Music and PSA

Master is still fighting a cold which has mostly turned into a nasty cough.  His buddy was over last night and they worked on some brackets that for some speakers.  Master spent the whole day yesterday working on wiring for the living room audio set up.  It’s not that it’s all that complicated, He just wants to run everything as inconspicuously as possible and that means running it under the floor, into the basement and up the other side.  He is also running it up the wall behind the living room couch so concealing that wire is nearly impossible unless you a)run it prior to building the home or b)run wire tunnel things that you have to paint to match the wall.  This home has most assuredly been standing for almost 20 years so there’s no chance in going back in time. Unless anyone has a Delorean and a flux capacitor they aren’t using.  (yes i had to cheat, i didn’t know how to spell Delorean!)

Sort of a sad day the other day.  Several years ago, my sister in law bought my two African Dwarf Frogs for my birthday.  They were in this cube, literally a cube, with a bamboo tree and the instructions were to feed them every third day.  The bamboo tree would keep the environment clean and they would live a healthy life.  This cube was no more than maybe 32oz of water.

The more i looked at them and Master and i thought about it, we couldn’t stand watching them in this tiny little box.  They were so cute and you could hear them singing!  Master started doing some research, as is His nature.  There was loads of information out there about this little hot boxes of hell for these frogs.  Master decided that although we could scarce afford it, we would get them a little tank.  That turned into a huge investment and many years of frustration but also some fun.  We ended up losing many fish, a couple of frogs and snails that first year.  Then we learned more, talked to some professionals and used our own best judgement.  We ended up with one frog, a couple of snails and two fish that hung on for a long time.  We had one little guy that was in the very first batch of fish we bought who lived until just a few months ago.  He was a trooper, that one! =)  His name was McLoven.  We got a tiny little Otocinclus, he’s basically a teeny tiny version of McLoven.  A catfish who did nothing but eat algae.  He was so super small though it was very difficult to find him.  i let the algae build up in the tank, seeing that he was  and that made him even harder to find.  i always tried to keep an eye out for him and even search for him if i have to.  It had been a while since i had seen him so i decided to do a fairly thorough search for him. my search was unsuccessful and no one else had seen him either.

We knew the only way to be sure was to totally take the tank apart and completely search for him so that’s what Master and i set out to do on Monday.  The weird thing was, as careful as we were, we didn’t find him.  Nothing except what we are nearly positive is a tiny little fish skull. =(  With little Chad being gone, we’re not getting any more fish or snails or African Dwarf Froggies.  It’s an end of a very complicated, expensive era.  While we’re sad that Chad’s gone, we’re more than happy to have our entire counter back.  Poor little teeny tiny Chad, he was a cute little guy!! =)

So now the tank is gone and we didn’t want everyone to go to have to get our counter back but we’re so very glad to have the space back and less clutter.  That’s just what we need, less and less clutter!  i am not being at all irreverent to little Chad or any of the rest of them, we enjoyed them all when we had them.  There’s a major lesson to be learned here.  Don’t buy anyone an animal that you’re not absolutely positive they want or are able to care for as a “surprise”, no matter how cute you think it might be!

That’s my PSA for the day.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure






Quiet Sunday

preweddingThis photo was taken by Master just a few moments before the wedding began.  The couple thought it might be nice for the guests to have a drink of champagne prior to the wedding.  i chose the sparkling juice and Master chose the champagne.  mine was much better.  =)

They had little tables to use which is where i’m standing in this photo.  This is the very first peep dress or “peep” anything i’ve ever worn.  i love the look of it but i had a hard time not showing my under garments.  i was wearing a bra and an open brassier waist cincher.  i also had a high waisted panty girdle over it and it was difficult to keep them both from rolling.  Alone neither one roll but together, they both wanted to roll.  It was the only combination that i thought worked with this dress.

i thought about wearing an all in one and i tried one or two on with this dress.  i wasn’t happy with the silhouette it gave me.  The only good thing would have been the lack of panty lines/girdle lines.  i had way too many lines that weren’t able to be removed with a slip.

