More To Come

Master and i are going to work outside today.  It’s too beautiful not to take advantage of these amazing temperatures.  The pool needs to be cleaned and there’s so much yard work to be done, not to mention a boat load of scrap to be loaded into the truck.

i have a lot to share with my readers, i will write some posts in these coming days and you’ll have some questions.  i want you all to ask your questions and be as bold and honest as you’ve always been with me.

Master and i aren’t breaking up and neither one of us is ill. Don’t worry about that. i just need you to be patient with me and allow me to tell my story in my own time.

Thank you for your years of support, i’m not going anywhere, i’m just asking for that continued support as i tell you my story in the coming days and perhaps weeks to come.  i’ll be as open as i possibly can.  More, much more to come very soon.  i hate cryptic posts and this couldn’t be more cryptic if i tried.  i just want to give sort of ‘fair warning’. i don’t have time to write and if i’m completely forthcoming, i’m apprehensive about writing here.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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