Rather Be Home

We had a bunch of plans for today.  Instead they all got cancelled or postponed because i wasn’t feeling well.  i did keep my Chiropractor appointment and we came straight home from that.  Master and i were going to go out to His sister’s house for pizza and a game night but even that was sort of in question before i started not feeling well last night.  When Master’s brother in law called today to say he wasn’t in the best shape but he would still be willing to get together, that was the best reason to call it off.  It just wasn’t a good idea for me to go have all sorts of rich food on an iffy stomach.

The other day princess had a small run in with a guy and his trailer at work.  She was the fourth or fifth person to hit this trailer and everyone was asking him to move the stupid thing.  This time she was backing up and he was turning a corner and they ran into each other.  He had a huge board sticking out of the back and it knocked her back window out and bent up her hatch.  Master spent the night knocking the glass out and patching it up with super thick plastic and i got on the phone and was able to find a replacement hatch.  We were lucky because she has a very unique vehicle and we found the exact year and color within driving distance.  Master’s buddy will put it on next Tuesday night when he’s here.  It does not escape us how very fortunate we are to have him.

We were going to go get the hatch today but we had an ice storm yesterday and decided that it might not be a good idea that we go right after the ice storm.  We rescheduled for Monday to pick it up and hopefully we’ll have a much safer trip.

Tonight we are just have a quiet night.  i’m still not 100% so it’s sort of a fend for yourself kind of night.  Except for the little one, of course!! haha We’ll feed her! =)  Then she asked to play a game after dinner and she got some cute new games for Christmas.

i’m looking forward to playing games and having a nice weekend!

i hope you’re all having a good night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure




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