Rough Day

Just like so many other people, this is one of the hardest times of the year for me.  While i have more to be thankful for than i can even wrap my head around, i still have things, people or pets that i am missing this year.

More than anything, i miss being with my family.  i am with Master’s family, as always and i am truly thankful for them.  i’m thankful for all that we have, i am, and i have absolutely no reason to complain.  i just miss my family, my niece and nephew, my brother and sister, and the banter i know i’m not a part of when they are together.  i miss my sister’s cooking, her baking and just being in her home, knowing how things work and what we’ll do next.  i love spending the holidays with Master’s family but it’s Master’s family.  When we’re with my family, i know exactly how things happen and what to expect.  Even if there’s a kerfuffle i know how to handle it so much better than i do if it’s Master’s family.  Of course, Master feels the same way, only worse.

i miss my Mom and my Grandma.  i want to buy them presents and i would love more than anything to see the look on my Mom’s face when she opened whatever we got her to see just how much she loved our gift.  No matter what i got her, she loved.  She was always so unlike herself when it came to accepting my gifts.  She was all smiles and thank yous and couldn’t have been happier with whatever i got her.  She knew i chose what i got her with love and thought about it forever.  She was right.  The very last present we got her was a cardinal Christmas tree ornament.  She loved cardinals and it was beautiful.  i’ll always remember her face when she opened it and that last Christmas.  i have that ornament now and it goes on the front of our tree.

This is our first year without our kitty too and the closer Christmas gets the harder it gets.  Every year it seems to get a little harder without my family and this year without our kitty is rough.  Last year we lost our kitty, our dog and our bird.  i think i’m just really mourning them all right now.  i’ll be fine, it’s just a rough day, i guess.

Sorry, this was a pretty bad post.  i didn’t mean to make it so sad.  i just didn’t know what else to say or where else to say it.  i am truly very very blessed. Today though, i’m just a little sad.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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