Ticket To Ride

We spent the evening at Master’s sister and brother in laws house playing their new games that we and Master’s Dad got them for their Anniversary.  Remind me not to get them those stupid train games (Ticket To Ride) again, or take part in Master’s Dad getting them those stupid train games.  Master’s sister is all a flutter for those games, she just can’t get enough of them and now i believe, they have all of them.  If you’ve never played those games the whole point is to fulfill your destination on the cards you’re dealt from point A to point B.  Master’s brother in law is notorious for screwing everyone out of their routes even though he has no idea where you’re headed, our destinations aren’t public knowledge, somehow he just has this sixth-sense and is able to completely hose everyone in the game in one or two moves and that’s exactly what he did.  The very first train he placed messed up myself and Master’s sister for the rest of the game.  i was able to work around it but Master’s sister had one of the worst games she’s ever had.

He just doesn’t care, he just goes about the rest of the game whistling like it’s no big deal all the while the rest of the players are plotting his demise.  Not too long after he placed that first train and everyone was still frothing at the mouth, he placed ANOTHER train and Master’s sister got up and threw his train at him, gave him a nuggie and swore at him which is something she rarely does!! It was brilliant, i loved it and wanted her to do it again!!

i was sort of calming down because i got my revenge vicariously through her when i thought i had gotten myself straightened out when he did it again…. at that point he said something like…. please keep all sharp objects away from my favorite sister in law.  i was thinking better keep more than sharp stuff… lol.  i’m not competitive at all, i just hate being screwed around when it seems like it’s on purpose.  There’s no way it could be on purpose, it just seems like it is!

He’s a good guy, most of the time though and fun to play games with, just not that game!! lol

i can’t explain why but i like this photo! =)

Pensivei wonder what i was thinking about.  This was taken a long time ago, so i can’t remember.  =)

i hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Duly Noted

Yesterday/last night i spent a good part of the evening baking a cake and getting ready for this evening.  i’m not sure but i don’t think i’ve ever actually made a cake from scratch before.  It’s not all it’s cracked up to be i can tell you that and had i not had this new Kitchen Aide mixer, it would have sucked the big one.  i never wanted one, i really didn’t, i never wanted Master’s Mom to spend the money on something that i knew wouldn’t get much use but just last night i was so super glad i had that thing and over the holidays it was worth it’s weight in gold.  As a side note in the there is an actual all gold Kitchen Aid mixer at the museum in Ohio, it’s 1M dollars if you’re interested.  i wonder if they’d make another one if someone actually bought that one….

Anyway, i made my cake and of course i don’t know how the cake turned out because i didn’t cut it and sample it but the frosting is also made from scratch and Master and i did try that.  He’s not a fan of chocolate and normally if He doesn’t like something He’s super blunt and just says outright it’s disgusting.  Last night He either didn’t hate it or was trying to be kind because i could tell it wasn’t His favorite.  When i tried it though, after Him telling me i could, i knew it was the perfect frosting for the cake.  It brought me right back to all the parties and picnics eating this cake until i couldn’t eat anymore.  i loved this cake and so did everyone else, i hope it’s a hit tonight.

When i’m cooking, i don’t taste test my food, not even to tell if my spices are right.  i know what i’ve added and i’ve been cooking long enough to know how much i like and i know that Master likes just more than i think i should add and then add even more than that.  So that’s what i do.  i’m not allowed to eat without permission so i never eat when i’m cooking.  Sometimes i run into an issue when i really need to know if something tastes done or right but i just wing it and hope it comes out OK.  The other night Master and i had this talk and He said that He’s told me before to go ahead and try the dishes and He has.  But a couple of times when i’ve done that, He’s come into the kitchen and sort of given me that “what are you doing!?!” look or said just that.  He was very receptive to my reminding Him of that and said “duly noted”.  That’s always a very favorable response because i know He’s heard me and that conversation is usually “stored” and He’s going to add it to a list or at least if i bring it up again He’ll quickly recall the topic.

i got myself fairly well organized last night but as usual i’m still running late so i really gotta move it! i hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday! For the first time in well over a week, the sun is shining! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Super Stars

i have all kinds of projects to get done today.  i have to bake a cake, i need to get a couple loads of laundry done so we’re not running around town naked.  There are just a couple bigger things hanging over my head and i got up early today and now i’m exhausted.  i don’t have a choice though, i have to get this stuff done.  Tomorrow we are going to Master’s sister and brother in laws for their anniversary and i’m baking the cake and bringing the biggest share of the dinner.  i can’t very well just not bake the cake.  Although, i’m baking a cake i’ve never made before and i sure as heck hope it comes out alright.  This is sort of an old family cake that my Mom made a thousand times.  When my sister gave me the recipe she said that the recipe card was sticky and she could tell that she’d made it a lot.

