Fresh Start

We are looking forward to a new day and a new start together.  This weekend we are celebrating my birthday and princess’s birthday. my birthday was last Monday and hers is this coming Wednesday.  i can’t even begin to start telling the saga of the last week as i don’t have that much battery life in my computer nor do i have that much time to sit and tell the story.

i hope to say that the worst is behind us but princess keeps calling this past week “hell week” and has been asking for hell week to be over.  my time out at the farm where i have my sitting job is usually pretty stressful for Master, it’s even harder for princess.  The last couple of times that i’ve been out there, she’s come out to stay with me on Saturday night.  This last time i had much more to do while i was there and not having a home phone made it even worse because of the turmoil we were all going through.

The main thing that i can through out there was that princess and i had talked the entire day on Sunday and came to a horrible, yet mutual decision that she was going to go back to her soon to be, ex-husband.  We sort of talked to Master and although He hadn’t been in on that conversation, He and i had been talking quite a bit and the relationship had been strained for a while.  Neither she or i wanted this, it’s just what seemed best at the time.    i hurt her very badly by doing what i thought was what she needed and what was best for her and the little one.  In the end, i agreed it was a bad decision and something i never wanted.  So we are committed to making this work.

We are going to work this morning, (early afternoon) and then out for our birthdays.

i hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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