Bigger Isn’t Better

Yesterday was Botox day as i mentioned in my post yesterday.  i had to change doctors because my other one decided to leave the practice where he was and go to another hospital.  i really didn’t think it was going to be a big deal because i don’t spend a lot of time with him when i’m there.  He doesn’t have this big personality.  As a matter of fact, he’s very flat and rather dull.  As it turns out, i’ll take flat and dull over a big personality any day.  This new nurse was a fast talker who was nice enough but seemed pretty scatter brained.  i was very grateful she told me that the doctor was fast when doing the Botox.  She couldn’t have been more accurate.

He came into the room, introduced himself and never once asked about my history of headaches to get to know me.  He just introduced himself and told me to get up on the table.  i did as he asked and he started the shots.  The other doctor did the injections as you might imagine anyone else doing an injection.  Slowly and with some care and remember that they are working on a person. This man literally stabbed me each time and took zero time for the fluid to disperse.  That’s never happened before and it ended up being incredibly painful later.  It was painful at the time just due to his method but later and even now i can still feel the knots under my skin.  i’ve been having Botox now for over two years and not once have i had this type of a reaction.

i have the option of following the old doctor to his new practice and when i had such a bad reaction and experience last night Master made the decision for me.  i have to call and follow up with the other doctor to make sure my records get transferred there.

Despite the bad start to the day, Master and i had a really nice day just shopping at Goodwill and doing a little shoe shopping.  i got a really nice pair of shoes that i can wear until my knee heals.  Hopefully that will be soon!

We will have to go back up and get my knee brace another day, they didn’t have the right people there yesterday.

i better get going, we have lots to do today!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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