Not a lot else going on today really.  Just working on household things and Master will be tinkering in the basement, i’m sure.

One thing that has been sort of bugging me that has nothing to do with anything at all.  my sister and oldest friend on the planet are both of course on Facebook as is just about everyone else on the seven continents.  What i don’t understand about these two is this; i think it must just be a coincidence that i have two of these people in my life because normal people aren’t this “boisterous” i don’t think.  Normal people (ok what’s normal?) don’t just command attention by telling these somewhat humorous anecdotes all the time, stories about their lives. These Marquees (**HEY LOOKIT ME**) that they post are based on true stories that may or may not have elements of truth in them.  What i do not understand is while, like i said some of them might be humorous, what is it that makes them soooooo confident that they are positive that the world wants to know that they’ve won awards for making carrot cake and they’re terrific chess players?  How do they know that the entirety of their friend list needs to see a picture of a puppy drawn by a 6 year old with an emphatic narrative about a child who is most likely the next Renoir.  i do not know where someones gets so much self confidence.

i on the other hand can scarcely  bring myself to even “like” something, let alone make a comment on a post.  i feel like my comments go unnoticed or worse, noticed and disliked and i abhor online confrontation.

That’s it, that’s all.  They just bother me a lot and if it weren’t for seeing pictures and keeping up with people, i would abandon Facebook.  i can’t detach that much though, that would probably be bad.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Q and A Continued, ’17

Today has been a quiet day, Master watched a basketball game while i did some work on the computer.  i’ve been trying to catch up on some email.

This question just came in an email.

Q: I saw that you very recently changed your orientation on Fetlife to Bisexual, why now?

A: Truth be told, Master changed my profile.  However, it’s not untrue.  i’ve always been curious, i guess you might say.  Many years ago, even before i met Master i met a beautiful lady online that i had feelings for.  She was in Florida and although we did end up meeting in person, the opportunity never actually presented itself the one weekend we did meet. 

Ever since then however, there was never a chance for me to explore that side of myself so i suppose i never gave it much thought.  i know now that those feelings have come to the forefront of my mind once again and changing my orientation is only one small step.  i need to work on increasing my libido and i need to expand my horizons in a lot of ways, this could be one way that might help do that.

Thank you for the question and if i have better information to offer about this, i will certainly update you.  Right now, it’s just the beginning. =)

i am clearly out of it this week.  Every week i am to post at least one  photo and i messed that up too!  Master took this the other day when i was poking around the cleaning supplies.  Just doing a bit of shopping.  Dressed for winter on the top and spring on the bottom!

justshoppingPeace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Pizza and TV

This is a late post, i had every intention of posting this afternoon but i was distracted.  i got busy and didn’t realize i hadn’t made a post until Master and i were already in the car going to work after 9pm and by then i knew i wouldn’t make it home in time to make my post before midnight and i wouldn’t be in compliance.

i don’t know why i don’t post earlier in the week, slacker i guess.  Honestly there’s no better reason than that, not this week anyway.  i’ve had time, i’ve had a hard time getting motivated and coming up with topics so like always, i wait until the last possible moment to write and today, it came back to bite me in the butt.

i’m writing now while i wait for a couple of frozen pizzas to bake, this has become our current Saturday night fare as it’s easy and fairly quick, given the time of night we’ve taken to having our dinner.  Which right now it’s going on 2am.  This is a full hour earlier than last week so we’re doing better!!

i have a couple more questions to post before the end of March but there’s still time to get in a question or two before the month ends! Of course, you’re never limited to any certain time! i’ll get to them when it’s not 2 in the morning and i can think about more than pizza and vegging out in front of the TV! =)

i hope you all had a great day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

March Q & A ’17

March Question and Answer:

This came in an email:

Q: I really love your BDSM tattoo.  Where did you have it done? Is your Master going to get you tattooed again?

