Fish Fry

We are having Master’s Dad over tonight for a fish fry.  Master and His Dad love fish so this will be fun for them.  We’ve got other stuff for princess, myself and the little one.  We used to have him over just about every Sunday evening during the summer for grilling.  When he was driving it was so much easier he could just come down for dinner and drive himself home.  Now that he’s walking with a walker he has to have a ride everywhere and that’s not the issue.  We’re happy to go get him and take him wherever he needs to go or bring him down here.  It’s his ability to get into the house and use the walker.  Our steps are big and it’s just not terribly safe to get into the house. There’s no railing and no handle to grab.  Master has talked about putting a grab bar by the back door but i’m not even sure that would help, the way the stairs are positioned.  So it’s just a bit more difficult now than it used to be.

princess is making cookies and i just breaded some green beans.  Master and i love green beans that way and we thought we’d try them at home.  Sure doesn’t sound like a terribly healthy meal does it?  Well i’m not gunna lie, it’s not!  i just hope it’s good.

i better get moving or i’m not going to have everything ready by dinner time.  i hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



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