Feeling Cluttered

Master is building some shelves for the living room and i’m doing my best to help Him.  If He builds the furniture we get exactly what we want, it fits our spaces and it’s way cheaper.

It’s taking some adjusting to work our schedule out with princess and her daughter.  We live such different lives as far as when we get up and go to sleep, all that pretty much changed the moment they moved in.  There’s no way we could stay up late or not as late anyway.  It’s a good thing to go to bed earlier, i’ve been wanting to get up earlier too, it’s just i’m so exhausted that whole getting up earlier thing isn’t working out so well.  Unless i have something specific to do and i have my alarm set, i don’t get up early at all!  i always say to people if they fall asleep early or sleep too long, it’s because their body must have needed the sleep, i just can’t keep giving myself the same break.  i need to push myself a bit more, my head has been exceptionally poor these last few weeks but i think if i try to be more active, i might be able to just work my way through this slump.  Staying active can’t be a bad thing, especially if i end up getting the house cleaned up in the process!

We don’t have a small house but we do have lots of stuff.  Master used to be more of a “collector”.  In the past few years, He’s gotten rid of many of the things He’s collected over the years.  We still have far too much stuff and when my Mom passed away i inherited a lot of her things, big things, like furniture!  We just don’t have enough room for all the things that i wasn’t able to turn away and i took the least of all three kids.  my brother took just about anything that my sister and i didn’t want.  i only took two large pieces of furniture one of them is now our kitchen table so it’s not in the way.  The other is a buffet that is in the way!

Now that princess is here i have to eliminate some of my things that i just truly do not need anymore to make room for some of her things.  She doesn’t have anything large nor does she have that much stuff but seeing that we have too much stuff, something’s gotta give! =)

It’s a work in progress but the progress has been way too slow, we gotta get working on getting the house cleared out just a bit! It’s not like it’s a jungle, it’s just cluttered and i’m tired of clutter! bleh

i hope you all have a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



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