Less Stress!

We are getting ready to go to the race today.  Master has some really nice headphones for me to wear and i’m confident that they are going to offer a real buffer from the noise, at least i hope so.

Sometimes i fight for things to write about, i guess this is one of those times.  There are plenty of things going on in our life, i just don’t have the ability sometimes to put my thoughts together to write them down.

i was just talking to Master about this race today.  i really wish we were just going together.  It’s so very stressful spending a day with His family.  i could handle a day with His Dad, although that too is very stressful, it’s just when you put it all together, the emotions run high and it’s almost too much for me. Never been a real fan of the concept of “stress” it became a very overused term but there are certainly situations where there is just nothing else to call the emotions and feelings that are happening.  This is stress! =/

i’ll just be glad when we get home tonight.  i’m sure the race itself will be a fun and new adventure!  i’ve never gone and it’s something i’ve always been curious about!  A little scared of too, so we’ll see how that goes!!

i hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and spend time with your loved ones, stress free!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Problem Solving

Master and i just got home a little while ago from working and running a few errands.  We are going to a Bush series NASCAR race tomorrow evening and Masters Dad, sister, brother in law are going to attend as well.  This whole thing started when Master’s Dad said he wanted to go to the races.  As soon as he said something about wanting to go to a race in Chicago we started looking at the race track here.  We just knew it would be much easier and a shorter trip too.

So tomorrow is the big day and with any luck it will all work out and we’ll have a good time!! =)  Right now we’re not sure if Master’s brother in law has anyone to watch his mom, i’m normally the one to watch her and i’m going on this trip.  Now he’s known about this race for a long time, he’s a major procrastinator and that causes grief for everyone!  If he doesn’t find a sitter, that could cost Master’s Dad a lot of money in wasted tickets so i really hope he doesn’t screw this up!!

Tonight Master and i are going to just have pizza and watch a movie.  i’m hoping Master can enjoy the movie long enough to not be angry with His brother in law.  i totally understand why He is angry but like He always tells me, worrying doesn’t solve anything, neither does being angry.

i hope you’re all having a wonderful night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Happy Father’s Day

Master and i went out to brunch with His family this morning.  We had a nice time but we were both very tired as we had very little sleep last night.  After brunch was over we went to Menards to get a Father’s Day gift for His dad.  We’re going to fix up his shepherds hook and cement it into the ground then we bought him a new bird feeder.  The one he’s got hanging there now is broken.

We just ran our errands as quickly as we could so we could get back home and take a nap.  We were still out until 4pm as it was.  i was very happy to be able to buy myself a new regular bird feeder and a new hummingbird feeder.  i will set them up tomorrow but i’m excited about them.

We’ll do Father’s Day for Master this week, i don’t really have His present here yet.  i have part of it but not the whole thing and i wanted to have the whole thing.

feedersMaster told me to get a nicer hummingbird feeder this time.  i also got a cute bird feeder, i’m just hoping it doesn’t break as soon as the first wind comes up!

i hope you all had a chance to spend time with your families for Father’s Day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Master and i were supposed to have a show today but the weather was terrible today.  The weather was supposed to be a 80 to 100% chance of storms and up to 80 mph winds.  Well if even part of the wind was true, we couldn’t take the chance of that.  As it turned out the day wasn’t actually that bad but this evening there was a very nasty and we got stuck inside a little restaurant where it was an absolute torrential downpour.  The wind was blowing so hard and there was a ton of pretty large hail.  As we drove home there were many trees down and a ton of limbs in the streets.  i wasn’t really surprised because of how very hard the wind was blowing.

At least we’re done with work and didn’t get hit too hard by the storms, i’m not sure if they are done for the night or not.  i just know that for that portion at least we didn’t get hit too hard.  It certainly could have been much worse.

