Hurry Up And Sit

This coming weekend i have another sitting job.  This one was sort of sprung on me out of no where and while the money is great, it’s not easy to leave everyone again. So now i have to rush around and get everything ready so i can go out there and sit for three days. This time i don’t have to leave until Friday afternoon and thankfully i’m coming home Sunday afternoon.  The last time was just much too long, especially without internet.  It seems like each time i’m out there, the more i end up doing with the animals especially and i don’t mean to complain but it seems like they are getting more than a fair deal, however i’m very happy to have the job, that’s for sure!

The wedding for my niece is at the end of this month and that means a trip to Ohio.  The last family wedding we went to was much differently funded than this one.  my nephew gave us points and paid for a hotel room for the weekend.  That part was amazing and he did that for a couple of other people. my sister bought his wedding gift for us, i’m not even sure why she did that, we could have most certainly gotten him a gift. This time we are completely on our own in every way.  She was actually going to offer us points of their own for a hotel room this time and apparently they don’t have any extra.

We are going to stay at the same hotel as my brother, i think.  We’re going to bring princess along for the ride and just for a nice weekend away.  The hotel has a pool and she’ll be able to relax by the pool.  She can read and hopefully there will be some shopping near by for her as well.  i’m hoping the trees will have started to turn in the next couple of weeks and it might be a nice ride.  =)

This is also the weekend before Master’s birthday, for some reason my family always seems to plan something to mess up His birthday.  i’m not sure what it is about His birthday or that it’s just the fact that we absolutely adore the fall and there are only so many weekends in the fall.  Either way, we most likely wouldn’t do anything on this weekend and for sure now because He and His sister are going to be gone for weddings this same weekend.  His birthday is the 2nd hers the 3rd, they always have to celebrate together!

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day and i have lots to do to get ready for yet another weekend away.  Have a wonderful Thursday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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