Snow Much Fun!

We have only a few hours before people get here and i believe i may have a pinched nerve in my back that is radiating down my leg.  Master just came upstairs and said He wasn’t feeling too great and princess has sore hips.  Perfect!  We have lots of cooking and straightening up to do and no one else is going to do this stuff! i’m not going to have the house look like a wreck and not have food ready when we were the ones who wanted them to come here.

The other day when we got so much snow princess and i went outside to check on Master to see how He was doing shoveling so much snow!  We cleaned off the cars and didn’t do too much to help but at least we did a little something and He wasn’t out there all day and night by Himself.

For part of the time, we were trying to catch snowflakes on our tongues and Master was taking breaks by flipping Himself into the huge piles of snow He’d created throughout the dasnowflakey.  princess was on camera duty!

princess says you can see my tongue piercing in this picture.  i’m not able to see it but i’m sure if you look closely or blow it up, you can.  This is our house in the background.  We were only one of two houses on our street to put up lights this year!


MastersnowangelMaster decided to polevault Himself into a couple of the huge snow piles and one of them wasn’t as deep as He expected them to be!  He hit the ground a little harder than He expected!! Oops!  There’s also a video of Him actually flipping into the snow! =)



i have lots to do and precious little time to get it all done.  i hope you all have a very lovely and safe New Years eve and  Happy New Year

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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