Who is treasure’s Owner?

Wow, this has been neglected for far too long!

Who is treasure’s Owner? Hell, sometimes even I don’t know the answer to that. I’m a regular dude, well, unless I’ve eaten too much cheese, and I have regular interests in addition to BDSM and the M/s lifestyle.

I’m an amateur carpenter, although I built the house I’m sitting in, so maybe slightly above amateur? I like to work with wood, both in my pants and the kind that used to be a tree. I’m a shitty welder, but I’m learning. I also do some leather work, although I punch my leather with a drill and cut it with scissors.

I like many sports and we’re Cardinals fans when it’s warm and Vikings fans when it’s cold. The game with the rubber puck thingy that looks like a can of shoe polish just never caught my interest, and I don’t think I’ve watched more than five minutes of a pro basketball game since MJ retired. I like Louisville in college hoops and Florida in college football. (I don’t adhere to much geographical sports loyalty.) My girl and I play as much tennis as we can. I suck, she’s worse. I’ll gladly jump into a rousing game of volleyball or kickball, given the chance. We also have bikes. They don’t see much sun. I used to be a pretty serious bowler, and I have the rings to prove it, but I gave it up about a decade ago. Maybe someday I might bowl again, who knows?! I used to watch NASCAR, but I realized my driver was never going to win and I had too many teeth to fit in, so I quit. Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, he didn’t mention soccer, you’re right.

Let’s see, what else is interesting about me…? Umm, I really like food! I burn a lot of charcoal in the summer and a good buffet doesn’t stand a chance. I enjoy a good piña colada and rum is my liquor of choice on those two nights a year that I tie one on. I’m about 5’11” of solid sarcasm and I could possibly be mistaken for a gorilla in low light. Mercifully, age is starting to thin some of the year-round hair jacket. I’m near-sighted and I have high cholesterol. I basically despise suits and the stuffy office look, yet I used to collect ties. Even I can’t wrap my head around that one. In my time, I have collected hats, shot glasses, blown glass, magnets, buttons (the pin on kind), beer cans (and I don’t even like beer), Hot Wheels, sports cards, comic books wow I’m a hoarder. Thankfully, the only things I actively collect are bondage equipment and maybe DVDs/Blurays if you call that a collection. Speaking of movies, that’s what we do, we watch movies. We love Cards Against Humanity, but we have very few people, maybe less, to play it with. My girl likes puzzles, so we do a big shaped puzzle every winter. When it’s done, we say we’re never going to do another big shaped puzzle, then we do ’cause we’re smart like that. We like to sit around and play all kinds of two player games, but we don’t do it very often. I need to remedy that!

I guess that’s enough vanilla stuff for now.

To be continued…

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