Movie Night

Last night was a very difficult night for me.  i had one of the worst headaches i’ve had in a long time.  The bad thing is that it started at about 2am and i kept everyone up all night long.  Everyone being princess and Master.  Master doesn’t care, He’s always up late.  princess didn’t care, i just hate keeping everyone up so late and really just being the focus of everyone’s attention in that way.

This morning was a bit tougher as well but no where near the way it was last night, it will hang on throughout the day and i’ll hope it won’t come back tonight the way it was last night.  That would really stink!  i guess the worst part about that night was that normally everything i normally do to get it to ease up just wasn’t touching it and i was getting worried that nothing was going to work.  i didn’t want to go to the ER and that was looking like the last resort.  i do have some nasal medicine but i hate nasal meds and i’ve never tried this one.

Today we are going to work, then home for what i can only guess will be some sort of movie night.  Master got a bunch of movies for Christmas and we have a free night tonight.

i hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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