Dealing With It

This morning i talked my sister for a little while.  She wanted to tell me about a meal she made for a dinner party.  She was really proud of herself and she has every right to be when it comes to food.  The funny thing is sometimes she thinks i have no idea what she’s talking about, like we didn’t grow up in the same house.  i realize that she had much different training than i did but she also had on the job training at a place where i also worked.  i just didn’t have the training.

Her meal sounded amazing and her effort was even more commendable.  The best part was how excited she was about it and the fact that i was able to share in that, in some small way.  i told her that i had a rough day yesterday and before i even told her that, she started sending photos of her house.  She must have heard it in my voice that i wasn’t doing so well so she just started sending photo after photo of each room of her house all decorated.


i know that absolutely no one in the world cares about my sister’s Christmas tree and that’s not what this is about.  It’s about my ability to deal a bit better with the holidays away from all of my family.  i found out today that they are all going to be together on Christmas this year which is wonderful.  It’s the first time they’ve gotten together on Christmas.  i’m happy for them.  my brother’s whole family is home too and that’s amazing as well. His son is going to be living in Japan the next three years so they need to get in as much family time as they can now before he and his fiance leave.  Seeing a photo or the many photos that she sent just helps put me there, with them.  i love my life with Master, i love our Christmas and i love our traditions.  It’s just that this year is tough, without our kitty, the dog, the bird and things have been difficult.   Anything we can do to make things easier on ourselves i think are the best things to do!

i hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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  • Lea

    I enjoyed seeing the picture of the Christmas tree. I understand how hard it can be to be away from family, especially during the holidays. You have your Master’s family, but… it’s just not the same. That’s how I feel with Sir. I love him, and I love his family. But it is just not the same as being around my family.

    I know how hard it is to see things that would brighten your loved one’s day. And there’s no point getting it for them, since they can’t get a gift like that in Heaven. It tears me up. So I take a photo and send it to my brother with a “wouldn’t this have been great for Dad”.

    At least with the advent of technology, there’s phone calls, and videos, photos, social media. It’s so much easier to be in touch and be present. Not the same as in person, but so much better than nothing.

    I hope your holidays were festive and fun, despite the normal sadness that comes this time of year.

    • i’m sorry you’re missing your Dad. i know it hasn’t been very long for you and it’s got to be hard for you too. my sister and i do things like that as well. We talk about things that my mom would have liked and of course talk about gifts that we got for our families and share things that we see that Mom or Grandma might have liked. This year my brother messaged and asked if i was watching the Rose Parade on New Years Day and i messaged back, “of course!!” He said that he was too of course but that he was the only one at his house watching, he was the only one who liked it. i said that i try to watch all the parades because it helps me miss mom a little less and he just said, that’s why he watches. my Mom loved the parades and always had them on, every holiday. i’m not sure if i would have them on myself, but i wouldn’t miss them now for the world because it takes the sting away just a bit less now.

      i hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!

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