Master and i are going to run out and grab a sandwhich and then we’ll be in for the night.  i very much like the sound of that! =)

i better hop off of here so we can get going.  i hope you’re all having a good Saturday night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s  treasure



Grand Theft Auto

This week has been all about getting some yard work done and working on the pool.  The pool was in really bad shape this year.  i think it might have had something to do with the fact that we had such a warm winter and it allowed the algae to grow when the water wasn’t frozen.  Normally the water is frozen for many months and this year the water was frozen for about a month, the rest of the time it just sat there and got gross.  Anyway, we finally got it clean enough to put the chlorine in and every time we do that, it turns completely green again! Ugh.  While i love having a pool, it was quite possibly the worst purchase i’ve ever made.  i say “me” because i know Master never ever would have bought a pool.  The money was from my Mom’s passing and He allowed me many concessions, if you will, during that time.  The pool was the largest of them all.  i’d always wanted a pool and my brother and i both put in a pool with some of our money.  The big difference is, we still have ours and it’s in pretty good shape for it’s age, other than the huge dent made from a flying trampoline, in a 100 mph wind, one year after we got it, of course. my brother’s was basically ruined after 3 or 4 years because his wife can’t take care of a guppy, so they tore it all out.

We have new neighbors and they aren’t much better than the ones that left.  These neighbors are hot rod neighbors.  The people next door ride Harleys and built a giant garage to work on cars.  The people across the street work on anything with a motor and have something like a 6 car garage that they built shortly after they moved here.   Now the new neighbors have this huge car/atv trailer/hauler thingy that says, i kid you not…. “Keep The Bitch Floored”.  i’m not sure but that might be the business name, or just their motto? Whatever it is, it’s suuuuuper mature for a business…. or not.  So i have a bit of an appreciation for older hotrod-ish cars.  i am very much alone in this thinking.  Master most certainly does not.  Even though they are loud, i have always enjoyed fancy cars.  The little town where i grew up, all the people had fancy cars. i guess when you live in a small town there isn’t much else to do but spend time fixing up your cars, so i enjoyed them.  i remember a teacher from out of town once said, that he’d never seen a school more into their cars than our little town.  Anyway, Master is more than unimpressed.  Which is funny because His very best friend is a major motor head and has several hot rods and one beautiful GTO.  He’s the one who owns a very successful auto repair shop.

So the people next door aren’t what one might call… quiet! Last night we pulled up after our dinner out with Master’s Dad and there was this hot rod car in the new neighbor’s driveway….. Yay.  It’s like poor Master’s own personal hell.  When He built here there were zero children and only couples. Very quiet couples.  Thats how it was when i moved here just a couple years after He built.  Super quiet.  The neighbors had a baby and it wasn’t bad, the people across the street had a party every once in a while but who doesn’t? Then they moved and all hell broke loose.  Then the people next door had another baby, then they go divorced and moved.  Now it’s like a scene from Grand Theft Auto.

We’re back outside for a while today, i think.  We bought a new trimmer.  Nothing fancy, just something that will do the job.   There are about a gazillion weeds to pull so there is just a ton of work to do and seeing that neither of us is all that keen on pulling weeds, it takes a long time. i can’t bend over because it kills my head and Master can’t because when He does He almost passes out. Fun!

Time to go and get something done though for sure!  Have a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure




Sunday Shower

Today i am going to help Trinket deliver a very weird cake to a baby shower.  They wanted a torso cake of a pregnant woman.  Apparently it’s a popular cake and it looks very odd to me.  It’s a pretty big cake and i offered to help her deliver the cake.  i’m really happy to go because i get to spend time with Trinket, i just wasn’t aware we were going to actually GO to the shower and i wasn’t invited to the shower.  i’m weird about going to things wasn’t invited to.  i always have been, if people want me at something, they’ll extend an invitation.  However, if i look at it from the other way, i am always like the more the merrier and i’m happy to have just about anyone show up who wants to come! So i don’t know why i’m like that!

Right now i’m sitting on ice to give me my best chance for my back/hip to feel better today.  i was in a lot of pain through the night and couldn’t find a comfortable position all night.  i’ll be very glad to see the Chiropractor tomorrow, i just hope he’s in, he takes sporadic vacations.

