Botox Day

Today is Botox day!  It’s not a day i look forward at all!  It is something i am incredibly grateful for, however.  In order to qualify for Botox a person must have more than 14 migraine headaches per month.  Maybe someday i won’t qualify for Botox but for now i do and i’m all the better for the treatments.  They are helping, i think.  i wouldn’t continue with them if they weren’t, it’s not a party, that’s for sure.  It’s 31 shots in the head, neck and face and while they are quick, it’s not pain free.

Master always makes the day a nice day and today won’t be any different.  We will do a little shopping, and go to dinner when princess gets off work.  That part will be nice and i’m looking forward to spending the day with Master.

He and i had a nice day yesterday, we went to have my knee looked at and got fair news. With any luck while we’re up there today i’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak and get fitted for my brace to save a trip!  The doctor part wasn’t all that great of course, but we stopped for a snack and just had a nice visit.  We needed that.

i over slept today and we have to get going.

Have a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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