All’s Quiet

Saturday night we went to Master’s sister’s house to play games and we knew that His brother in law was getting over Influenza A.  He had a pretty bad case of it but he reacts poorly to just about any bug as his immune system is severely compromised.  Several years ago he was diagnosed with Guillian Barre, it’s a pretty rare disease where the immune system attacks the nervous system.  i just read that or i wouldn’t have remembered exactly what it was.  i just remember that he was paralyzed and still has some trouble eating.  He’s got terrible migraines now and he had to have months of therapy and was off work for over a year.  He can’t ever get a flu shot again so when he gets sick, it takes a toll on him.

So when we got to their house we were told he was all better, in actuality, he was on the very last day of when he “may or may not” be contagious.  Seriously?  Master and i get the flu shot every year and i don’t think it’s possible that i could have gotten anything from him so quickly after seeing them on Saturday but wow.  Why would he put us at risk like that?  They know that princess has a little girl and what if she doesn’t?  It’s just a rotten thing to do to people.  We were already there and the pizza was cooked and in close quarters with them for at least an hour before he mentioned it.

This Tuesday i could just feel myself getting sicker and sicker.  Since then i’ve pretty much spent the entire week with zero voice and a normal head cold.  It was only a couple of hours ago that my voice came back a bit.  It is going in and out but yesterday and Wednesday, i virtually had nothing.  i’m hoping if i limit the use of my voice today i’ll have it back full strength tomorrow.

princess made us a very nice dinner last night when she got home from work just so i wouldn’t have to cook.  i feel bad when she comes home and cooks after being at work all day.  She says she loves being able to do it and it makes her feel good to serve.  Dinner was wonderful.  She made meat loaf and mashed potatoes and it was lovely.

Today Master and i are going to work.  Thankfully i don’t have to talk or see anyone while at work.  It should go quickly, i hope!

i hope you’re all having a great day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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