Shrimp and Peace

Today is finally the day!  princess and i are going to take Master for endless shrimp! It’s something He looks forward to every year and we’ve gone every year that i’ve been with Him.  This year we’re going late just because we’ve had a hard time fitting it into our somewhat busier (different) life.

Last night we went out to His sister’s house to play games and have a party.  It was nice, we had pizza and brownies and everyone over ate and had a good time.  For me, i’m having a hard time loosening up around His family when it comes to Master and princess together.  His family is very “stuffy” and while i’m sure they know nothing, it’s difficult for me to just let them be and let the chips fall where they may, as they say.  His family doesn’t understand the gay lifestyle. i don’t know how well they’d take it if princess were open about being bi or even just right out lesbian, choosing a very specific male partner every once in a while that she really enjoys and cares for.

She however, was very clear with me on the way home that she shouldn’t have to stay in the closet for anyone.  She is “out” to everyone else, why wouldn’t she be to His family as well?  She’s right of course, i’m simply being very cautious.  For a number of reasons, Master was worried about our situation in the beginning and how His family would accept it and for the record, they wouldn’t, at all, in no way.  Just because she’s out, that doesn’t mean they have to know that we’re having any sort of a relationship.  She can just be herself and just because she’s out to them, i don’t automatically have to be her partner.  She’s just someone who prefers women, they either deal or they don’t.  i was uncomfortable because princess is much more snarky than i’m used to with them and that’s just her.  Master’s sister didn’t seem to mind and if she did, she didn’t let on and His brother in law likes everyone.  Maybe Master’s sister needs someone to challenge her a bit, it’s good for her not to be the only one who “wins” in the room.

i should be outraged by their behavior and actions.  i should hate their beliefs.  i do and i am.  What i won’t do is argue and challenge people who are too ignorant to learn.  i’d sooner go to a peace rally in the name of LGBTQ than sit at a family gathering in the middle of Cornfield, IA and have a pointless argument with people who will never learn and have hard feelings in the end. i choose peace, i always choose peace.

i better get moving!  Time to do a little shopping and then eating! Have a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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