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There are probably a hundred different ways for me to start this but i can’t think of any good way.  Mostly because i don’t want to write it all out because i don’t want to see what a mess i’ve made of our life, or could have made.

It all began Last October, but i believe it truly started many months before that. i’ve written about her many times before.  Trinket.  Master’s friend’s girlfriend at the time.  Every time we’d go out she’d sit by me, touch me, once at a concert she showed me her new bra.  She’s always been flirty, overly so, actually.  Another time on a leftover container, she wrote “hello beautiful”.  i actually kept that container for a while.  i knew what she was doing, everyone did. Then they got married.  She cried the entire day and got entirely hammered.  More drunk than she’d ever been and clung to her former lesbian lover the entire night.  She married him, she said “to please my mom”.  The worst mistake ever.

Two weeks after the wedding, just this past October, they had a Halloween party.  i had just a bit to drink, but that’s all it takes for me to loosen up a bit, i drink very little.  She had been messaging me a bit on Facebook, just friendly messages.  At the party though, i reached over and touched her, it was dark, we were alone and i touched her breast, barely.  i heard her gasp and that was it, that’s where and how it all began.  i’d never been with a woman before, i’d only thought about it.  i believe i was completely in love with a woman on line a very long time ago, but it was all an emotional attachment and it never went anywhere.

Trinket and i began talking, talking a lot.  Mostly on Facebook but no one thought a thing.  Her husband thought it was great that i had a friend and Master was only slightly annoyed that i was spending so much time on line.  He of course knew who i was talking to but never knew what we were talking about.  He’d ask and i’d lie.  This was at the time when Master was doing all that electrical work on His best friend’s house.  He was gone a lot and i had time to myself, a rare thing in our marriage, as everyone knows.

Her husband kept a very short leash on her but she would get permission from him to stop by every once in a while.  One night while Master was away, she was supposed to have a few hours to spend here when her husband changed his mind and wanted her to meet him elsewhere. i should have taken this as some sort of sign.  i should have known how horrible this was.  Instead i kissed her…. i cheated on my Owner, with a woman.

There aren’t enough “i’m sorry’s” in the world or i love You’s to make it better or right.  Our life will never be the same.

i kept this up for a while, she would come over to visit everyone once in a while or she and i would go out to a movie or shopping.  We’d steal away moments all the while talking on Facebook or other chat programs.  That was our demise.  (or the beginning, if you will)……

To be continued….

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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