A: First off thank you very much!  i really love it too, i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of look at her, she’s very pretty and i love the wings!!

We had it done in Iowa City at Crossroads Tattoo  Steve, the owner took our idea and drew her into reality.  She came out better than i could have hoped.

As far as getting anything else, i am sure i will get something else, i’m just not sure what or when.  The next tattoo will be something that Master gets.  He’s got several ideas of something He’d like to get, He just needs to pull the trigger and get it done.  He tends to think things through a lot more than i do, so He might think on this a lot longer than i thought about mine.

i really want a frog, maybe with a tongue piercing.  The ideas and options are limitless when we are able to design something of our own. i’ve also always wanted some sort of bird, maybe a small cardinal in memory of my Mom.  Who knows! =)

Thank you for the question!

Happy Friday everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Perfect Pink Purse?

Master and i went to work very late last night and if i had my way about it we’d never go to work late on Saturday night again.  i absolutely hate going to work that late, more over getting home after 2am.  We have a messed up schedule compared to other people, i would much rather have a more “normal” schedule and Master likes having being more of night owl.  i have also always been a night owl but just not as much as Master.  i just operate a little better when i get up and get things done a bit earlier.  i’m not a 6am person, i’m more of a 9am person, even 10 works! =)

Today is a pick up day for me.  Pick up the house, do a little laundry, i’m finally caught up with the regular stuff, now i’m trying to stay caught up and doing extra things that have been loafing around for ages.  i’ve had pillows sitting around since our older kitty made messes and i wasn’t happy how they came out so now that i’m all caught up on regular items i can work on putting the rest of the house back together.  The night i “thought” i was all caught up on my laundry i made this big grand announcement!!! “May i have your attention please???!!!” i had Master and probably Kerpy, i don’t remember come into the laundry room and i said something like “At this time… i… am DONE with the laundry!!!” So then Master started looking around pointed at the pillows and the mattress cover and Bob’s bed that was sitting there, extra stuff that i guess i wasn’t specifically counting because it wasn’t weighing heavily on my mind.  He made it very clear that i was in fact, NOT caught up with my laundry.  He probably seven or eight different discoveries and i was completely defeated.  Huh, okay then, announcement fail.

i am going to keep at it until i’m sure i’m done with everything because i will feel amazing when every stitch of clothing, blanket, pillow case, dog bed whatever sort of material in this house that needs washing is washed, dried, folded, put away, thrown away or given away.  i will feel great when or if that ever happens.

The other day Master and i went to town to meet friends for dinner.  We had a little time to kill and Master said i could look for a new purse! =)  He is really good at picking out the right purse for me and we found almost the perfect one, but not exactly!  We didn’t have a ton of time but enough time for both of us to browse and Him to sneak in a few pictures too!

purseshoppingThere’s some specific criteria when looking for a purse for me!  Number one, it can not be too big!! i’ve had way too many large purses and i get incredibly unorganized with a large purse.  Secondly, it’s spring and that means, pink! =)

Onward with the quest for the perfect pink purse! Is it out there?

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Almost Done!

Master and i got the second coat of stain on today.  It didn’t seem like it needed it but as we got going we couldn’t really stop.  i think once it dries it will look better and not quite as light in some spots.

We also stained the trim that we’re putting up on the paneling, there are only two pieces so it took about one minute to get that finished.  With any luck we’re done staining and can put that nasty smelling stuff away!  This time we opened the house up before hand and turned the ceiling fans on before we started!  i really hope that helps because i don’t want to have the house smelling like poison again.

We’re going to work late tonight. Something i really hate doing but this week it was sort of unavoidable if we wanted to get the frame finished today.  Master really wants to get the whole project finished so that was the plan for the day.  i don’t blame Him wanting to finish, it’s taken a long time to get this done, we just always have so many interruptions.  i’ll be glad when it’s done also.

Don’t forget friends that March is Q and A month.  If there’s anything you’d like to ask me or anything you might not know about me after all this time, feel free to ask!  i can’t imagine there’s anything that i haven’t answered after all these years, but if you can think of it, i’ll answer it.  Here in the comments section or if you’d rather remain anon, shoot me an email, precioustreasure_md@yahoo.com.

Have a wonderful Saturday night!

