Winter hibernation is upon me! This past week has been just about nothing but cold weather and snow!  These are the times when i’m all about staying inside and finding a warm blanket and the thickest clothes i can find!  When i was working and driving i didn’t mind driving in the snow or bad weather too much.  Now i’m really a pansy and don’t like going out at all.  If we don’t have to go out if it’s bad or there is a threat of snow or ice, i’m all about staying home!

i know that people think i overreact and that’s OK, i don’t care what people think of my issues with weather and driving.  It’s my thing and i can’t apologize for something that worries me.  The only Person that i’m accountable to is Master and He’ll decide when we go somewhere and He’s always very careful and doesn’t take any unnecessary risks. i am very grateful for Him in that sense.

Tonight we are going to His Dads and taking dinner to him at his house so he doesn’t have to go out.  It’s cold and snowy and he would much rather stay in when it’s like this.  i’m also going to look into meals on wheels for him.

Anyway, time to go!  Have a wonderful night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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