So Much Going On!

This weekend i’ll be spending more time with the Master’s brother in law’s mom.  She is needing more and more help and they’ll be out of town for a wedding.  i’ve known about this trip for quite some time now.  i’ll be gone for at least four if not five days.  i don’t mind doing these sitting jobs except it’s terribly boring.  As i said she does need more care now and i’m happy to provide her with whatever she needs, truly.  It’s something i seriously miss from not being able to work anymore and even though it’s in low doses i get to do a little bit at a time.

She’s losing her memory more and more and she’s sort of at the stage now where at times she knows she’s forgetting but most times she’s completely forgetful.  That’s the blessing.  She really can’t completely dress herself.  It’s way too confusing to complete all those steps from pulling out all those clothes and figuring out where they all go, it’s just way too much.  Master’s sister is far too impatient with her when it comes to her daily needs and truly believes that she can do way more than she’s capable of doing.  It’s frustrating and sad to watch because it’s not my place to step in, although if it ever crossed a line, i most certainly would step in.

i have to leave everyone for the weekend and that’s hard.  Everything still feels so new sometimes i hate leaving, although i believe it will be good for Master and princess.  They need time together and this will be wonderful for them.

Our new furniture was scheduled to come today so i spent last night shampooing carpets to make sure at least the part the new furniture would sit on would be clean!  i ended up doing about 90% of the room!  i have still been a bit under the weather and was exhausted when i finished so i really didn’t care if i missed a spot here and there.  This morning Master and i got up when princess left for work and He put up a couple pieces of crown molding.  It looks amazing!  Just about the time He finished those pieces, the furniture guys showed up.  Everything looks awesome and we only have a few more things to finish before the room is put back together.

It’s got to be done before 6:30pm because there’s going to be some sort of party here tonight that we are just providing the space for, not actually having the party. =)

i have to hurry because i have an appointment in about twenty minutes that i’m not quite ready for!Have a wonderful day everyone.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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