Turning A Corner

joyToday has been a quiet day.  We needed quiet.  Tomorrow Master and i are going to build fence.  The last of it for a while, i hope.  We are going to have the last nice weather tomorrow for a while and we have to get the fence finished.  We’re all pretty stressed out but i am hoping we might have turned a corner this weekend.

i’m going to go back and watch TV and veg on the couch with Master and princess.  It’s about all my head can handle.  Getting outside and working tomorrow with Master will be nice, i think.

i hope you’ve all have a nice weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Hope and Healing

Obviously things have been rough around here lately.  It doesn’t help at all when i’m away for weeks at a time and during that time when i’m away big decisions are made, bad ones, by me.  Then everyone is left to stew about them and i’m completely out of communication with everyone and things fester, get worse and when i get home just about everything blows up.

i made the realization yesterday and it was a tough one.  i’ve worked all my life to be a really good person.  The very best person i thought i could be.  i’ve made some horrible mistakes, some of the worst mistakes a person can make, actually.  i thought i had made my penance for those mistakes however.  i worked my entire life, devoted my work even, to the homeless, kids who knew nothing but traumatic situations and older people who i enjoyed working with.  Saint Teresa? Far, far from it, i just thought i was doing my best to make the best choices in my life to be the best me i could be.  The realization i had yesterday was that no matter how hard a person tries, they aren’t perfect.  They never will be perfect and everyone messes up and even i deserve to be forgiven.  i messed up, again, very very badly this time.  One of the Cardinal Sins, if you choose to believe in that sort of thing and yet, i too deserve to be forgiven.

If God can forgive me then who am i not to forgive myself?  i’m having a very very hard time with that, getting over that hurdle.  Accepting and asking forgiveness from people, first and foremost and almost exclusively from Master.  He is as of yet, unable to give His forgiveness.  i can’t blame Him, no one can rush or push a person into something they aren’t ready to do.  He’ll give it when He’s ready, i hope.  For now, i keep praying for the strength to continue to forgive myself.  It’s not a one time deal.  This is something i’ll struggle with for the rest of my life.

There’s a lot of healing that needs to happen in this household before we can move on as a family.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Worn Out

Master has made it a rule that i must blog three times per week.  i’ve said it many, many times.  i am not allowed to blog more than once per day to make the three allotted times and He’s been fairly specific, although not in writing, about that.  Today however, i just don’t have much to say. Sometimes for me, things are easier kept inside, even in writing.  i’m not the best sharer in verbal communication at times and it’s almost too much to write about.

i’ll pull myself together and write bit and pieces.  We’re all still together, that much hasn’t changed.  i’m just worn out and had about all the emotional ups and downs i can take for a while.

i hope you’re all doing well.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

All About her

We had a good day yesterday.  We went to work and princess went with us to it went very fast.  We wanted to get an earlier start than we did but it never seems to work out that way.  Once we were on the road we were fairly productive.  We didn’t have a lot on our agenda.  Yesterday was pretty much all about princess.  i already had my birthday celebration and a little party on Monday.  This time was going to be about her and celebrating her birthday.  There were a few things we had in mind that we wanted to get her or look at for her.

When she gets dressed for the day she always asks what i would like her to wear.  Yesterday she asked if i would lace her in (wear her corset).  i was a bit hesitant to do so for such a long day but she was confidant in her ability to wear it for the duration.  We got it out and Master was in the room and when it was time to lace her in, i asked Him to do tighten the laces.  He is much better at it than i am and did a much more thorough job than i could have.  i got her garters and stockings ready and once she was all dressed, the corset and stockings looked incredible on her.  i think our girl is stunning without all the bells and whistles.  Yesterday, she was turning heads all over the place.  We heard men saying things to their wives about her.  She was simply beautiful, as always.

When we got home Master gave she and i a couple of gifts that He bought us together.  He bought us a liberator blanket and a strap-on!  The liberator will be put to good use, i can tell you that!  =) The strap-on… i’m not even sure, it honestly is a bit intimidating.

i have been sort of fighting Master and princess on the issue of posting her picture on the blog.  i am the more conservative of the three of us.  In her heart she feels as though i’m trying to hide her which of course she knows realistically isn’t true, it’s just that she would love to be more a part of things.  i completely understand that she wants to be a part of everything and by me “hiding” her, she feels as though this is a big area where she’s missing.  Yesterday, we were out and about, and this is a picture of she and i at Lowes just messing around.  We were wandering through all the Christmas trees and we took a few pictures inside the lights!














