Today we’re all going out for Valentines day.  First we are going to work and princess is going along to help out.  It goes much faster obviously.  Master found some cool socks on His quest for colorful socks and we’re going to stop by the same place to pick up a couple more pair.  The best part about these socks?  They were… 50 cents for brand new (obviously) socks! =)

We watched the Zoo Keepers Wife last night and while it was a really good movie it was also terribly tragic and we never ever turn off a move in the middle, we actually all thought about it at several points throughout.  The interesting thing about it was that none of us vocalized it we just all thought it strongly and talked about it afterward.  The fact that Master was actually thinking about turning it off really speaks volumes to the difficulty in finishing this movie.  Again it was wonderful but the Holocaust was just so horrible.  It reminds me that i need to be kind.  i always have a need to reach out after watching these movies.

We have a lot to do today so i better get moving!  i hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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