Dungeon Play

One thing i’ve noticed is that i’ve been busier, my days have been fuller.  Even if it’s just doing more laundry or picking up the house, which right now is sort of in ruins, lol.  Since losing all of the animals, my days have been easier but left me wanting in the way of serving my family.  Of course i’ve just posted how i now have a family. Master and i together have always been a family.  It only takes two to be a family and we’re most certainly that.  Even with just us, our dogs and cats throughout the years have been more than family.  i guess i just meant, more, more people, fuller.  It’s hard to explain and when i finished my post last night i hoped i hadn’t offended Master.  He’s always been my Family.  This is just something so new and different.

This week my Skype sessions have kept me busy.  i’ve been using the new dungeon a bit more and having some fun with the exam table as well as the bondage frame that Master built.  We still have a lot of work to do down there but it’s starting to look like a dungeon for sure.   Now it’s just mostly set up and clean up.  We were given a futon and we’re trying to decide if it’s worth keeping and incorporating into the dungeon itself.

hangingsortof - Copyi am using chain and a rope ratchet here to simulate a hanging here.  There’s a quick release on the ratchet. It makes for a lot of fun and pretty cool pictures!  my Skype friend had lots of fun, for sure!!

We’re going to do some running around today and going to work this afternoon.  i hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


A Gift

We’re doing small things here and there to put the house together.  Each change even the small ones, is one more step to making everyone more comfortable.  We’re doing better every day, working together, learning each other’s quirks and how to please one another.

We’re looking forward to our weekend in Chicago very much.  i’m hoping it all goes well with my sister.  She wasn’t very nice yesterday when we spoke on the phone.  We’ll have fun despite her.  We’re going to the zoo on Sunday, it’s been a long time since we’ve been to a zoo other than the local zoo.  The zoo near here is pretty small.  It really only takes about an hour or so to walk through the whole thing.  i’m looking forward to going to the zoo together.  i think it will be a good time and just something fun for all of us to experience as a triad and a brand new family.

It’s weird, for lack of a better word to think of us as being a family.  It’s something i’ve always wanted and now here it is, right here in front of me, almost like a gift.  Exactly, like a gift.  Pretty amazing, the more i think about it.

It’s very late and i am awfully tired so i better get to sleep.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


House Full Of Sick

In the last couple weeks most of us have been sick.  princess now has strep throat and feels absolutely rotten.  Master had a cold over the weekend but apparently His body has figured out how to kick the common cold in four days because He’s just about over it and this isn’t the first time He’s gotten a cold and been over it in just a couple days.  i sure wish i could do that!

i had the cold first and i wasn’t so lucky, i hung on to it for at least ten days or more.  i’ve done my time, i certainly hope princess doesn’t share her little gift with the rest of us!

We’re all going to Chicago this weekend and that very last thing we need is a car full of sick people miserable with horrible sore throats.  i have a feeling this whole thing might have begun with me, i actually had a horribly sore throat but i’m sure i couln’t have had strep, i wouldn’t have gotten over it without meds, so i don’t know!

Anyway, everyone is home today, most of us taking it easy.  i had an early Skype session, Master is building a new TV stand and now princess is snoozing softly beside me while i write my post.  The little one is watching a movie bundled up in a fluffy mound of pink and purple pillows on her bed, in her bedroom.  This weekend i am going to a shower for my niece on Saturday but Sunday the four of us are going to the zoo!  It’s her birthday next week and this is going to be a ton of fun for her!  There are lots of side attractions at this zoo!  =)

There will be plenty of pictures. You can count on that!

Right now it’s time for me to go cuddle with the girl for a while.  i’ve been up since forever.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Sunday Shopping

my niece is getting married in a couple months so we went shopping today to look for a dress for me to wear, among other things.  This time i was very lucky.  We found a dress right away, when went looking for a dress for me to wear to my nephews wedding, we looked for months.

Unfortunately, i don’t have a photo of the dress today, i was sort of counting on that for this post!

We tried the collar this weekend and it worked out just fine.  She had no problems at all.  There was no rash when Master took the collar off of her tonight.  He took it off of her tonight because we’re not sure about her wearing it to work just yet.

We all went on a walk last week and this is a photo princess took of Master and i, i think it turned out cute!

masterwalki hope you all had a nice weekend!

It’s time to watch Game of Thrones.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



On The Clock

Today is painting day.  We won’t get the great jump on it like i’d hoped because i wasn’t feeling up to snuff after my dentist appointment. i’m having a very deep cleaning done and this time i had a little some fairly significant pain from the actual cleaning as well as a headache caused from the cleaning itself.