We took this next photo at Red Lobster when we went out for endless shrimp for Master’s birthday.  This is also a cute photo.

RedLobsteri sort of look like i’m a bit drunk here but i swear i’m not! This was a great night! We had a lot of fun this night!

This is Our princess.  she’s a beautiful, funny, caring girl.  i am so proud to have her.  We have work to do as a triad but there is a lot of love at the foundation of our relationship!! =)




i hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Fresh Start

We are looking forward to a new day and a new start together.  This weekend we are celebrating my birthday and princess’s birthday. my birthday was last Monday and hers is this coming Wednesday.  i can’t even begin to start telling the saga of the last week as i don’t have that much battery life in my computer nor do i have that much time to sit and tell the story.

i hope to say that the worst is behind us but princess keeps calling this past week “hell week” and has been asking for hell week to be over.  my time out at the farm where i have my sitting job is usually pretty stressful for Master, it’s even harder for princess.  The last couple of times that i’ve been out there, she’s come out to stay with me on Saturday night.  This last time i had much more to do while i was there and not having a home phone made it even worse because of the turmoil we were all going through.

The main thing that i can through out there was that princess and i had talked the entire day on Sunday and came to a horrible, yet mutual decision that she was going to go back to her soon to be, ex-husband.  We sort of talked to Master and although He hadn’t been in on that conversation, He and i had been talking quite a bit and the relationship had been strained for a while.  Neither she or i wanted this, it’s just what seemed best at the time.    i hurt her very badly by doing what i thought was what she needed and what was best for her and the little one.  In the end, i agreed it was a bad decision and something i never wanted.  So we are committed to making this work.

We are going to work this morning, (early afternoon) and then out for our birthdays.

i hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



This whole week has been pretty bad.  i was out at my sitting job in the middle of nowhere and normally there is terrible cell service and no internet.  This time, there was also no home phone.  i was literally completely isolated and every other time i’d been out there everything was totally fine.  This time not so much.  The little lady i watch got sick this time, of all the times i watch her and i actually needed help and had no way to get in touch with someone.  That was only the beginning of the trouble i had out there.

Normally i am super happy to come home but when i got home i was very sick and things just went down hill from there.  We have a lot of work to do on our triad in order to make it work, although now, i think we might be able to be a healthier triad after this week.

There’s so much more to say on that and it’s late, much too late to blog about it all.  More to come…

i hope you all had a good Friday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Orange Face

We went out for dinner last Saturday for Master’s birthday and our anniversary.  Just basically so Master could have endless shrimp.  They were really busy as expected on a Saturday night.  Normally we would have sat and waited by the door but i got a hair up my.. and asked Master if we could go to the bar and wait!  i’ve never done that before, i don’t think.  i even asked Master if i could order a drink! Also, probably an anomaly.

It was a special night so He said we could have a drink if we wanted so we all got something.  Master and princess got something fruity and i got a Blue Moon.  If you’ve never had one, they come with an orange slice.  It pretty much makes the beer.  It’s a good beer on it’s own but with the orange, it’s fantastic.  i always eat the orange and i always make an orange face.  i do not know why. =)

princess of course, had to take my photo.  It’s not a good one, it’s just goofy.

orangefaceThis is going to be it for me for a few days. Sorry for cramming all my posts in, in a couple of days.  i hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s orange face


Happy Late Halloween

i am going away again.  This time it’s a much longer sitting job than the last few have been.  This time it’s a week long and no one here is happy about it, least of all me.  (and apparently princess because she just read this over my shoulder and corrected me!) LOL.

Next Tuesday is my birthday and i believe i’ll be spending it out there alone most of the day.  i think Master, princess and the little one might come over at night so that will make having to spend my birthday away from home a little easier.

The older i get the less my birthday means to me but still i’m not really looking forward to spending it mostly alone and sleeping alone.  That will be a new one.

