His Turn =)

This blog has always been all about my life with Master and 99.9% of the pictures on the blog are of me.  i talk about this Man constantly and He must seem like almost a ghost.  Sure there are photos but i have a nice picture of Him from a show we just did and from the race.

He used to be a Kyle Petty fan, the son of Richard Petty.  If you have ever heard of racing, you’ve heard of Richard Petty.  He’s one of the most famous stock car racers, next to Dale Earnhart Sr. but Richard Petty is a very fine man.

This is a photo of Master standing next to the Richard Petty car.  They all have teams and this is the team car.

Mracei have no idea who the current driver is, we don’t watch racing anymore since Master’s favorite driver retired.  Unfortunately, His favorite driver turned out to be sort of a sucky driver but in his life away from the track, a very wonderful person.  So that’s something. =)









This is the one from the show.greenM  i just really love this photo!!! =)  He doesn’t like photos of Himself.  i don’t like photos of myself either so it’s His turn! hahaha!! <3

These are just two amazing pictures of my Owner and i was just thinking the other day that i should post some of Him this time around!

i hope you’re all having a great week.  i’m away from my Owner, my home, my kitty and even though i’m writing this on Friday from the comfort of our bedroom, i know what i’ll feel like not being home.  i’ll be looking forward walking back into the kitchen door Sunday, with M behind me and Pixie sitting on the kitchen table waiting for her mama to come home to her!

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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