No More Hiding

Master’s cell phone broke, into pieces, it broke.  It was way past time for us to get new phones and that meant a huge upgrade.  That also meant that i would be able to talk to Trinket any time, home or not.  That had never been the case previously.

i guess it was all the changing back and forth from phone to tablet to computer, constantly trying to hide my conversation from Master that made Him wonder more and more what was happening when He finally cornered me one and asked me what was going on.  He started reading as much as He could and i lied as much as i could.  When i couldn’t lie anymore i finally told Him what He already thought He knew.  i loved her and she loved me.  i however, didn’t want to leave Him and never meant for this to happen.

Never in my life could i imagine the hurt that i could cause Him.

He didn’t find out until this spring and there have been many, many changes in our lives since then.  Master didn’t kick me out, i would have understood if He had.  There has been so much talking, so much compromise and so much growth.  He didn’t make me give her up, as i was sure He would.

Tonight, i literally can not keep my eyes open.  Just this past week, there has been even more change in our life and i will write more.  It’s only now that i’ve been able to write without fear of hurting her.

There’s so much more to say, tonight, i’ll leave you with this beautiful photo of a rainbow.

paradise_nPeace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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  • Lea

    Well, out of all the things this could possibly be, I never saw this coming! I am flabbergasted.

    I hope you feel better about getting it out. I do feel bad for your Master, of course, and for Trinket’s husband. Is she attracted to him, or to men at all? Or was her dating/marrying him solely to please family? That usually doesn’t go well. One has to be true to themselves.

    I am surprised that He did not make you give her up, or leave. I’m glad you are working it out. Do you think the fact that Trinket is female had any bearing on that? If Trinket were male, would the outcome have been different?

    Wishing for the best.
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  • i’m going to try to answer all your questions in upcoming posts. If i don’t, please feel free to ask again, you have a lot of really good questions that i should address, so i’m sure i’ll get to everything soon. Thank you for sticking with me through this. =)

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