Love Them While They’re Here

This last week i learned that a friend of mine from high school passed away.  She was 47 years old.  This was a person i knew well and to this day would call her a friend.  i haven’t seen her in many years, we were Facebook friends but i know if i were to run into her she would hug me and we’d pick up right where we left off, all those years ago.  i was there when her first baby was born, i was there when her mother was killed in a car accident, i was there when she was married and i was there when she was divorced.  Her life was rocky but she’d gotten herself together and was doing quite well, for many years.

i knew when one of my very closest friends posted on Facebook that she was heartbroken to have lost a “sister”.  i knew immediately who it was, i don’t know how i knew, i just knew.  This gal had fallen in with the wrong man, married him and that, was her undoing. She was doing drugs and got a terrible lung infection and couldn’t recover.  i have heard of people passing away that i went to school with, this is the first girl friend i’ve lost and it’s pretty difficult.  i can’t imagine how her family is feeling.

i can only think about spending more time with the people i love.

Mandmeprincess took yet another pic of Master and i, before going to my nieces brunch, the Sunday after her wedding.

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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