Quiet Morning

Master and i have to go to work today and get a few things for tomorrow night.  We have just about everything under the sun as far as snack foods go.  We get way too much snacky stuff in our stockings and tomorrow night will be a perfect time to use it up.  Unfortunately, not enough of it will get eaten!

Unfortunately the little lady that i have been watching, is going to a nursing home.  i’m glad for her because that’s where she belongs, but no one wants to end up in a nursing home away from their family.  She just needs more care than they can give her.  Master’s sister is very happy about it and no one could possibly blame her.  She’s had her in her home for nine years and she’s been a handful these last three years.  Master’s sister deserves to have privacy in her own home and spend time with her husband, she hasn’t had that in a very long time.

It’s a quiet morning here, i’m writing here, princess is writing in the journal we got her and Master is watching a bowl game He’s been looking forward to watching.  The little one is playing in her room and the kitty is sunning herself on the kitchen table! lol!

It’s about time for one of us girls to go find out if the Master of the house would like a snack for His game!  Cheese and crackers would be nice, i’m sure! =)  On that note, i better scoot off here and see about His snack! Have a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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  • Lea

    I hope the nursing facility they picked isn’t too far away; that way there can be visitation. That has to be a blessing for your sister in law; I know I’d have a hard time in that situation; Sir and I have talked about it. I hope the lady gets the care she needs and is treated well and is comfortable!
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    • Hi there! She is in the same facility that Master’s Mom was in and it’s pretty close and actually very convenient for everyone. It’s one setting where i am very comfortable i’m looking forward to visiting her whenever we can. Master isn’t as comfortable and when we’re there, He has a harder time occupying His time. That setting just isn’t for everyone, especially because she’ll be in with another resident, unlike how His Mom was when she was there. She’ll be better there, for the time being, i’m just not sure how long they’ll keep her there, i hope as long as needed and that her son doesn’t take her out prematurely.

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