Pizza and Movies

Master and i had to work today so everyone went with to get it done faster.  After work princess, Master and the little one went shopping and they dropped me off at a local nursing home.  i wanted to pay a visit to the little lady that i sit with.  She has been admitted to the nursing home and no one has been to see her for a while.  i felt really bad when i found out about that so i thought tonight would be a good time to run in and see her quickly.

i felt really good about going to see to her and even though she wasn’t doing very well, she’s stable and sort of recognized me when i went to leave.

When we got home we made a couple of pizzas and went downstairs to watch a movie.  i’m happy to say i’m feeling quite a bit better, i just hope i don’t have near the heartburn tonight that i had last night.  i was up and down all night with a horrible case of it! ugh!

i think the adults are going back downstairs for another movie.  This was just an intermission.

i hope you’re all having a lovely night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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