Passion Party

Tonight we were providing the space for a “passion party”.  Princess asked if her friend could have a party here.  i’ve never been to a passion party before but apparently, there’s no men allowed at the presentation.  Master decided that He’d go out with His Dad for dinner and come home after the party.  Apparently the lady who was supposed to be presenting the party had a family emergency.  She was unable to come to the party at all so Master was pretty upset.  He could have been home all night and even though there were a couple girls here, He still could have been home.

i have to get up tomorrow very early, so i’m hoping He’ll come home soon so we’re able to spend a little time together, the three of us, before it’s bedtime.  We’ve all been watching at least one Game Of Thrones episode per night and i’d love to do that before bedtime!

For now though, i need to sign off and finish packing!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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