Pretty Pink Pumps

When Master and i go to the Quad cities, time permitting, Master loves to stop at this one particular store in a strip mall.  Most often, we’re not pressed for time but when we head up to the Quad Cities we typically have a short list of things we’re after.  You may have already guessed why Master loves this store!  They have fabulous shoes!  Their selection is really very random.  Sometimes they have lots of crazy tennis shoes but more often they have a ton of super high heels!! The prices aren’t out of this world either!

This is a photo of me trying on an adorable pair of pink patent leather pumps.  The problem with a lot of the shoes they have there is that the sizes are way too big or way too small.  These were only a little too small but just small enough to be comfortable enough to wear.

pinkshoesThey even sort of matched my dress that day! Pumps are Master’s favorite kind of shoes!

Master and i have lots to do today! Not the least of which is a doctor appointment we just made for Master to have His ear checked out.  It’s been wonky for a couple days and just getting worse.  We don’t want Him to have to go the whole weekend without treatment.

Then it’s off to do a little shopping and take a little dinner to Master’s Dad to check and see how he’s doing.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! i better scoot off here and get a few things done!



Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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