Two Cuffs, One Guy

Master, princess and i had a good day yesterday.  We didn’t get out of here until fairly late in the afternoon but we didn’t have a real agenda.  The only thing we were going to do was dinner and Master had a Best Buy gift certificate and a $5 reward that He wanted to spend.  We both got very cash birthday gifts from His Dad and neither one of us had anything to do with our money.  i had been looking at a new vacuum cleaner for a long time and we talked about Him giving me His money for my vacuum.  It’s an expensive machine and i haven’t had anything like that, ever.

Master took a “vote” between Him, princess and myself to see if He should give His bday money to me for my vacuum and everyone voted “yes”.  i didn’t feel good about it at all, but once we got to Best Buy i was excited about it and happy.  i actually asked Master to make the decision because i wasn’t able to just ask Him for the vacuum.  It was too expensive and way too big of an ask for me.  i’m happy that He allowed me to get it.

We had a nice day for the most part.  We had a few blips where princess had trouble with her submission.  She’s doing a wonderful job and she’s the one who has been asking for more, she’s been asking for us to take more.  The issue yesterday was her wanting to do some shopping.  She’s trying to save money for Christmas and she doesn’t make much money now so it was very difficult for her.  She’s always just bought whatever she’s wanted whenever she’s wanted the item.  It’s her money, she spends it whenever she wants to spend it.  i know the feeling, i felt very similarly when i was with Master in the beginning.  princess found an adorable dress and she bought that and she found something else that should couldn’t live without and she’s getting that for Christmas.  i believe that the fact that she wants to give in as much as she does speaks volumes.

We took some neat pictures last night and i particularly liked this one. crackingupWe were trying to take a picture and just couldn’t seem to take one right.  This was our 5th attempt! =)

This next one was taken at the table.  i’m calling it, two cuffs one guy.  =)













i hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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