Rainy Day

The trip to Ohio was nice.  Master got us a really nice hotel room.  It was near some shopping and within walking distance of several restaurants.  Friday night a bunch of people got together at the place where the couple had their first date.  Then a bunch of them went on to another place where they had their second date.  Most of them came back to my sister’s house.  That’s where Master and i headed to seeing that we were just a little later getting into town and we had zero desire to hang out at a bar.

When we got to my sister’s house she wasn’t there yet and the person who was supposed to be at the house to let people in, wasn’t there yet.  We waited outside with my oldest sister, her husband and my oldest sister’s mom.  That used to be confusing but in these times, no one even blinks when you say something like that.  “my sister’s mom”.  People used to freak when we’d say that, now no one says a word.  She’s 10 years older than i am and we have the same dad.  He was married before he married my mom.  Back then that was a huge big deal, my mom married a divorced man and she was Catholic!  my Grandma and Grandpa were outraged.  Mostly my Grandma, of course.  They actually lost some friends over the deal, for a while anyway.

They made up with their very shallow friends and all was well.  i’m glad for them because my Grandma was friends with that lady for another 35 years, until one day i walked into my Mom’s house and my Grandma very somberly said to me in a quiet voice “my friend died today”.  i knew of course, my Grandma just needed to tell me.  i told her how sorry i was, all the time remembering what her friend did to her all those years ago.  my Grandma still loved her and considered that woman her very best friend.  She was fancy and rich, her friend.  That’s not why Grandma loved her, not the only reason, anyway.

The wedding, my nieces wedding, i have been to quite a few weddings, we all have.  This was by far the classiest wedding i’ve ever been to in my life.  She’s a pretty girl, she’s not stunning, she’s cute.  When she was little people used to stop us and look at her just because she was so incredibly cute.  She’s a pretty girl now but she did make a lovely bride.  She had been a little heavy but she was slim for the wedding.  She worked hard this past year to take it off.  Her dress was simple and elegant and perfect.  my sister’s dress was one of the most gorgeous dresses i’ve ever seen.  Not too much, not too simple, just perfect for the mother of the bride.  She’s been pretty sick the last two years or so but she looked wonderful.

The wedding venue, as my sister in law said, it looked like a southern plantation.  The place was wonderful and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  The only thing i would have changed if i could would have been the food.

Unfortunately i started this post way earlier Friday morning and just now at bedtime remembered i hadn’t hit publish.

i hope you all had a wonderful Friday.  It’s a very rainy day but far too warm for October.  i’ll be happier when fall gets here.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure












































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