We have another show coming up for next weekend and we were hoping we could count on Master’s brother in law to share the spot seeing that i could only get a large spot.  Naturally, he said that he’s busy, although he just wasn’t sure what he was busy doing, he just knows he’s busy doing…..something.  Umm, OK?  So i guess we’ll spread out and make it look like we’ve got twice as much stuff as we really do! =)  It seems like when we really need that guy, that’s when he just lets us down the most.  i don’t know that might not be true, he just lets us down at some pretty inconvenient times.

This turned out to be a nice day, i spent the day with Trinket at a baby shower.  The shower was goofy but the time with her is always great.  i was sad that Master was home alone so we tried to get back to Him sooner than expected and did a pretty good job at that.  i was glad for that! =)

i can’t find a photo for today so i just went back through old pictures and picked something random.

randomi have no idea what it’s from or what i’m doing! i hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Master and i went to a dance recital today.  It ended up being right at three hours long.  By the end of the program i could hardly get out of my chair because somehow i hurt my hip or i’ve done what i always do, i get twisted and i just need to get adjusted.  i get where one leg is longer than another and it’s so super painful and until the Chiropractor fixes me three times, i’m miserable.  The first time is the worst, the next two times are what seem like just for funsies.  He always tells me that i have to come back two more times and by the time my next appointment time rolls around, he’s right, i’m very sore again.

Right now i’m sucking down Ibuprophen and sitting on ice until i can get in to see him.  He pretty much has an open door policy.  If you show up at his office in pain, he’ll fit you in.  That and he and Master have known each other a long time and he’d fit us in no matter what.  He’s also super fast, he’s in the room 30 seconds and wham bam thank you ma’am.

We went and had lunch right afterward and then Master and i headed to work.  So we’re done with work and have the rest of the night to ourselves.  i don’t think we have any plans so just dinner and vegging.  i like these kind of nights.

So for tonight, i’m off here to begin vegging!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

All Fenced In

It’s been absolutely beautiful here so Master decided this would be a good time to finish building fence.  More than that, our neighbors on that side moved out and for the moment we are able to move freely in that yard to finish the fence.  That was until we pulled out yesterday afternoon and saw the moving vans and semis pulling in the driveway.  We got one large section done, the largest, now we only have two panels to finish until we’re done on that side.  The bad part is, they are the panels that cover the scrap pile and it looks awful.  It’s the section i would have most like to have covered up before anyone would have moved in over there.  Soon we’ll have the scrap torn apart and taken in but we’ll always have some over there, people give Master stuff all the time to scrap but this time the pile is large because His buddy gave Him tons! Several dryers and washing machines a couple of freezers or refrigerators, i don’t remember.  Just way too much stuff.  The better part of it is finished and ready to haul in, but for now it’s sitting over there making us look like The Clampets from The Beverly Hillbillys.

This is going to be a busy weekend for us, we were going to do a show very early Sunday but i had forgotten i promised to help deliver a cake on Sunday afternoon to a baby shower.  i’m not sure but i think Master might do the show without me.  This is actually a show that is best done without me anyway, if everyone is perfectly honest.  This show requires us to get up at about 3:30 because we have to actually be there ready to sell at 6am and it’s an hour away!  So it just takes a toll on me, it’s just way too hard on me and it doesn’t bother Master near as much.  Sure He’s tired but i can’t go without sleep.  Like the main things they say about people who have headaches is don’t go without sleep or food.  If i go without sleep, i’m a disaster, it’s not my fault, i’m just a mess.  i’ve done this show once and i don’t remember it being too bad, but i’m not sure.

