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We had a good day yesterday.  We went to work and princess went with us to it went very fast.  We wanted to get an earlier start than we did but it never seems to work out that way.  Once we were on the road we were fairly productive.  We didn’t have a lot on our agenda.  Yesterday was pretty much all about princess.  i already had my birthday celebration and a little party on Monday.  This time was going to be about her and celebrating her birthday.  There were a few things we had in mind that we wanted to get her or look at for her.

When she gets dressed for the day she always asks what i would like her to wear.  Yesterday she asked if i would lace her in (wear her corset).  i was a bit hesitant to do so for such a long day but she was confidant in her ability to wear it for the duration.  We got it out and Master was in the room and when it was time to lace her in, i asked Him to do tighten the laces.  He is much better at it than i am and did a much more thorough job than i could have.  i got her garters and stockings ready and once she was all dressed, the corset and stockings looked incredible on her.  i think our girl is stunning without all the bells and whistles.  Yesterday, she was turning heads all over the place.  We heard men saying things to their wives about her.  She was simply beautiful, as always.

When we got home Master gave she and i a couple of gifts that He bought us together.  He bought us a liberator blanket and a strap-on!  The liberator will be put to good use, i can tell you that!  =) The strap-on… i’m not even sure, it honestly is a bit intimidating.

i have been sort of fighting Master and princess on the issue of posting her picture on the blog.  i am the more conservative of the three of us.  In her heart she feels as though i’m trying to hide her which of course she knows realistically isn’t true, it’s just that she would love to be more a part of things.  i completely understand that she wants to be a part of everything and by me “hiding” her, she feels as though this is a big area where she’s missing.  Yesterday, we were out and about, and this is a picture of she and i at Lowes just messing around.  We were wandering through all the Christmas trees and we took a few pictures inside the lights!














We took this next photo at Red Lobster when we went out for endless shrimp for Master’s birthday.  This is also a cute photo.

RedLobsteri sort of look like i’m a bit drunk here but i swear i’m not! This was a great night! We had a lot of fun this night!

This is Our princess.  she’s a beautiful, funny, caring girl.  i am so proud to have her.  We have work to do as a triad but there is a lot of love at the foundation of our relationship!! =)




i hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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