Butterfly Chair

Getting ready to walk out the door to my sitting job early Thursday morning and Master suggests we text His sister, just to make sure they are ready to leave.  His brother in law is notorious for being horribly late.  i text her and the phone rings, she doesn’t even bother to text.  She says that Master’s brother in law is *here’s my shock face* running late and needs to still do some farm work before they can leave.  He believes he’ll be ready soon though.  It gives me time to sit and write a bit.  There won’t be any internet for me to post my last blog post out there so i will have to try to get it finished either before we go or write it and post it when i’m home another time.

butterflychairLast Summer Master and i went to a local zoo and they had these chairs.  At the time i’d never seen them before.  Now i see them all over the place but then i was totally enamored with this chair and thought i could not live without this chair!! lol!! Since then i’ve seen these chairs in yellow, purple, all the colors of the rainbow and i’m pretty sure i must have one of these in my life very soon! We have been working on our fairy garden and i have to have a butterfly chair! lol=)

i’m not sure Master is completely on board but i think He could totally make this chair with a router, out of wood! =)

Well i think time is about up and i better start making my way out to the car and get out to my sitting job.  i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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