Every time i go away i sort of have to cram all my posts in very early in the week so it seems like i haven’t written in a long time.  The only good thing about it is that i have them all finished so i don’t have to scramble on Sunday night to get them done like i do just about every other week!

Last night Master and i got all bundled up (mostly me) and sat outside in the freezing cold to give out candy to about 200 kids!  We had fewer kids this year than in the past.  This year however, most of our neighbors didn’t give out candy so we were the end of the line on our street.  i thought i was going to freeze but Master allowed me to wear long johns and leg warmers and princess hooked me up with lots of blankets so once i was all set up, i was actually pretty toasty.

Giving out candy is really all me but Master sits outside with me just to humor me.  We had a couple of really cute kids one little one was amazing, a lumberjack who was barely able to stand.  He had the tiniest chainsaw known to man.  Master loved a fella in a blow-up T-rex outfit.  Master and the guys friends even talked him into running and throwing himself on the ground.  It was a riot because the kid had to roll around before he could get back up again.  It was pretty hilarious!

The little one went into town with her dad to do a little more trick or treating so Master, princess and i went to Mc Donalds for dinner as is our Halloween tradition.

i hope you all had a good Halloween!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

His match

Today is our anniversary.  We were married in 2003, two years after i came here from Illinois.  For a while i thought that Master wasn’t going to marry me.  He had been married before and was in no hurry to get married again.  It’s not that He specifically didn’t want to marry me, He just wasn’t in a giant hurry.

That’s why i was shocked when He proposed as soon as He did.  It was a complete surprise and i had the stunned face to prove it! =)

The past couple of years have been rough, 2016 was quite possibly the worst year we’ve ever had and this year was pretty difficult too.  We have had good things happen of course but so many changes are hard to adapt to and Master isn’t all that good with change.  It’s easier to say that this year has been a learning experience for us and for me, it’s given me to chance to look at my service to Master and see just how much my submission means to me.

More than anything i know that i love Him just as much now as i did then.  i’ll always remember the very first email He sent to me.  “Probably not a “match”, but it doesn’t hurt to try”.  Just that alone was a challenge to me and i knew right then and there that this was the Man i was going to end up serving. Who knows if we were soul mates but i know He’s my Match.

Happy Anniversary Master, I love You.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s “match”.

Two Cuffs, One Guy

Master, princess and i had a good day yesterday.  We didn’t get out of here until fairly late in the afternoon but we didn’t have a real agenda.  The only thing we were going to do was dinner and Master had a Best Buy gift certificate and a $5 reward that He wanted to spend.  We both got very cash birthday gifts from His Dad and neither one of us had anything to do with our money.  i had been looking at a new vacuum cleaner for a long time and we talked about Him giving me His money for my vacuum.  It’s an expensive machine and i haven’t had anything like that, ever.

Master took a “vote” between Him, princess and myself to see if He should give His bday money to me for my vacuum and everyone voted “yes”.  i didn’t feel good about it at all, but once we got to Best Buy i was excited about it and happy.  i actually asked Master to make the decision because i wasn’t able to just ask Him for the vacuum.  It was too expensive and way too big of an ask for me.  i’m happy that He allowed me to get it.

We had a nice day for the most part.  We had a few blips where princess had trouble with her submission.  She’s doing a wonderful job and she’s the one who has been asking for more, she’s been asking for us to take more.  The issue yesterday was her wanting to do some shopping.  She’s trying to save money for Christmas and she doesn’t make much money now so it was very difficult for her.  She’s always just bought whatever she’s wanted whenever she’s wanted the item.  It’s her money, she spends it whenever she wants to spend it.  i know the feeling, i felt very similarly when i was with Master in the beginning.  princess found an adorable dress and she bought that and she found something else that should couldn’t live without and she’s getting that for Christmas.  i believe that the fact that she wants to give in as much as she does speaks volumes.

We took some neat pictures last night and i particularly liked this one. crackingupWe were trying to take a picture and just couldn’t seem to take one right.  This was our 5th attempt! =)

This next one was taken at the table.  i’m calling it, two cuffs one guy.  =)













i hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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