No Rings!

The race turned out to be fun, it was just as “stressful as i thought it was going to be in some ways but it was still fun.  We got there in plenty of time and still had time to stop for ice cream along the way.  Master’s Dad wasn’t too bad although he says ridiculous things that drive everyone (mostly Master) crazy.  We got to our seats which were actually fantastic seats!  We were sitting in the handicapped section and we were right on the concourse.  It had been windy all day and i was a bit worried that it would be cold for Master’s Dad.  i reminded him to bring a jacket but all he brought was a windbreaker.  When we walked out to our seats, in the open stadium, it was like a whirlwind!  The wind up there was incredibly strong, far stronger than i would have anticipated.  i was very thankful for my sweatshirt and i started wondering if we weren’t going to have to go buy Master’s dad a hoodie or something.  He had gotten a free T shirt earlier so he sort or wrapped that around his neck and head and that seemed to help.

The other day i had to go for a mammogram recheck and every time i go i have to remove the nipple rings.  This time i only had to remove one so i had a little easier time of it.  i took a minute to snap a quick photo of what i’d look like without rings!! For those of you who would notice, my girdle is folded down for the mammogram too, i am wearing one, it’s just folded out of the way for the test.

noringsi can’t keep the rings out for very long so that’s why i don’t take any pictures with them out! Anyway, this is a very rare photo of me with no rings! =)

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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