Boo At The, Brrrr

Today is my brother’s birthday and for the life of me i can’t remember how old he’s going to be.  It bothers me, a lot actually.  He’s never been my super duper best friend and we’ve never been as close as my sister and i are but i should still know how old my brother is turning.  i believe he’s 55 today.  That would seem about right.  He’s in remarkable shape and is going to or did just run a marathon in upstate New York with his daughter and my brother in law.  You wouldn’t know it but i come from a family of runners.  my brother and his entire family run, my brother in law is a runner, many of my extended family were runners.  Just not my sister and i, nor was my Mom, she was in good shape, just never particularly athletic.

Master and i have about four hundred things to before 5:30pm. That’s when we’ll pick up His Dad and head out to Master’s sister’s house to finally celebrate Master’s birthday, His sister’s birthday and if His sister has anything to say about it, my birthday and our anniversary.  She’s a “bundler”, she likes to bundle birthday parties and as many events as she can into one party.  She’s also the one who then says “we never get together!”….  Hey! Why not do Christmas and Easter while we’re here too!?!

So we’re working today, doing some shopping, we have to do some shopping for the church, someone stole Master’s broom! =/  Then we’ll head over to Master’s Dad’s house and do some chores, he always needs a few things done and there’s never time to stop and do them while we’re there at night, or so it seems.  We do three or four things for him on the fly and then another three or four things, but today Master needs to fix a couple things and i’m going to replace a few tiny light bulbs in the lamps i’ve cleaned for years.  His house is like a tomb, he hates to turn lights on and these little light bulbs will help.

It’s getting cold here.  We’re starting to get our real fall weather.  This weekend princess and i are taking Master for endless shrimp, finally.  Saturday is “Boo at the Zoo!”.  i really would like to go for a bit but not if it’s going to be freezing.  i can handle cold, i don’t like cold and windy.  That makes it miserable.  princess is usually warm and so is Master, they’ll do OK, i am always, always, cold so i will be the one who gives out the quickest.  We have tons of warm clothes, if i dress properly i’ll be alright, so we’ll see.  It’s up to Master but He isn’t going to take us if He thinks we’ll freeze.

i better get moving.  i still have 399 things left on my “to do” list! Have a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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