Family Fun

Last night we had Master’s Dad over for a fish fry and Master made a very nice meal.  Master and i went and got His Dad and when we got home Master started cooking.  Master’s always been in charge of frying so princess and i just helped with little things and let Him do His thing!  i had breaded green beans earlier in the day and put them in the freezer. They turned out really well, i was actually surprised how well they turned out.

When everyone had their fill and all the dishes were cleaned up we asked Master’s Dad if he would like to stay and play a game.  He can’t play too many games anymore but he can play card games.  The “funny” thing, if you will, about Master’s Dad is that he’s always tried to cheat at games!  You really have to watch him or he’ll switch cards around.  Especially at this game we play.  He’ll take one card out of one slot when he thinks we’re not looking or try to mix them up.  No one knows why he does this, it’s not like he wins money or something when he wins a game! Anyway, we had a nice time and Master won.

i love playing games with our family.  princess took a few pictures last week of all of us playing games out at Master’s sisters house.

gaming This is Forbidden Island.  We’ve played Forbidden Desert before and beaten it a few times.  So far we haven’t been able to win Forbidden Island.  It’s the first of these games and much harder.  It was a fun a night and i’m sure we’ll win it soon!

Today is the Pro Bowl and Master is going to watch it.  Tonight is the Grammy’s we always watch those.  For some reason, i’ve lost my voice again and have my cold back.  i really thought i was getting better, like totally better.  Obviously, not.


i hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



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