Minimal Reward

We just got home from dinner with Master’s Dad.  i’m having a hard time dealing with him lately.  i think because i’m just stretched to my limit other ways maybe.  The time and patience i was able to take with him i’m just not giving to him and i’m always frustrated with myself when we leave him.

i’ve been very tired and just pretty mentally worn out the last two days.  Yesterday i had a spell and i tried to get to a chair to sit down and i didn’t make it in time.  This was the first time in a long time i’ve actually fallen any distance.  i fell in the kitchen and thankfully, i don’t think i hit my head, i fell on my side and landed on my hip.  my hips have been very sore lately so that kind of a smack didn’t help but i didn’t break anything so i came out of it just fine.

i found a stash of older girdles that i had forgotten about and i put one on earlier today.  i decided to wear it the rest of the day and night.  i’ve had it on now for the remainder of the day and because i’m not used to this particular brand and style, it’s done quite a bit of rubbing.  i’ll be glad when it’s time for bed tonight and interested to see just what type of red marks it’s left on my legs and stomach from the day.  i’m not sure if it looked all that much different from the outside of my dress so i’m not sure there was any reward for the effort. =)

It’s time to join Master and princess in the living until it’s time for bed.

i hope you’ve all had a good day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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