Back In Time

We made it through another set of storms.  We were under two different tornado warnings yesterday for about four hours in total.  That’s a very long time to be under tornado warnings, not just a watch but actual “there’s a tornado in your area” type of thing.  Our phones were going nuts, i don’t know how many emergency text messages we got between us yesterday but it was a lot! i know there was some damage in a town not too far from us, a pretty little town where we go to do a Farmers Market occasionally.  i didn’t hear if there was extensive damage, but it didn’t seem as though there was.

When we went into town later last night we stopped at Master’s Dad’s house to check on him and see how he was doing.  He was just fine, sitting in his chair watching TV just like always.  We popped in, i did the dishes, a little laundry while Master got him some ice cream.  Just like a normal evening.  Everything there looked pretty good and other than a few extra leaves on the front deck, it looked OK up there.  Of course it was night and we couldn’t see too much, i don’t think there was anything out of place.

This weekend i’m going to be at Master’s sister’s house watching the mother in law.  They are going to a wedding in Chicago and i’ll stay there Saturday night and at least Sunday until noon or so.  Depending on their plans it could be until Monday afternoon.  Master was planning on possibly doing a show on Saturday but from the looks of things, we’re supposed to have a thunderstorm at 9am so that’s out of the question, especially if He’s doing it alone.  Set up alone is a lot of work, it’s absolutely miserable in the rain.  Our crafts can get wet, that’s no problem it’s the boxes we transport them in that are the most vulnerable.  Not to mention just the all around ridiculousness of setting up for an outdoor show that no one will attend in the rain.

The last time i went for an overnight stay at Master’s sister’s house i was gone for nine days and it was a strain.  The worst part being that i had to leave Master to tend to a very old doggie who had to go outside 20 times per day and a kitty who was nearing the end of her beautiful existence.  We knew the kitty was sick, we had no idea the dog was sick too.  We just knew he was old.  It was a really hard time for me to be gone but Master handled it pretty well.  He was feeding the kitty and trying to get her to eat when she didn’t want to, it was such a hard time.  For her, i’m glad her suffering is over.  She lived a beautifully full life full of love.  As far as Bobbie, he lived a fun-loving life and i can see his little smiling face playing a”bone” as i type this.  It’s taken a while and i still cry when i think about them.  i miss them horribly, i always will but i am glad they aren’t suffering.  Each passing day helps me remember the good memories and happy times, that’s what i need.

Going to Master’s sister’s house is like going to the zoo!  She has 5 indoor cats, 6 horses, 22 sheep at last count but they’ve had babies so many more now i’m sure.  i’m not sure how many cows, i think 20 and one pain in the butt (literally, he headbutted me) goat.

i love it out there in a way.  It’s beautiful and peaceful but it’s almost like stepping back in time 10 years and we’re already in Iowa, so there’s a notion huh?  i have a lot to do to get ready for the weekend, so i’m off here for now!

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Thursday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



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