Today was not at all what i was expecting. i don’t remember the last time i was so disappointed.  We were early, didn’t get chosen, got less than 1/2 the money promised. The end. Apparently, this was explained in the email that this was a possibility, i however was completely blindsided.

Yes there are many worse things that can happen to people and i’m always the person that looks on the bright side.  This time i’m angry and i deserve to just be angry for once and not find the sunny of this for a while.  i also felt bad because i’m greedy and i just know we needed that money and feel as though i’m just being greedy for wanting that extra money.

We had the whole day to do stuff but i was much too tired and absolutely not in the mood.  We did a little puttering and still didn’t get home until 4 or after i think? We have to go work yet tonight but not until later.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

i hope you all had a good Saturday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



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