We shopped for shoes and a belt for almost an entire day.  i ended up wearing a belt i already had and princess picked out the shoes.  They ended up being fairly comfortable, much more comfortable than i thought they were going to be.

Today is just a relaxing day.  We’re doing laundry, watching football and just hanging out.  Master is fighting a cold and is determined to beat it! Other than that we’re just having a quiet Sunday.

i hope you’re all having a lovely day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Quiet Weekend

Master grilled out steaks tonight and they were wonderful.  princess is doing dishes, the little one is doing crafts in her room and i’m sitting here in the middle of it all doing my blog for the day.  As soon as i’m done we’ll all go cuddle on the couch and watch some TV .

Tomorrow there’s supposed to be some sports to attend but i’m not sure that’s going to happen.  We’re supposed to have some pretty nasty storms all day.  Should that happen, we’ll have all day to spend hanging out watching movies and maybe decorating the house or carving the pumpkin.  i’m looking forward to a quiet weekend.  We haven’t had one of those in a really long time.

princess has a few pictures of us and some of just me from the weekend of the wedding in Ohio.  i’ll share some of those tomorrow or Sunday.

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday evening.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Feeling Cluttered

Master is building some shelves for the living room and i’m doing my best to help Him.  If He builds the furniture we get exactly what we want, it fits our spaces and it’s way cheaper.

It’s taking some adjusting to work our schedule out with princess and her daughter.  We live such different lives as far as when we get up and go to sleep, all that pretty much changed the moment they moved in.  There’s no way we could stay up late or not as late anyway.  It’s a good thing to go to bed earlier, i’ve been wanting to get up earlier too, it’s just i’m so exhausted that whole getting up earlier thing isn’t working out so well.  Unless i have something specific to do and i have my alarm set, i don’t get up early at all!  i always say to people if they fall asleep early or sleep too long, it’s because their body must have needed the sleep, i just can’t keep giving myself the same break.  i need to push myself a bit more, my head has been exceptionally poor these last few weeks but i think if i try to be more active, i might be able to just work my way through this slump.  Staying active can’t be a bad thing, especially if i end up getting the house cleaned up in the process!

We don’t have a small house but we do have lots of stuff.  Master used to be more of a “collector”.  In the past few years, He’s gotten rid of many of the things He’s collected over the years.  We still have far too much stuff and when my Mom passed away i inherited a lot of her things, big things, like furniture!  We just don’t have enough room for all the things that i wasn’t able to turn away and i took the least of all three kids.  my brother took just about anything that my sister and i didn’t want.  i only took two large pieces of furniture one of them is now our kitchen table so it’s not in the way.  The other is a buffet that is in the way!

Now that princess is here i have to eliminate some of my things that i just truly do not need anymore to make room for some of her things.  She doesn’t have anything large nor does she have that much stuff but seeing that we have too much stuff, something’s gotta give! =)

It’s a work in progress but the progress has been way too slow, we gotta get working on getting the house cleared out just a bit! It’s not like it’s a jungle, it’s just cluttered and i’m tired of clutter! bleh

i hope you all have a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Busy Day

We went to the park today and once we got there it was a beautiful day and we had a really good time.  We took Master’s dad out with us too.  He did pretty well once we got him out there and sat down.

We played all sorts of games and the little one had a really good time.  We played soccer and the little ring toss game she got for her birthday.  We all played on the swing set and sang silly songs.  We wanted to have a fire but the shelter was taken.  That’s really my favorite part and the people that were in the shelter didn’t even have a fire!

We stayed until it was dark and we basically had to go.  If it wasn’t dark we wouldn’t leave, lol.

The other day we were at Goodwill and princess, Master and i were messing around with the Halloween decorations.  princess took this silly photo of me.


i hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Master and i just got home from work and i realized i hadn’t written yet.  i’m getting so bad at waiting until the very last minute to write my blog posts.  That means sometimes pretty weak posts just so i can get them in on time.