Peace to you ad yours,

MD’s treasure

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Master and i spent most of Tuesday evening and night staining the frame and wheeeewie was that a mess!  We’ve never done anything that dark before and i think part of the issue was that we didn’t take it apart before staining.  We talked about it and then ultimately decided against it, that might have been a mistake.  The only reason i say that is because we were working from a ladder and not from a flat surface.  That made things messier.  The really nice thing about having it all put together was that it was all completely exposed and no flipping, turning, waiting to do the other side until the first side is dry, etc.  While it was a mess, it certainly went faster.  We were a mess too, that dark stain made me look like i had the worst case of the measles known to man.  my legs are still pretty bad but i think it’s worn off the rest of me for the most part!! i missed my opportunity to take a picture for the full effect.

The smell wasn’t so bad during the staining, we had a fan running and i think it was pretty gradual, but afterward, when i came upstairs, the smell just lingered and wow.  Just wow, it got so bad that i was worried about Pixie.  Master opened one of the bedroom windows wide for a few minutes but for the rest of the week we left two windows open, even though it was like 12 degrees outside.  i know this because Master came inside and said something like HOLY SH&T it’s 12 degrees outside!!!  my head was just about to explode and it was just nasty, we could handle it though but she’s just a wee one though.  She’s going to be 2 this May! =)

The other thing i think we really need to think about once we’ve got things in place for this dungeon is a door!  It’s not like there’s a heavy flow of traffic in our basement, we don’t have people running in and out all the time but it happens once in a while and now there’s no explaining that huge frame thing.  i have been pretty clever in the past coming up wit stupid things to say to people about why we’re going to “this” place or what we’re doing with “that” particular thing but if someone were to see that colossal frame with all kinds of hooks coming out of it, yeah i got nothing.  If there’s ever any chance of Master’s sister coming to the basement, and that could happen, we need to pop a door up there.  Nothing fancy, just something that closes.  All along i had thought i’d make one of those cool beaded curtains that used to be so popular in the 60’s, i thought i would make one.  Well that’s not nearly enough to cover our perverseness.  i have a nice little collection of beads going too but i’m sure i can find something else to do with them, like make wind chimes or something, i’ve always wanted to do that too! =)  Ideally, we wouldn’t have to hide anything ever but that’s just not a reality so we do what we have to do right now.

It’s a beautiful day here today, cold but sunny.  i won’t complain about the cold though, at least it’s not 12 degrees anymore!! i guess we are going to get a bit of winter weather, it’s just going to be very late.  i hope all our friends on the east coast are fairing well through the nasty storm.  my brother is just outside of Boston and i guess he was able to get out, i don’t know how badly they got hit, however.

Tonight we’re going out for corned beef and cabbage with Master’s Dad, sister, brother in law and i can only assume, his mom.  It’s been a tradition for a few years now and it’s something that Master really looks forward to.  i’m not a cabbage eater but i like the other veggies that come with it, usually carrots, or whatever.  i remember serving corned beef and cabbage at the annual dinner at my old church a hundred years ago, curiously enough, the church was called…. St. Patricks! =) my sister was even married there (the first time), beautiful church.

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone! Erin Go Bragh to my Irish friends out there!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s (not Irish) treasure



Sneak Peek

Today we were planning on having a day of movies and vegging and tomorrow we were going to stain the big frame that Master built.  Well seeing that we had to go into town and i had to take care of Master’s Dad’s legs.  It really messed up the entire night.  Now we don’t have a great plan so we’re back to square one.  The best part is that we got Master’s Dad some groceries to last him a few days and his legs are well wrapped. He’s also enjoying his new chair, which is awesome!

We’re supposed to get some snow tonight going into tomorrow, how much is of course yet to be seen but from what they’re saying it could be a measurable amount.  i’m not all that worried seeing that it will be gone by the end of the week.  It’s just that we were sort of hoping to escape the winter without anymore snow.  No such luck.

Here’s a sneak peek of the frame before we get it stained.  Obviously, this is sort of mid construction or mid sanding, i believe.  It’s nothing “fancy” really it’s simply a means to an end, so to speak, what it is, is a beast.  LOL.

FrameWe’ll post plenty of close up pictures with the rest of the hardware on it, once He’s decided what else He’s going to do, after it’s completed.  Like i said, just a sneak peek.

i hope you’re all having a good Sunday night. Stay safe and warm.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



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