Happy Late Halloween

i am going away again.  This time it’s a much longer sitting job than the last few have been.  This time it’s a week long and no one here is happy about it, least of all me.  (and apparently princess because she just read this over my shoulder and corrected me!) LOL.

Next Tuesday is my birthday and i believe i’ll be spending it out there alone most of the day.  i think Master, princess and the little one might come over at night so that will make having to spend my birthday away from home a little easier.

The older i get the less my birthday means to me but still i’m not really looking forward to spending it mostly alone and sleeping alone.  That will be a new one.

Every time i go away i sort of have to cram all my posts in very early in the week so it seems like i haven’t written in a long time.  The only good thing about it is that i have them all finished so i don’t have to scramble on Sunday night to get them done like i do just about every other week!

Last night Master and i got all bundled up (mostly me) and sat outside in the freezing cold to give out candy to about 200 kids!  We had fewer kids this year than in the past.  This year however, most of our neighbors didn’t give out candy so we were the end of the line on our street.  i thought i was going to freeze but Master allowed me to wear long johns and leg warmers and princess hooked me up with lots of blankets so once i was all set up, i was actually pretty toasty.

Giving out candy is really all me but Master sits outside with me just to humor me.  We had a couple of really cute kids one little one was amazing, a lumberjack who was barely able to stand.  He had the tiniest chainsaw known to man.  Master loved a fella in a blow-up T-rex outfit.  Master and the guys friends even talked him into running and throwing himself on the ground.  It was a riot because the kid had to roll around before he could get back up again.  It was pretty hilarious!

The little one went into town with her dad to do a little more trick or treating so Master, princess and i went to Mc Donalds for dinner as is our Halloween tradition.

i hope you all had a good Halloween!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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