The Weather Outside Is Frightful

We had a full day planned but it was totally interrupted by mother nature.  We were supposed to take Master’s Dad to a doctor appointment and go to work but instead we stayed home all day and Master spent the day shoveling snow.  princess was off work today anyway, which was a very good thing.  i’m not sure how much snow we ended up getting but it seemed like quite a bit for the amount of time Master spent shoveling.

We are going to have Master’s sister and brother in law over for New Years eve this year so we spent a little time straightening up and just putting away Christmas presents.  i’m not going to go crazy cleaning but i would like the house to resemble clean.  Most of Sunday we will spend cooking so the only cleaning we’ll do will be done tomorrow evening when we get home from work and whatever we got done today.

i’m hoping they will still come because Master said it’s supposed to be like -12 on New Years Eve or -17 or something crazy like that.  That’s just crazy cold!

It’s late and time for bed, way past time for bed, even.  i hope you’re all staying warm!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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