Lots of Docs

Master and i had a few errands to run today.  The first of which was taking His Dad to the eye Doctor.  Everything with His Dad is an adventure these days.  He won’t wear his hearing aids so the very moment we walk into the office, the very very quiet office, he’s hollering and everyone is looking at us.  It’s a really nice place and the ladies who work there are all nicely dressed and well mannered.  Which is why it was fairly embarrassing when he tried to insist on hugging one of the girls who work there and was quite insistent on finding her again.  When he asked about one of the girls who worked there, i immediately knew what he was getting at and tried to divert his attention.  He makes people terribly uncomfortable and they don’t know what to do when he does stuff like that.

Master and i had dentist appointments right after his eye doctor appointment so we had just enough time to run another quick errand and then run him home.  We made it to our dentist for a cleaning and then came home.  i have been hurting all week with a sore leg, we thought i might have a pinched nerve or something so i finally had an appointment to see the chiropractor this afternoon after my dentist.  We came home and completely forgot about the Chiropractor! We felt awful so i called an apologized profusely and she was super nice.  She said they were full anyway and i might have had to wait. That really didn’t matter, Master is friends with the Chiropractor and felt terrible about doing that! i have another appointment on Monday that i most certainly can not forget!

i have had three spells now in two days.  i’m not sure what’s the matter, just a couple of bad days.  i just woke up after a long nap and hopefully my last one for a couple days.  It’s time to go watch a little TV and see if everyone else is ready too.

i hope you’re all having a wonderful night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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