His match

Today is our anniversary.  We were married in 2003, two years after i came here from Illinois.  For a while i thought that Master wasn’t going to marry me.  He had been married before and was in no hurry to get married again.  It’s not that He specifically didn’t want to marry me, He just wasn’t in a giant hurry.

That’s why i was shocked when He proposed as soon as He did.  It was a complete surprise and i had the stunned face to prove it! =)

The past couple of years have been rough, 2016 was quite possibly the worst year we’ve ever had and this year was pretty difficult too.  We have had good things happen of course but so many changes are hard to adapt to and Master isn’t all that good with change.  It’s easier to say that this year has been a learning experience for us and for me, it’s given me to chance to look at my service to Master and see just how much my submission means to me.

More than anything i know that i love Him just as much now as i did then.  i’ll always remember the very first email He sent to me.  “Probably not a “match”, but it doesn’t hurt to try”.  Just that alone was a challenge to me and i knew right then and there that this was the Man i was going to end up serving. Who knows if we were soul mates but i know He’s my Match.

Happy Anniversary Master, I love You.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s “match”.

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