Tomorrow we’re going to a recital for Trinket’s little girl.  i promised months ago that i would go to the recital.  It will be a long recital but i promised a long time ago that i would go and i know it’s going to be cute.  She’s an incredible little girl and i’m happy to go! =)

For many years i’ve had some type of little lump on my head, it’s never bothered me really and lately it’s become somewhat of a nuisance.  When i brush my hair the area around it starts to hurt quite a lot actually and stays sore for some time.  i had asked the doctor about it, just briefly and he said it was nothing to worry about, so i left it alone.  Just a week ago Master had an appointment and i mentioned it to him again and told the doctor it was starting to bother me and he said if that’s the case then it’s coming off.  Yesterday i went in and had it taken off.  i threatened the doctor within an inch of his tall skinny life, not to cut too much of my hair, LOL.  He cut like 4 hairs off just enough to see what he was doing and they numbed it up pretty good.  That’s the only part that hurt but it sucked.  He had a student with him, he always has a student with him because the University is a teaching hospital and even though he’s basically at an annex, he’s an incredible doctor and i’m sure a wonderful teacher.  He’s very patient and explained every single step to the student.  He was very encouraging too.  i would want him as a teacher just as much as i enjoy him as our doctor.  We are incredibly lucky to have found him.  To know that he’s knowledgeable about BDSM and as nonjudgmental as he is, is a once in a lifetime thing.  The little lump was off in seconds and the only trouble i had was that they didn’t cover it at all.  So when i got home later, i forgot about it once it wasn’t numb anymore and it was sore and itchy, i reached up and scratched it sort of hard and made it bleed kinda bad.  The second i did it i realized what i did i screamed.  Master and Trinket were both here and they were both scrambling for something completely sterile to put on it to stop the bleeding.  They did the best they could, i think they were both a little shocked at how much that tiny spot bled.  It was OK and stopped pretty quickly and my brain is still inside! =)  i just don’t want anything to get infected.

Today i think we’re going out to finish the last two fence pickets.  Once Master is all set up, He wants me to plant flowers.  i better get going so we’re not out there until dark again.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure




It’s a funny thing about doing these shows, you never can tell what’s going to happen.  This is the third year we’ve done this one and i was pretty confident we’d do well.  i’m happy we didn’t go all out and stay up nights killing ourselves building our inventory though.  We did much better Friday than we did Saturday!  There were tons of people both days, more Saturday than Friday, people just weren’t buying!

i went through several stages yesterday.  Anger, sadness, acceptance.  i couldn’t do anything about it anyway, but i really was sad, this was our second biggest show and it’s my favorite show.  Misery loves company or so they say, it did make me feel a little better when i heard very few people did well.  At least it wasn’t our product people weren’t after.  Better luck next time, i guess!  =)

When we got home i went to take a nap.  i knew i was tired but i didn’t know just how tired.  We still had to go to work so i figured we’d leave around 9 or so.  i woke up at 10:45! Ha! i guess i was much more exhausted than i thought.  This whole past week i’ve been fighting off going to the ER and getting a shot for my head so i know that fighting off pain like that is super tiring.  So those two things combined would make for a fairly tired treasure, i’m sure.  We got home from work about 2 i think and when i finally got up today for the last time i was 1pm.  What a totally screwed up schedule.

i’m going to try to work on the pool for a little while this afternoon.  It’s a mess and will take several afternoons of work but i have to start somewhere.  It’s filling now and hopefully this year we’ll get a little more use out of it!

i hope you’re all having a lovely day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

playingatparkFun day last summer! =)


Today I have high hopes that we will do well at our show.  So far there has been a steady flow of looky-loos as we like to call them.  Later this morning the real shoppers will show up with their husband’s and best friends.  That’s when it’s on! (Hopefully!!) Lol.

After we are done at the show tonight, we will have to go to work. We won’t be able to work until after 9 when the group that meets there is finished. That at least gives us (me) a chance to have a nap before working.
Two nights ago I made spaghetti for dinner and in the past I’ve always made my own garlic bread.  This time as a treat we bought garlic knots.  The bag said “Savory” garlic knots.  So I may have gone on a bit about the garlic knots being “savory”.  So much so that Master said for every time I said the word, I would get one swat!! It’s been so much fun to torture everyone that I have risked the swats.
I’m up to three right now which isn’t too bad!! =) maybe I’ll stop with the threat of more swats! Lol
I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday.
Peace to you and yours,
MD’s treasure

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