Master and i went to work after my cleaning where, thankfully i was still numb.  They had some sort of five day summer camp at the church this past week that included cooking and crafts.  This was probably the worst i’ve ever seen this place.  We moved every chair and table so Master could mop and i washed all of the tables and we both wiped down every single chair.  They were disgusting, all of them.

The kitchen was layered with flour and who knows what from who knows where.  It’s not the mess i’m so much concerned about.  That’s our job, to clean up messes.  i’ve said this before, i’ll clean up messes and it doesn’t bother me to do it, it’s what the job calls for, to a degree.  The fact of the matter is, this isn’t what we were hired to do and it’s not what we are being paid to do, not even a little bit.  The other larger part is that they say each group that comes in, “will clean up after themselves”.  So in the eyes of those in control, they think the groups clean up when they are finished.  Why wouldn’t they think that?  By the time they see the place, it’s spotless again.  Voila!

End Rant.  Sorry.

We came home and that’s when the Novocaine began to wear off.  Master and princess had a chat earlier in the day and princess decided to make the softest meal she could think of for dinner.  She makes excellent mac n cheese from scratch so she said she’d make that.  She had plans to make Master a meatloaf to go with it but He told her He could just have something simple with the mac n cheese and make her life easier.  It was already getting late and we were still working on taking apart the living room.

If we’re lucky, we’ll get half the room done today.  Master has some trimming to do so the other half is going to take another couple days.  But once we open the paint, He’s on the clock.  So it’s going to have to be only a couple days.

Speaking of being on the clock, i better get going! i hope you all have a wonderful day.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



There have been some wonderful questions asking in the comments sections lately and i need to just take those and run with them here.  One question that keeps popping up is

“What about her husband?”  i don’t know how else to answer that except to say this; Her husband, soon to be ex is an incredibly self-centered person.  The most arrogant man i’ve ever know.  Also one of the funniest men i’ve ever met.  Typically the center of attention, that’s where he’s most comfortable.  His time is much too important to him to go spending it on other people, usually.  His world revolves around him and if you’re in it, that’s fine with him, your world needs to revolve around him as well. That’s why she was able to carry on with me and then Master for as long as she was.  He had no interest in who she was chatting to on her phone.  In his mind there’s no way she’d ever cheat on him, she had the best, so she’d never cheat.

At this time he is unaware of her living situation.  He knows “where” she’s living, he just doesn’t know “how” she living.  Which is really somewhat ridiculous because he knows how she’s lived in the past, she’s had two poly/triad relationships before, why he’s not on to this yet is beyond me.  This is however a very good thing as far as i’m concerned.  i don’t really want him to know until she’s got all her stuff out of the house and their divorce is final.  She’s not going to get anything nor does she want anything, i’m just hoping for a clean break.  They had a prenup that prevents her from getting anything at all.

As far as her little girl, we have had to tailor back things slightly but not as much as you’d think.  She’s not here all the time and when she is, she doesn’t get home until after 5:30pm and she’s in bed by 9:30 or 10 so that’s not a lot of time to have to change things up.  When she’s around i’m careful to say “Sir” or “Master” quietly.  Little kids pick up on things quickly so i’m careful.  Her mother knows her and has taught her about a triad lifestyle.  She’s grown up with having two moms and many people loving her.  In her eyes she just has many people who love her and are helping her grow up and play with her.  She’s a strong happy little girl.  The biggest adjustment has been for Master, children weren’t ever on the docket for Him.  He discussed this a lot with Trinket, aka princess.  She wanted to be sure He’d be OK and be able to handle it.  He’s had some adjusting to do, He’s not used to sticky fingers on the wall and chocolate on the floor.  =)

princess will have a collar of some kind.  Each weekend she’s been wearing the eternity collar.  i’m unsure about her wearing it to work right now, Master and i haven’t talked it through yet.  The first full weekend she wore it she got a heat rash on her neck.  i think this weekend we’ll try it again and see how it goes.  She won’t have a septum piercing although she’s had a tongue piercing before, she’s trying to get into the world of finance or banking, so we won’t go with something like that.  In a larger city it wouldn’t be noticed but in the corn fields it doesn’t fly.

Right now the next step are the nipples.  Her nipples are “innies” if you will.  i asked her to do lots of reading to see what she sees and what how she think they’ll look to have them pierced.  She’s a reader, she likes to be informed.  While she realizes the decision isn’t hers in the long run, i think it’s important for her to have input on the type of initial piercing.  IE barbells, rings, gauge.

