Everyone Has Their Thing

This weekend i have another sitting job.  Master won’t be sitting home alone doing nothing this time so i feel much better about being away for the night.  Normally i feel terrible about having to leave Him but this time He gets to go to a big July 4th party!!  i’m very happy that He has something to do while i’m gone though.  Normally He’s home while i’m out there and not to be mean,  He’d just rather be just about anywhere than out there while i’m sitting with her.

Some people are care givers, some people are into sales and business, some people work with their hands, some with their minds and theory everyone has their thing.  If it’s not His thing to be around people who’ve lost their “faculties” so to speak, then it’s not His thing.  He’s never rude to her, He is kind to her when interacting but He would just do just about whatever it took to not have to interact with her.  It’s just not His gig, doesn’t have to be.  She’s getting worse too so dealing with her even on a limited basis is difficult.

We have a lot to do today, or at least i do i guess.  Just to get ready to be gone for the day/night.  i’m sort of glad i do this every once in a while.  It makes me get my stuff organized to be away, because i need to know He’s going to be OK while i’m away!

i hope you’re all having a good Friday and everyone is doing alright after that last bit of storms that moved through.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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