We had to wait until late tonight to go to work because there was a visitation and then church there today.  princess really hates it when we have to work late on Saturday nights and we’ve been trying hard not to work Saturdays but every once in a while, it’s unavoidable.  We just don’t get a whole lot of time with her so weekends are really special.  Which makes me feel even worse for spending quality time blogging when i could be out on the couch instead of in here doing what could have been done earlier in the week.

Tomorrow i’m hoping to go to the park for a fall picnic and to have a fire in the big fireplace in the shelter.  i love doing that at least once a year.  We have tried to always go for Master’s birthday so i’m really hoping to go tomorrow.  It won’t be easy to get Master’s Dad out to the shelter but we should be able to if we use a wheel chair.  So we’ll see how it goes.

That’s all for me for tonight.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Rainy Day

The trip to Ohio was nice.  Master got us a really nice hotel room.  It was near some shopping and within walking distance of several restaurants.  Friday night a bunch of people got together at the place where the couple had their first date.  Then a bunch of them went on to another place where they had their second date.  Most of them came back to my sister’s house.  That’s where Master and i headed to seeing that we were just a little later getting into town and we had zero desire to hang out at a bar.

When we got to my sister’s house she wasn’t there yet and the person who was supposed to be at the house to let people in, wasn’t there yet.  We waited outside with my oldest sister, her husband and my oldest sister’s mom.  That used to be confusing but in these times, no one even blinks when you say something like that.  “my sister’s mom”.  People used to freak when we’d say that, now no one says a word.  She’s 10 years older than i am and we have the same dad.  He was married before he married my mom.  Back then that was a huge big deal, my mom married a divorced man and she was Catholic!  my Grandma and Grandpa were outraged.  Mostly my Grandma, of course.  They actually lost some friends over the deal, for a while anyway.

They made up with their very shallow friends and all was well.  i’m glad for them because my Grandma was friends with that lady for another 35 years, until one day i walked into my Mom’s house and my Grandma very somberly said to me in a quiet voice “my friend died today”.  i knew of course, my Grandma just needed to tell me.  i told her how sorry i was, all the time remembering what her friend did to her all those years ago.  my Grandma still loved her and considered that woman her very best friend.  She was fancy and rich, her friend.  That’s not why Grandma loved her, not the only reason, anyway.

The wedding, my nieces wedding, i have been to quite a few weddings, we all have.  This was by far the classiest wedding i’ve ever been to in my life.  She’s a pretty girl, she’s not stunning, she’s cute.  When she was little people used to stop us and look at her just because she was so incredibly cute.  She’s a pretty girl now but she did make a lovely bride.  She had been a little heavy but she was slim for the wedding.  She worked hard this past year to take it off.  Her dress was simple and elegant and perfect.  my sister’s dress was one of the most gorgeous dresses i’ve ever seen.  Not too much, not too simple, just perfect for the mother of the bride.  She’s been pretty sick the last two years or so but she looked wonderful.

The wedding venue, as my sister in law said, it looked like a southern plantation.  The place was wonderful and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  The only thing i would have changed if i could would have been the food.

Unfortunately i started this post way earlier Friday morning and just now at bedtime remembered i hadn’t hit publish.

i hope you all had a wonderful Friday.  It’s a very rainy day but far too warm for October.  i’ll be happier when fall gets here.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure












































Getting Ready

We have a lot today to get ready to leave for Ohio tomorrow.  We are going to clean today and once we’re finished cleaning princess and i are going to get our nails done.  i can’t remember the last time i actually had my nails done.  i’m looking forward to having nails again.  Master used to love it when my nails were done, He loves bright nails and my nails used to grow on their own.  For some reason they just stopped growing.  This will be fun! =)

Once we’re done with our nails i think we’re going to go out to dinner with Master’s Dad.  Then we’re going to have to bust a move and get home to pack and try to plan the trip Friday.  Master hasn’t really done anything for the trip out there yet.  i mentioned to Him if He wanted snacks or anything yesterday but He said He didn’t give a $h*t about the trip so He hasn’t given any thought to this trip when normally if we’re going anywhere He’ll prepared a couple days in advance.  i know He doesn’t want to go so i’m not surprised.