That’s where we stand right now, making progress, slow progress.  =)

Thank you all for your comments and support.  It means so very much to me.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure





Today we’ve just stayed home most of the day.  We’re grilling out for dinner and having another movie night tonight.  Last night we watched a kids movie that was pretty terrible, usually we love kids movies but not this one.  We also watched the newest Star Wars movie.  Master liked it a lot but Trinket and i weren’t quite as thrilled with it, i think it was just because He’s more of a fan of the movies and is more knowledgeable.

There was one comment where someone asked if we’re going to collar Trinket and give her a nose ring like mine.  At some point she will most certainly have a collar of some type.  i doubt very much she’ll have a nose ring, she used to have a tongue piercing but that was a long time ago.

i’m not quite ready to show her face but this is a beautiful picture of part of her….

heartGorgeous girl.  i call her princess, that’s what i’ve called her for a long time now.  She loves the name very much.

i have to go help Master get dinner ready!

i hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Super Short Post!

Today was a fun day, we spent the morning just hanging out with each other and watching movies.  Then Master and i had to go to work this afternoon.

When Master and i got home it was time for movie night.  While Trinket and i were putting the leftovers away, i realized i never finished my post from this morning.  Now i’m scrambling to get my post in before midnight.  i have to apologize for the ridiculously short post because i just can’t make the rest of them wait for me.

i hope you’re all having a wonderful night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Answered Questions

The last time i wrote about Master, Trinket and i, i left it very open-ended.  There may have been a good reason for that.  The next bit is where it gets even more complicated than it already was.  i’ve had a few comments and some questions i haven’t answered yet because i’m hoping to answer them in these upcoming posts.

In the months following, Master and Trinket continued to talk and of course she and i continued to talk as well.  She’d still come over here socially, just to play a card game or watch a movie.  Time was usually very limited so we never knew just what we would be able to take time for, every once in a while we might have a rare afternoon and time for a little hanky panky.  The first time she and i were together, like really together, Master allowed us to be alone, in our bedroom.  He was flustered to say the least and showed incredible restraint.  He allowed it for two reasons, it was very, very hot and He wanted me to be happy.

In the weeks to follow we continued talking and after she and Master got closer things got a little hotter between them.  He refused to have actual sex with her, He drew the line there but other things…. no one is saying this is cool, not one person is saying we’re making a good moral choice.  We suck, this is the second worse thing i’ve ever done.  Just saying you’re doing a bad thing, doesn’t make it OK, i also realize that.  Admittance and confession doesn’t mean you can just go on doing it without remorse.  i’ve carried a lot of guilt around with me for many months, i don’t know how to get rid of it or if i will, maybe in time it will fall away.  i’m not sure how it will work.

We began talking about a future with Trinket.  She missed being with a woman she had long since asked if she could be my sub.  That’s an entire different subject, sort of.  She wanted a triad again, she’d had one before. i’m just not sure of the exact dynamic.  This time it would be with a Master and Mistress.  So we talked about a real future.  That would require some huge changes and what that would entail.  How badly did we want that?  What did we want and what would we have to do to make it all happen?

So many questions to be answered over texting.  Text is difficult enough for just casual conversation, let alone really deep decision making conversation.  It didn’t have to be immediate and there was no deadline.  We were in no hurry except that we all wanted to be together and Trinket was unhappy in her current surroundings.  So we talked about how things would work and what would need to happen here at our house to accommodate her and her little girl.

We thought we would need at least a month to get ready for them, no less than two full weeks to prepare.  What we really got was about fifteen minutes notice.  A call that said “I’m on my way”.  We weren’t terribly surprised, but what we were, was unprepared.

We’re all together now and have been for about two and half weeks.  As far as most people really know, we are only providing shelter to her and her daughter.  As far as my sister and a few close friends know, they know the truth.  my sister actually knew a while ago, apparently.  She just never said anything, she was waiting patiently for me to come to her.

So here we are, with our new life.  Working together learning how to live with each other.  Master has been working hard to make the spare room look nice and we’ve been going through clothes to make closet space.

That’s all for tonight.  More, much more later.  i’m really tired, i’ve been sick for almost two weeks, Trinket’s making dinner.  Master and i worked on the house all day and i can’t wait to eat and be done for the day.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Late Sunday Night Post

We went out and had a pic nic today.  We just got home and i’m just trying to sneak this in under the wire.

laughingkissThis is just some random kissie photo of Master and i. i thought it was a cute one and i have to post three times a week, so this one is a good one for that!

i hope you all had a good weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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