t have time to write and if i’m completely forthcoming, i’m apprehensive about writing here.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


New Adventures

Today was an adventure!  We went Kayaking with a wonderful friend! She was super patient and an experienced Kayaker.  We just went down the road to a nice lake.  We’re very fortunate to live near several public lakes and today was a perfect day to be out on the water.  It was exceedingly hot and the water made it a perfect temperature.  Although it did get a little warm by the time we decided to call it quits.

Master and i came home, rested a while and then i got in the pool while He worked in the garage and grilled us up a little supper.  After dinner i challenged Him to a game of ladder ball!  i actually held my own for a while, which is quite something, for me.  The final score was 23-12, Master, but it wasn’t a shut out and i actually held Him off for a while! =)

KayakingIt’s not the best picture but the best part is that my kayak is pink!!! Isn’t that amazing??

i had to wait until i had this photo to post my blog post for today because i needed to post a picture of my pink kayak!

i hope you all had a wonderful Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Today was not at all what i was expecting. i don’t remember the last time i was so disappointed.  We were early, didn’t get chosen, got less than 1/2 the money promised. The end. Apparently, this was explained in the email that this was a possibility, i however was completely blindsided.

Yes there are many worse things that can happen to people and i’m always the person that looks on the bright side.  This time i’m angry and i deserve to just be angry for once and not find the sunny of this for a while.  i also felt bad because i’m greedy and i just know we needed that money and feel as though i’m just being greedy for wanting that extra money.

We had the whole day to do stuff but i was much too tired and absolutely not in the mood.  We did a little puttering and still didn’t get home until 4 or after i think? We have to go work yet tonight but not until later.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

i hope you all had a good Saturday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Time Management

This has been one of the busiest weeks in recent memory.  We’ve had plans every single day and it’s not over yet!  Tonight we’re expected for a fish fry and tomorrow we’ve agreed to a 9.5 hour focus group out of town.  It’s with a very well respected company with an excellent reputation.  By doing this focus group Master and i will make $500 so for us, it is well worth giving up a Saturday.

i have absolutely no business sitting here typing but i have to follow the rules and do my blog posts.  i love my blog but i wish i was better at time management.  i’m sorry it’s such a short post!! i’ll do better, i promise! =)

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday evening.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Home Again

i spent Saturday and this morning sitting with the little lady that i have been watching. Happy to be home as always!  i was supposed to home around 1 or 1:30pm, they called and said they would be home about 3 or 4pm.  That was fine with me seeing that it was for a good reason and as far as i knew we had no other plans.

When i spoke to Master later i found out that we’d been invited to dinner down at His buddies house.  i got home with plenty of time to spare and even had a chance to take a nap that i desperately needed.

We’re getting ready to leave soon and we’re going to go have ribs on the grill.  We’re taking country ribs and a salad and just talking about it makes me hungrier!  i’ve been hungry all weekend! =/

i don’t have a ton of time to write but i hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend and had time to spend with your families!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

His Turn =)

This blog has always been all about my life with Master and 99.9% of the pictures on the blog are of me.  i talk about this Man constantly and He must seem like almost a ghost.  Sure there are photos but i have a nice picture of Him from a show we just did and from the race.

He used to be a Kyle Petty fan, the son of Richard Petty.  If you have ever heard of racing, you’ve heard of Richard Petty.  He’s one of the most famous stock car racers, next to Dale Earnhart Sr. but Richard Petty is a very fine man.

This is a photo of Master standing next to the Richard Petty car.  They all have teams and this is the team car.

Mracei have no idea who the current driver is, we don’t watch racing anymore since Master’s favorite driver retired.  Unfortunately, His favorite driver turned out to be sort of a sucky driver but in his life away from the track, a very wonderful person.  So that’s something. =)









This is the one from the show.greenM  i just really love this photo!!! =)  He doesn’t like photos of Himself.  i don’t like photos of myself either so it’s His turn! hahaha!! <3

These are just two amazing pictures of my Owner and i was just thinking the other day that i should post some of Him this time around!

i hope you’re all having a great week.  i’m away from my Owner, my home, my kitty and even though i’m writing this on Friday from the comfort of our bedroom, i know what i’ll feel like not being home.  i’ll be looking forward walking back into the kitchen door Sunday, with M behind me and Pixie sitting on the kitchen table waiting for her mama to come home to her!

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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