Happy Father’s Day

Master and i went out to brunch with His family this morning.  We had a nice time but we were both very tired as we had very little sleep last night.  After brunch was over we went to Menards to get a Father’s Day gift for His dad.  We’re going to fix up his shepherds hook and cement it into the ground then we bought him a new bird feeder.  The one he’s got hanging there now is broken.

We just ran our errands as quickly as we could so we could get back home and take a nap.  We were still out until 4pm as it was.  i was very happy to be able to buy myself a new regular bird feeder and a new hummingbird feeder.  i will set them up tomorrow but i’m excited about them.

We’ll do Father’s Day for Master this week, i don’t really have His present here yet.  i have part of it but not the whole thing and i wanted to have the whole thing.

feedersMaster told me to get a nicer hummingbird feeder this time.  i also got a cute bird feeder, i’m just hoping it doesn’t break as soon as the first wind comes up!

i hope you all had a chance to spend time with your families for Father’s Day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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