He has been involved in my outfits and stuff so i am grateful for that.  He also booked a hotel room and purchased the gift on line.  So He’s been involved that way, i guess He’s just sick of going to stuff for my family.

This should be the last trip for my family in a long while.  If any of my brother’s kids get married i’m going to be in trouble because that’s all the way out of the east coast! Eeek!

i better get off here! i have an appointment in an hour and 1/2 that i’m going to be late for if i don’t get scootin!

Have a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Recipe Reminiscing

As i said, i’m going to try to be good about my posts this week!  We leave Friday morning for Ohio and i won’t be taking my computer with me so i have to get my blogging finished or i’ll be in trouble again for missing my posts.

Last night the little one came home from Girl Scouts and asked for a favor.  She wanted to know if it would be possible for me to help her with a project.  They had to write down two recipes.  One old one, such as an old family recipe and a new one.  i wasn’t sure about the new one, so i just grabbed something i had stuck in my recipe box from a magazine.

The old one though was of course a little harder to choose because of course there were so many.  When i was about twenty or so i remember my Mom sitting at the kitchen table with her big green recipe box and paper recipe cards, painstakingly writing out the best of her family recipes for me.  She worked on that box of recipes for weeks.  The box that she gave me when she was finally done was full of recipes that i still use to this day.  Her meatloaf, the dressing she made on Thanksgiving, her special Texas Sheet Cake, that i just made for the first time this year.  Everyone absolutely raved about that cake!  It takes a bit of work but it’s wonderful!

i dug around the recipe box and i found a recipe that i thought not many would have heard of, it’s just a recipe for a “Turtle Cake” that ladies used to make and take to pot lucks.

The best part of that little assignment was going through the recipe box and seeing her hand writing.  It was more of an assignment for me than the little one.  That was fine with me, i’ll take just about any opportunity to remember my Mom.

With the holidays right around the corner, i’ll start picking out some of these recipes and this year i think i’ll pick out a few that i’ve never done.  Why not?  i have this new Kitchen Aid mixer, i might as well put it to good use!

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Tuesday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Ironing Out The Wrinkles

This past weekend was a pretty good one.  We’ve had our ups and downs and we’re trying to iron out the wrinkles one at a time.  Some of the wrinkles are larger than others and still need work.

This is going to be sort of a busy week and i thought i’d try to get some of my blogging done early for a change.  i know how bad it is to leave all three posts for the very last minute but it’s become my routine.

Last night we all played a funny game, it’s a version of an old game called Pie Face.  You just crank the arm with either whipped cream on it or a wet sponge and hope you don’t get hit! It’s fun and funny… if you’re not the one getting wet!  i was fairly unlucky as was Master!!!

Then we all put tattoos on that we got a few weeks ago.  i got a butterfly and a sea turtle, Master has a sea horse and princess has a pretty “love” tattoo.  Even the little one has a couple of cute ones.

butterflySome day i’d like another tattoo somewhere.  i’m just not sure what or where.  i’ve thought about a cardinal because my Mom loved them and i do too.  i also thought about a frog but trying to tie something lifestyle related into that wouldn’t be all that easy.  i would want to do that.  So i’m not sure.  For now, these are fun!

















Master was supposed to have a dolphin but we can’t find it so He opted for the seahorse.  It’s still pretty cool but it’s no dolphin! =)

i hope you’re all having a terrific Monday!  i’m off to fold and put away a mountain of laundry, before it’s nothing but wrinkles! i guess i’m not a fan of wrinkles anywhere. 😉 princess was busy yesterday washing and drying so today it’s my turn.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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