As usual we got a late start so we decided to work late last night after our night out.  It’s never been my favorite thing to do but sometimes it’s the better choice.  It’s always nice to work after all the week’s activities are over so the church is nice and sparkly clean for the Sunday services.  i just don’t like working that late at night.  We didn’t do too bad last night because we got to the church at 10 so we were home by midnight, that wasn’t bad at all.  We’ve been there at late as 3am and maybe later.  Those are certainly not my favorite nights.

We had a nice time last night, we did a tiny bit of shopping and Master found His socks!  He got one of each pair. At 50cents each He really couldn’t pass up the deal.  princess at a $20 coupon and she was in need of new boots.  As luck would have it, she found a pair that was on super clearance and got a set of sheet AND the new boots for $5o.  That was pretty unbelievable and the boots are really nice as are the sheets.

princess is slowly gathering things to set up housekeeping.  She has a few things that she took from her divorce, but when she left she took almost nothing.  Like literally almost nothing, her baking supplies, her Kitchen aid Mixer and a very few odds and ends.  She has to start all over and that’s what she’s doing.  She’s going to be moving out in the next month or so when she gets her taxes.  We are not parting ways, not at all, we are just making an adjustment in our relationship.  She’s getting an apartment as close to us as possible and we will still see her.

pinkdressMaster got me this dress for Christmas, i wore it last night for the first time.  i really love it! i don’t have too many peep shoulder things but i do like this.

i hope you all had a nice weekend.




Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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